The Peugeot 208 and 2008 champions of sales in Europe!

The Peugeot 208 and 2008 champions of sales in Europe

Peugeot is off to a good start to the year, with overall sales down compared to 2020.

Peugeot is starting the year on a roll! After the launch of the new Peugeot 308 , the Lion is benefiting from very good sales results in Europe. The Peugeot 208 was the best-selling car in Europe in February 2021, with 18,375 units sold. And it is even the double for Peugeot , since the 2008 finishes second in the standings, with 17,120 sales! Behind, the Volkswagen Golf (3rd, 16.185 ex.) And the Toyota Yaris (4th, 15.467 ex.) Slide. The Renault Clio is sixth in the standings , with 15,349 sales.

Diesel in distress, electrics continue to climb

But overall, February 2021 was not a good month for the auto industry. The sales fell 20% compared to 2021, with 850,000 cars sold in total. Normal, the Covid-19 pandemic had not yet affected the sector at this period in 2020. Diesel continues to decline, and now only represents 27% of new registrations.

Electric and plug-in hybrid side, sales increased by 67% to reach 115,000 copies, or 13.6% of sales. And, unsurprisingly, the market remains dominated by SUVs, which account for 43.6% of sales.

The Top 10 best-selling cars in Europe in February 2021

  1. Peugeot 208 (18.375 ex.)
  2. Peugeot 2008 (17.120 ex.)
  3. Volkswagen Golf (16,185 ex.)
  4. Toyota Yaris (15,467 ex.)
  5. Fiat Panda (15,400 ex.)
  6. Renault Clio (15,349 ex.)
  7. Citroën C3 (15,281 ex.)
  8. Opel / Vauxhall Corsa (14.615 ex.)
  9. Skoda Octavia (14,554 ex.)
  10. Volkswagen T-Roc (13,829 ex.)

Audi Q4 e-tron (2021): not yet unveiled but already in production!

Audi Q4 e-tron (2021) not yet unveiled but already in production

Audi has just launched production of its future 100% electric compact SUV, the Q4 e-tron, although the model has not yet been unveiled …

Audi is wasting no time with its Q4 e-tron . While it still has not presented its new 100% electric compact SUV , the German manufacturer has already started production !

The first copies of the model have indeed taken place on the assembly lines of the plant in Zwickau , Germany, including the Volkswagen ID.4 , also manufactured locally.

Audi Q4 e-tron produced at Volkswagen plant in Zwickau

“The inter-brand collaboration in Zwickau once again demonstrates the enormous potential for synergy we have with the Volkswagen Group,” commented Peter Kössler, member of the Audi board for production and logistics.

“The on-schedule production start of the Audi Q4 e-tron is a testament to the excellent teamwork, both among Volkswagen colleagues and those at Audi. Our compact electric SUV is undoubtedly a true Audi. which will impress our customers with its quality and ease of use on a daily basis. ”, he added.

Audi Q4 e-tron: what we already know

The Audi Q4 e-tron will be unveiled to the public in mid-April and launched in European markets in summer 2021 . We already know that the SUV will measure almost 4.60 m long and that it will be based on the modular electric platform MEB of the Volkswagen group.

Its interior having already been unveiled , we also know that it will have its own atmosphere with in particular a three-dimensional dashboard, a new generation of touch-control steering wheel and a voice-controlled multimedia system where the screen measures 10.1 at 11.6 inches.


Seat promises an electric city car at € 20-25,000 in 2025

Seat promises an electric city car at € 20-25,000 in 2025

Seat provided an update on its electrification program. The brand notably announced the arrival of an entry-level zero-emission city car in 2025.

Seat announced it last year: the Spanish group, which brings together the Seat and Cupra brands, will invest 5 billion euros by 2025 to electrify its range .

This sum, which is part of the 60 billion euros promised by the Volkswagen group in November 2019 for electrification and the connected car, will not only be devoted “to the implementation of new R&D projects, and in particular to the electrification of the range, but also to the equipment and installations of the factories in Martorell, Barcelona and Componentes, ”Seat said in a press release.

Cupra Born and Tavascan confirmed

Today, the firm details its program a little more. In terms of new models, it confirms the arrival of a first 100% electric vehicle at Cupra , the compact Born , at the end of 2021 , as well as the arrival of a second zero emission model, the Tavascan SUV. , in 2024.

