New Jeep Compass (2021): presentation on April 6!

New Jeep Compass (2021) presentation on April 6

To your agendas! Jeep announces the presentation of a new Compass for April 6!

Get ready, a new Jeep model is coming! The American manufacturer has just announced the imminent presentation of the new … Compass .

Launched in 2007 and renewed in 2016 with a new and second generation, the SUV will be given a makeover in a few days. Its world premiere is scheduled for April 6 !

Jeep changes everything!

“The new Jeep Compass is a brand new model, totally evolved in all its features and contents, including style, technology, safety and functionality,” Jeep announced in a short press release.

The brand adds that ” the name is the only thing that will not surprise you “.

Renewal especially inside

Announced in January by the special “80th Anniversary” series , which celebrates Jeep’s 80th anniversary in 2021, the revised and corrected Compass should notably benefit from a completely redesigned interior , with a more modern dashboard, a larger central screen and improved finish quality.


Audi Q4 e-tron (2021): not yet unveiled but already in production!

Audi Q4 e-tron (2021) not yet unveiled but already in production

Audi has just launched production of its future 100% electric compact SUV, the Q4 e-tron, although the model has not yet been unveiled …

Audi is wasting no time with its Q4 e-tron . While it still has not presented its new 100% electric compact SUV , the German manufacturer has already started production !

The first copies of the model have indeed taken place on the assembly lines of the plant in Zwickau , Germany, including the Volkswagen ID.4 , also manufactured locally.

Audi Q4 e-tron produced at Volkswagen plant in Zwickau

“The inter-brand collaboration in Zwickau once again demonstrates the enormous potential for synergy we have with the Volkswagen Group,” commented Peter Kössler, member of the Audi board for production and logistics.

“The on-schedule production start of the Audi Q4 e-tron is a testament to the excellent teamwork, both among Volkswagen colleagues and those at Audi. Our compact electric SUV is undoubtedly a true Audi. which will impress our customers with its quality and ease of use on a daily basis. ”, he added.

Audi Q4 e-tron: what we already know

The Audi Q4 e-tron will be unveiled to the public in mid-April and launched in European markets in summer 2021 . We already know that the SUV will measure almost 4.60 m long and that it will be based on the modular electric platform MEB of the Volkswagen group.

Its interior having already been unveiled , we also know that it will have its own atmosphere with in particular a three-dimensional dashboard, a new generation of touch-control steering wheel and a voice-controlled multimedia system where the screen measures 10.1 at 11.6 inches.


Skoda: an electric compact and entry-level variants to come

Skoda an electric compact and entry-level variants to come

Skoda boss Thomas Schäfer has revealed some details about the Czech brand’s future developments: entry-level variants as well as an electric compact are coming.

In an interview with the German magazine Automobilwoche, the new CEO of Skoda , Thomas Schäfer, announced the brand’s desire to develop in emerging countries. He also gave some details on future models to come.

Skoda: a future electric Octavia on the program

As Mladá Boleslav’s firm launches its new Kushaq SUV in India, and is already present in no less than 100 countries, Schäfer clarified that other markets present interesting opportunities for Skoda, such as North Africa. for example, where the supply of electrified models is still to be developed.

The new Skoda boss has also indicated that electric models should represent 60% of its sales by 2030. To do this, new zero-emission Skoda will soon emerge , with at least one model located under the Enyaq iV SUV , as well as a new electric compact the size of the Octavia .

New entry-level models at increasingly attractive prices

The Czech manufacturer is also eyeing the success of Korean and French brands in Europe: to compete with them, Thomas Schäfer is considering the creation of entry-level versions of the brand’s models, at an even more attractive price. Skoda is in fact the brand of the Volkswagen group most able to occupy this segment, still underexploited by the German company.


Official: Ford stops the Mondeo!

Official Ford stops the Mondeo

End of career for the Ford Mondeo. Launched in 1993 in Europe and since sold nearly 5 million units, the sedan will cease production in March 2022.

The sentence fell. On borrowed time for several years, the Mondeo is about to bow out . Ford has indeed decided to put an end to the production of its sedan. The American manufacturer will lower the curtain in a year, at the end of March 2022 .

Priority to SUVs …

In difficulty in recent years in Europe and launched in a large and heavy reorganization, the Dearborn firm will abandon the sedan segment , which is currently not very buoyant on the Old Continent, to turn to other more profitable sectors, and in particular that of SUV .

“In 2020, 39% of Ford’s passenger car sales were SUVs and crossovers, eight points more than in 2019,” said the manufacturer to explain its decision.

… and electrification

The focus will also be on electrification with an investment of at least $ 22 billion (around € 18.6 billion) globally. Thus, by mid-2026, 100% of the range of passenger vehicles will be available in a 100% electric or plug-in hybrid version, then 100% will be electric by 2030 .

Five million Mondeo sold since 1993

Launched in 1993 in Europe, where it replaced the Sierra, which won the European car of the year trophy in 1994, the Mondeo has survived the ages over four generations. Available as a SW station wagon, sporty ST versions and even a hybrid, the sedan has sold around five million units to date.

The Galaxy and S-Max continue their hybrid route

The large Galaxy and S-Max minivans , which were also in the hot seat , “will continue to be produced, with full hybrid versions recently unveiled ,” Ford concludes.


