Toyota GR Supra (2021): a body kit from Wald

Toyota GR Supra (2021) a body kit from Wald

Japanese tuner Wald International has taken on the new Toyota GR Supra with an aggressive Formula 1-inspired body kit.

To distinguish it from the wiser BMW Z4 from which it borrows many elements, the new fifth-generation Toyota GR Supra has a specific design, with muscular and assertive lines.

But if the style of the new Toyota coupe was not aggressive enough for your tastes.

The Japanese tuner Wald International has come up with something to say loud and clear that your Supra is not just a “vulgar rebadged Z4”.

Toyota GR Supra (2021): a kit inspired by Formula 1

According to the Wald website, this “Sports Line Wide Version” body kit gives the Supra a “Formula 1 appearance.” The most striking feature is the front bumper.

The standard GR Supra’s nose inspired the design to make it more prominent and aggressive. A wide mouth and large air intakes complete the set, along with a black blade at its bottom.

At the rear, we find fender extensions, a new black diffuser with a distinctive quadruple tailpipe, as well as an imposing double spoiler, bringing an actual race car look to the Supra.

New matching sill extensions for sidewalls and several more aggressive rim models are also available.

Wald offers a “Sports Line” option for Supra enthusiasts who don’t want to go all “Fast and Furious” with this kit. It includes front, rear, and side spoilers, as well as a more discrete spoiler.

Lexus UC (2023): a premium and hybrid Toyota GR 86 on the way?

Lexus UC (2023) a premium and hybrid Toyota GR 86 on the way

According to American and Japanese media, Lexus was working on a more luxurious and efficient version of the Toyota GR 86.

The small sports coupe Toyota GR 86 is already available in two models: this Toyota and the Subaru BRZ . The GR 86 was indeed jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru , as was the case for the previous model, the GT86. But for this second generation, a third model should be added to the siblings: the Lexus UC .

Lexus is already working on a modified version of the Toyota GR 86 . The Lexus UC (for Urban Coupé), should land around 2023, and will retain the general appearance and platform of the twin GR 86 / BRZ. On the other hand, we will find a change in size under the hood: a hybrid system will boost the usual 4-cylinder flat. This develops 235 hp , but the total power will of course be higher with a hybrid system.

Close to € 50,000?

With more weight and more power, the Lexus UC should approach more of a traditional GT than of a small sports car like its cousins ​​BRZ and GR 86. The interior should logically become much more opulent, to reach the standards of the premium brand of the Toyota group. In particular, we expect extended leather and larger screens inside.

Obviously, a much higher price should accompany this Lexus UC. Where we expect the Toyota GR 86 below the € 35,000 mark, this Lexus could approach € 50,000… If ever it were to be marketed in France. Also according to Car and Driver, an announcement on this subject should be made by the end of the year. The Lexus UC would therefore join the other coupes in the range, the RCF (soon to disappear) and the LC .


Toyota GR 86: it already goes through the tuning box!

Toyota GR 86 it already goes through the tuning box

The new Toyota GR 86, unveiled very recently, already receives the TOM’s Racing label with spare parts and body kits to improve its look… And certainly its performance!

Barely unveiled last April , the new Toyota GR 86 has already been modified, this time by the Japanese teams from TOM’s Racing.

It was during the Fuji 86 Style event in Japan that the Japanese preparer – specialist in the Toyota and Lexus brand – unveiled his complete car. Code name: TOM’s GR86 Concept .

Careful preparation for the GR 86

For starters, the TOM’s GR86 is painted bright orange , a color that is not available on the standard GR 86.

Then there is the body kit. This prepared GR86 is clearly a steroid version of the production model.

The car has an extended front spoiler to increase aerodynamics and side skirts which reinforce the aggressive design of the GR86. The biggest change on the GR86 prepared by TOM’s Racing is visible at the rear: the rear bumper has a black coating, fins still in a concern of aerodynamic downforce, and a modified exhaust to 4 outputs mounted in 2 × 2.