“Our dream will come true: the Cupra Tavascan will become a reality. Based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, it will be designed and developed in Barcelona. It will be marketed in Europe and other markets in 2024,” said Wayne Griffiths , the president of Seat.

“Make electromobility accessible to as many people as possible”

Seat has also and above all announced the launch of a new electric city car in 2025. It will be marketed “around 20-25,000 euros to make electromobility accessible to as many people as possible”, reveals Seat.

“The electric city car is an important project in terms of potential volumes. It represents a major step on the road to sustainable development and in the fight against global warming. It is also the driving force behind the transformation of the Spanish automotive industry. “, added the builder.

The brand’s ambition is to produce 500,000 electric vehicles per year in its Spanish factory in Martorell.

Seat Ibiza and Arona restyled on approach

Closer to us, Seat will launch its restyled Ibiza and Arona this year.


Volkswagen Tiguan restyled (2021): the price drops to € 32,210

Volkswagen Tiguan restyled (2021) the price drops to € 32,210

Volkswagen is launching two new versions of its restyled Tiguan on the French market, one of which, entry-level, lowers the price of the SUV by 2,000 €.

Good news if you intend to acquire a Tiguan soon : Volkswagen is lowering the price of its SUV . But only at the entry level. The German manufacturer is indeed launching a new basic version on the French market .

An entry ticket lowered by 2,000 €

Called “Tiguan”, this finish is available from € 32,210 , it is € 2,000 less than the previous entry-level “Life”.

As standard, the “Tiguan” level offers automatic LED headlamps, 17-inch alloy wheels, front and rear parking sensors, an 8-inch color touch screen, “Front Assist” emergency braking assistance, Lane assist, blind spot detector “Side Assist” and adaptive cruise control “ACC”.

A new finish for professionals

Another new finish, responding to the name of “Business” and reserved for professionals, is also entering the catalog. For 33,460 €, ie 2,500 € less than the “Life Business” level, it uses the equipment of the “Tiguan” version and adds GPS navigation, a reversing camera and a lightened spare wheel with modular boot floor.

Gasoline or diesel, 130 or 150 hp

On the mechanical side, these finishes are available with two petrol engines , the 1.5L TSI of 130 and 150 hp (BMV), and a diesel unit, the 2L TDI of 150 hp (BMV or DSG). Orders are already open!


Volkswagen Nivus (2021): the coupe SUV confirmed for Europe!

Volkswagen Nivus (2021) the coupe SUV confirmed for Europe

Volkswagen has confirmed the launch in Europe of the Nivus, a coupe SUV based on T-Cross. His arrival is scheduled for the end of 2021.

Good news if you expected it: launched in 2020 in South America, the Volkswagen Nivus will indeed arrive in Europe. The German manufacturer has just confirmed its launch on European soil in 2021 .

In the 4th quarter of 2021 in certain European markets

Volkswagen even specified that it ” will be marketed in the fourth quarter “. But beware, it will only be offered ” in certain markets ” whose identity has not yet filtered.

A large T-Cross Coupé

For the record, the Nivus is a Coupe SUV . Based on the same platform (MQB) as the T-Cross , it is however much more imposing than the latter: 4.26 m long, against 4.11 m! It’s even 3cm longer than the T-Roc , the top SUV in the VW lineup.

On the outside, it is distinguished by a sloping rear window and a massive stern. Inside, however, it’s almost a cut-and-paste of the T-Cross . We find the same central touch screen and the same steering wheel. The digital instrument cluster and the multimedia system screen are both 10 inches.

Engine side, if it is offered in South America with a 3-cylinder “flexfuel” 128 hp, the Nivus should take over in Europe the blocks of T-Cross and in particular the 1.0L TSI gasoline. The 1.5L TSI and the 2.0L TDI of the T-Roc could also be part of the catalog.

In Europe, the Nivus will be followed by a restyled version of the T-Roc.


New Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport 45 (2021): 300 hp and € 49,990!

New Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport 45 (2021) 300 hp and € 49,990

Volkswagen is opening orders for its Golf GTI Clubsport 45 on the French market. This anniversary model, which celebrates the 45th anniversary of the Golf GTI, is priced at nearly € 50,000!

Unveiled on February 26, the Golf GTI Clubsport 45 , the anniversary model celebrating the 45 years of the Golf GTI , is now arriving on the French market .