Regarding its handling on the ground, the TOM’s GR86 has new TOM’s Cross Speed ??wheels, much wider, instead of the original wheels. Behind these hides a large modified brake kit. Enough to offer increased braking power.

Without clarification at this time, we don’t know if any changes have been made under the hood. But since the car has big brakes, bigger wheels, and a new exhaust system, there are likely a few tweaks that add more power.

A four cylinder that sings!

As a reminder, under the hood the naturally aspirated 2.4 L flat four-cylinder with direct and indirect double injection of the GR 86 offers nearly 235 horsepower of maximum power for 250 Nm of torque. Compared to the previous generation, this represents a gain of 35 horsepower and 45 Nm.

The assembly is sent to the rear wheels only via a six-speed manual transmission, or an optional six-speed automatic. The Japanese coupe completes the 0 to 100 km / h in 6.3 seconds , against 7.4 seconds for the GT86 .


Ford Puma ST and Fiesta ST: 260 horsepower signed Mountune

Ford Puma ST and Fiesta ST 260 horsepower signed Mountune

British tuner Mountune offers a performance kit to deliver up to 260 horsepower to the new Ford Fiesta ST and Puma ST.

The latest Ford Performance city ??cars are both equipped with a 1.5-liter EcoBoost three-cylinder engine delivering 200 horsepower, with the Fiesta ST a torque of 290 Nm, and for the Puma ST a torque of 320 Nm, respectively allowing 0 to 100 km / h in 6.5 to 7 seconds.

But for customers who would like to rub shoulders with the new 261 horsepower Toyota GR Yaris, for example, the English tuner Mountune offers a performance kit called Mountune m260 for the Ford Fiesta ST and Puma ST .

Ford Puma ST and Fiesta ST: up to 260 hp and 365 Nm of torque

The m260 kit is marketed at a price of 675 pounds sterling, or the equivalent of 790 euros . At this price, Mountune will provide you with a small box that connects to your car’s OBD socket, and which will allow you to modify the engine mapping of your Ford Puma ST or Fiesta ST yourself !

Thanks to a mobile application, which makes your smartphone or tablet communicate via Bluetooth with the Mountune module, you can modify the performance of your sportswoman as you wish, thanks to three calibrations allowing to “unlock” from 235 to 260 horsepower , and from 350 Nm to 365 Nm maximum torque . Or, in the most powerful configuration, a gain of 60 horsepower and 75 Nm of torque (45 Nm for the Puma), resulting in a better sound at the exhaust as well as a more aggressive launch control mode. A “Standard power calibration” mode also allows you to return to the original configuration at any time.

To optimize the performance of Ford’s small sports cars, this engine preparation must be completed with parts marketed by Mountune, in addition to its electronic module: a pipe filler , an air / air exchanger, elbows and intake hoses, or even a more efficient air filter.


Toyota GR Super Sport (2022): the road hypercar will have more than 1,000 hp!

Toyota GR Super Sport (2022) the road hypercar will have more than 1,000 hp

The road version of the Toyota 24 Hours of Le Mans Hypercar could develop over 1,000 hp!

When the ACO, the organizing body of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the World Endurance Championship (WEC), announced the creation of the Hypercar category , the rules were clear. Hybrid racing cars were to be based on a version approved for the road . But since then, under pressure from manufacturers, who refuse to invest in the production of a road model, this rule has been abandoned. Hypercars are therefore only revised and corrected LMP1s, slower and less expensive.

Faster than the racing version!

But Toyota is stubborn. The Japanese manufacturer, which is currently the only one entered in a Hypercar (before the arrival of the American Glickenhaus during the season, and Peugeot in 2022 ), has nevertheless decided to design a road version of its Hypercar. , the GR010. It could be that the GR Super Sport , provisional name of this road version, is even faster than its track counterpart!

Indeed, where the Track Hypercar is limited by regulation to 680 hp in combined hybrid power, the GR Super Sport will develop “ at least 1,000 hp. ”!