A golf for the less showy

It is available from … 49,990 € ! That’s € 6,780 more than the current Golf 8 GTI . At this price, it displays a specific look with 19-inch alloy wheels in glossy black finish, open roof spoiler and enlarged air intakes. It also gains a black roof, a “45” badge on the rocker panels and the boot lid, not to mention IQ.LIGHT Matrix LED headlamps with the characteristic red line of all GTI models. A sports exhaust system also completes the exterior package.

On board, the “GTI” inscription can be found on the sport seat backrests at the front while the “45” logo is displayed on the multifunction sport steering wheel.

300 hp and 267 km / h peak

Under the hood, this special edition houses a two-cylinder 2L TSI whose power has been increased to 300 hp , 55 hp more than on the Golf 8 GTI. This unit is associated with the DSG 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Volkswagen is also adding a locking differential on the front axle and a specific driving mode intended for the circuit.

Thus armed, the Golf announces a top speed which is no longer electronically capped at 250 km / h but now reaches 267 km / h.

Available in five body colors (Lunar Gray, Pure White, Intense Black, Oryx White and Royal Red), the GTI Clubsport 45 is now available to order .


Volkswagen Polo (2021): restyling box for the city car!

Volkswagen Polo (2021) restyling box for the city car

Volkswagen has announced that a new Polo will be released in the spring. It will be a restyled version of the city car. Here are the first secrets …

Little surprise from Volkswagen . By announcing the launch of a new limited series called “Edition” for its Polo , the German manufacturer has just confirmed the imminent arrival of a … “new Polo” !

World premiere in spring!

Launched in 2017, the current and sixth generation of the Teutonic city car will indeed go through the restyling box. The presentation of the vehicle is “scheduled for spring” , specifies the brand. Either in a few weeks, or even a few days …

First info on the restyled Polo

If at this stage Volkswagen does not reveal more about this restyled Polo, recent spy photos suggest that the car will evolve significantly on the look side by getting closer and closer to its big sister , the Golf 8 .

It should in particular adopt its look but also a simplified grille, a more dynamic shield and enlarged taillights (see Auto Plus Number 1690 of January 22).

On board, the changes should not be legion since it could above all be a question of a technological update .

Finally, under the hood, the Polo should win 48v light hybrid eTSI engines , already seen … on the Golf!


Peugeot 308 (2021): here is the third generation of the Lion star!

Peugeot 308 (2021)here is the third generation of the Lion star

The Peugeot 308 is growing and moving upmarket!

We have been waiting for it for months, here is finally the third generation of the Peugeot 308 ! The rival of the Renault Megane and Volkswagen Golf is getting a facelift in 2021, and is taking the opportunity to move upmarket again .

As you will remember, in 2013 the 308 II launched the revival of the lion brand, alongside the 208. More consensual design, widely revised interior, the 308 was an immediate success , notably winning the coveted title of Car de the Year in 2014.

Sober look and increasing proportions

For this 308 III, Peugeot has therefore chosen evolution rather than revolution , it is logical. We instantly recognize the lines of the sedan, which are now modeled on the new Peugeot look and in particular the restyled 3008 . Refined headlights, “fangs” on either side of the grille, a long, very horizontal hood, the sedan is very much like the brand’s star SUV. Behind, we find the large black transverse bar already seen on the 208, and the three claw fires.

The proportions evolve , and participate in this more statutory look: the 308 gains 12 cm in length (4.37 m), including 55 mm in the wheelbase, which augurs well for a beautiful interior space at the rear. It also gains 5 cm in width, and loses 2 cm in height. The silhouette becomes more slender . The platform remains the EMP2 , but the latter has been extensively reworked.

Last change very visible on the outside: the new lion crest appears for the first time on a production car. It sits in the middle of the grille with a large format, and is even repeated on the fenders , like a Ferrari!

A second central screen!

But it is probably inside that the changes to this Peugeot 308 are most visible. The desire to move upmarket is obvious . We find the now usual layout of modern Peugeot, with the famous i-Cockpit and its counters which can be read over the small steering wheel. The instrument cluster is fully digital as standard from the Active Pack finish, and with 3D effect on the GT.

The central screen is positioned lower to be more easily reached by the driver. It measures 10 inches in series. But the great novelty of the 308 is located just below: a second small central screen contains what Peugeot calls the ” i-toggles “: configurable shortcuts that allow you to quickly adjust certain functions of the main screen. A system reminiscent of the dual screens found in some German, with the Audi Q8 for example. Unpublished by a general practitioner for the general public!