It will also benefit from the technologies developed in LMP1. With a very worked aero and four-wheel drive, the Mercedes-AMG One and other Aston Martin Valkyrie have to beware …

On the other hand, the car seems to have changed a lot since the first rolling prototype presented at the opening of the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2020 . Indeed, where the camouflaged prototype was a convertible, Toyota now seems to be moving towards a coupe, with a patented system to raise the entire cockpit for easier access.

A questionnaire to identify future customers

While the initial rules called for production of at least 20 units, it is still unclear how many GR Super Sport will go on sale. On the site dedicated to Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s racing specialist, the manufacturer offers a questionnaire for potential customers of the road hypercar. The questions concern, for example, your garage, your experience in motorsport or the number of kilometers traveled each year behind the wheel of your favorite car. Toyota could therefore reserve the right to choose the happy customers of the GR Super Sport , as Ferrari regularly does with its most special productions, or Ford with the GT supercar. .

It remains to be seen whether this Toyota GR Super Sport will be presented next year. We know how difficult it is to adapt a racing engine for the road : the countless delays experienced by the Mercedes-AMG One are proof of this.

This is not the first time that Toyota has decided to build a homologation car even though the category no longer demands it: this was notably the case with the supercharged compact GR Yaris , developed for rallying .


Toyota GR Corolla (2021): a sporty version on the way

Toyota GR Corolla (2021) a sporty version on the way

According to rumors, the range of the compact Toyota Corolla will soon be supplemented by a sports version GR supercharged.

Toyota has in its range a family of sporty models bearing the “GR” badge (the initials of Gazoo Racing ): we find the GR Supra coupe and the sporty city car GR Yaris, which will soon be joined by the new Toyota GR 86. , replacing the GT86. According to rumors relayed by the Japanese site Carsensor , the compact Toyota Corolla could also benefit from a sportier version, called GR Corolla .

Toyota GR Corolla (2021): 300 horsepower under the hood

If the Japanese manufacturer has already done strong with its GR Yaris and its turbocharged three-cylinder developing 261 horsepower, the future Toyota GR Corolla would go even further and would push this mechanism up to the power of 300 horsepower , transmitted to the four-wheel drive by the ‘intermediary of a six-speed manual transmission.

Although this GR badged Corolla is more powerful than its little sister, its performance will be less, the model being less light and less extreme than the GR Yaris . Exit the elements in aluminum and CFRP (plastic reinforced with carbon fibers) therefore, but this would allow the GR Corolla to be more accessible from a budgetary point of view. Indeed, Carsensor estimates that it should be sold between 3.5 and 4 million yen, the equivalent of 26,700 to 30,500 euros .

If a five-door sedan silhouette should be preferred, the Japanese website also specifies that a wagon version should also be present . In addition to its three-cylinder petrol, a powerful hybrid engine should appear later under the hood of the GR Corolla.

Toyota has not officially confirmed all this information, which therefore remains to be taken with a grain of salt …


Toyota: Gazoo centers dedicated to sportswomen in France

Toyota Gazoo centers

Toyota has set up several Gazoo Centers dedicated to its sports cars across the country.

To support the launch of models developed by its Gazoo Racing department, starting with the GR Supra and now the GR Yaris , Toyota has opened 20 Gazoo Centers in France. These are spaces dedicated to its sportswomen and their owners in selected points of sale. Each of these Gazoo Centers notably offers a GR Supra on trial, while the GR Yaris currently in the launch phase is gradually joining the centers.

In addition to specializing in the presentation, sale and maintenance of Toyota GR, the Gazoo Centers also aim to unite a community through dedicated events such as baptisms on the circuit or exhibitions. To find out the location of Gazoo Centers in France.

An organization that spreads

These spaces dedicated to a sports department within a concession are becoming widespread among manufacturers who have divisions of this type. This is the case at Mercedes with AMG or Seat with Cupra , for example.

As for the GR Yaris, with its 261hp 1.6L three-cylinder turbo, all-wheel drive, manual gearbox and bodybuilt body, it is one of the most anticipated as well as unexpected cars of recent years.