Up-to-date equipment

The i-toggles will not be standard, but will be available from the Allure finish. And good news for all-tactile allergies: Peugeot retains the piano keys . Simplified and located under the i-toggles, they still control some important functions, such as air conditioning or warnings for example.

The new Peugeot 308 is obviously full of high-tech , with many driving aids. Adaptive cruise control from a standstill is obviously part of the game, but there is also a semi-autonomous driving , with lane change and “speed optimization according to the curve of the turn”, all up to 180 km / h. 308 owners will also have access to a 360 ° parking camera , a heated windshield, automatic emergency braking, full LED matrix headlights … What to have fun by digging through the list of options !

Peugeot 308: the engines

From its launch, the Peugeot 308 will be available in 4 engines . First, there are plug-in hybrids: a Hybrid 180 (150 hp gasoline + 110 hp electric), and a Hybrid 225 (180 hp gasoline + 110 hp electric). Both are capable of 60 and 59 km of 100% electric range (WLTP cycle) respectively.

There are then two gasoline , three cylinders 1.2 L of 110 and 130 hp, the latter being able to benefit from the EAT8 automatic gearbox. Only one diesel is available (in automatic gearbox and 6-speed manual gearbox), a 1.5 L four-cylinder producing 130 hp. And the electric? Peugeot specifies that the platform allows the creation of a 100% electric motor at this level, without specifying whether it is planned to market any. To be continued …

What prices for the Peugeot 308 (2021)?

Another interesting rumor: the potential arrival of a PSE sports hybrid version , which could exceed 300 hp. It will move!

On the price side, the move upmarket should not have too much impact on prices. Where the current generation starts at 24,650 €, we expect this 308 III around 26,000 € . The new Peugeot 308 will be available in the second half of 2021, and will be produced in France at the Mulhouse plant. A SW station wagon version is expected later.


Volkswagen: up to 5,000 job cuts by the end of 2023

Volkswagen up to 5,000 job cuts by the end of 2023

Volkswagen has announced a plan to cut jobs that could affect up to 5,000 jobs by the end of 2023 as part of a cost reduction intended to finance the electric car.

Bad news for Volkswagen employees . The German group has announced a vast plan to cut jobs . Not quantified for the moment, it could concern up to 5,000 jobs by the end of 2023 . It would be part of a cost reduction intended to finance the transition to electricity .

These departures not replaced must “contribute significantly to rigorous cost management,” said the group.

Job cuts to finance the electric car

“Thanks to our high level of investment in the expansion of electromobility and digitization, Volkswagen has been able to establish itself as a pioneer of automotive change. We now want to strengthen our position of strength. This will require a continuation of a strict cost management in order to fund the necessary investments in the future, ”said Human Resources Director Gunnar Killian.

This new job reduction plan complements a reduction of up to 7,000 jobs announced in 2019 for Volkswagen , the group’s flagship brand.

Relegated to second place in the world by Toyota in 2020 , the German firm suffered like all manufacturers from the impact of the health crisis. It sold more than 9.3 million vehicles last year, a figure down 15% compared to 2019. However, for 2021 it expects a “significant increase” in its turnover.


Tesla: new price increase for Superchargers

Tesla new price increase for Superchargers

Tesla’s Superchargers allow the brand’s electric vehicles to be recharged quickly during long-distance trips. Their cost has been further revised upwards in France

The prices of Tesla’s Supercharger network have been discreetly revised upwards : a new increase which occurs only 3 months after the previous one.

Tesla: Superchargers now charge € 0.37 / kWh

Indeed, in October 2020, Tesla had already subjected its Superchargers to a price increase , raising the price per kWh from € 0.24 to € 0.30. Today, this rate has reached € 0.37 / kWh , an increase of more than 50% (+13 cents) in less than 6 months. A price which is now close to those of Ionity (0.30 € / kWh with a subscription of 9.99 € / month for example, for the “We Charge Plus” offer from Volkswagen for ID customers).

Tesla’s website, which presents a map allowing the geolocation of its many Superchargers, does not specify the price of these. The cost of a recharge is however specified to you within the on-board navigation in the touch screen of the models of the Californian firm.

At the launch of its Model S , Tesla created the attraction by offering recharging on its Superchargers to all of its customers. An era that is now over , in a context of accelerating the expansion of its network, which therefore requires heavy investments.