Lamborghini Urus (2021): new ice speed record for the SUV!

Lamborghini Urus (2021) new ice speed record for the SUV

Lamborghini has just won an ice speed record with its Urus. Over one kilometer, standing start, the imposing 650 hp SUV reached an average speed of 114 km / h.

New tour de force from the Lamborghini Urus . The wicked Italian SUV set a new speed record during its first participation in the ” Days of Speed ” event, dedicated to sporty driving on ice and whose 2021 edition was held from March 10 to 13.

On Lake Baikal, Russia , the 650bhp juggernaut (4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine) demonstrated its power and maneuverability by breaking the record for the average speed over one kilometer, standing start .

Launched at 298 km / h on the ice

Led by the Russian pilot Andrey Leontyev, the Urus posted an average of 114 km / h, with a maximum speed recorded during the sprint at 298 km / h !

“This extreme challenge proves once again that the Urus delivers all the performance one would expect from a Lamborghini in terms of acceleration, top speed and handling,” commented Konstantin Sychev, Lamborghini Brand Manager for Eastern Europe and the CIS countries.

“The official data recorded by the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) and the RAF (Russian Automobile Federation) will be released in April,” Lamborghini added in a statement.


Lexus: a new concept announced for March 30

Lexus a new concept announced for March 30

Lexus has just announced the presentation of a new concept car. To find out, meet on Tuesday, March 30 at noon!

At the beginning of February, Lexus announced the imminent arrival of a new concept car which should present the future of the brand and announce a new generation of models.

Almost two months later, we are there. This concept is now about to be revealed. The Japanese manufacturer has just set the date for its first world appearance.

Appointment is therefore given on March 30 at 12 noon . Health crisis requires, its presentation will be done exclusively online.

Hybrid style

Little is known about it, but according to the first images released, it should be a hybrid-styled vehicle, halfway between a sedan, an SUV and a coupe.

Raised ground clearance, high waistline, wide hips. Plunging roofline, steeply sloping rear window are indeed some of its aesthetic features. The whole gives off an impression of power and dynamism.

An electrified engine

The vehicle should be 100% electric or at least electrified and will have a new adaptive all-wheel drive system called Direct4.

It should inspire a first production model to be launched before the end of the year. Others will follow in 2022 and beyond, Lexus already promises.


Volvo XC60 (2021): all prices for the restyled SUV

Volvo XC60 (2021) all prices for the restyled SUV

Volvo opens orders for its restyled XC60. On the French market, the SUV, which mainly benefits from technological updates, starts at 49,630 €.

A few days ago, Volvo unveiled a lightly restyled XC60 . The SUV, model year 2022, then presented slight alterations to its grille and front and rear bumpers . It also received a new body color (Aurora Silver Metallic) and new rims.

Technological innovations

Above all, it became one of the first Volvo models to benefit from the new Android-based infotainment system (optional at 1.550 € with the “Digital Connect” pack on the “Momentum” access finish), which includes Google apps and services, such as Google Maps, Google Assistant, and the Google Play Store.

Finally, this new version was full in terms of safety since it was equipped in particular with the traffic warning system in reverse with automatic braking in the event of danger and the traffic distraction alert.

Today, Volvo announces that this “new” XC60 is available to order on the French market . Its prices are therefore known!

Opening bid: 49.630 €

They start at € 49,630 with a “Momentum” finish and with the 197 hp micro-hybrid diesel B4 engine. The standard equipment is rich and includes in particular 18-inch alloy rims, LED headlamps, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, a 9-inch central touch screen, cruise control / speed limiter, rear parking radar, vehicle recognition traffic signs, active lane departure warning;

Electrified motors only

On the engine side, the Volvo XC60 is only available with electrified units : in gasoline (B4 197 hp) and diesel micro-hybrids (B4 and B4 AWD of 197 hp and B5 AWD of 235 hp) or in rechargeable hybrids Recharge T6 AWD (340 hp), Recharge T8 AWD (390 hp) and Polestar Enginereed T8 AWD (405 hp). With Geartronic 8 automatic transmission in all cases. The B5 AWD petrol engine disappears from the catalog.

All prices of the restyled XC60

Find out the prices of the Volvo XC60 model year 2022 below .

Micro-hybrid gasoline:

  • B4 197 hp Geartronic 8 R-Design: 54,030 €
  • B4 197 hp Geartronic 8 Registration: 54.880 e
  • B4 197 hp Geartronic 8 Luxury Registration: 60.980 €

Micro-hybrid diesel:

  • B4 197 hp Geartronic 8 Momentum: 49.630 €
  • B4 197 hp Geartronic 8 R-Design: 56,080 €
  • B4 197 ch Geartronic 8 Registration: 56.930 €
  • B4 197 hp Geartronic 8 Luxury Registration: 63,030 €
  • B4 AWD 197 hp Geartronic 8 R-Design: 58.330 €
  • B4 AWD 197 ch Geartronic 8 Registration: 59.180 €
  • B4 AWD 197 ch Geartronic 8 Luxury Registration: 65,280 €
  • B5 AWD 235 hp Geartronic 8 R-Design: 54,030 €
  • B5 AWD 235 ch Geartronic 8 Registration: 54.880 €
  • B5 AWD 235 ch Geartronic 8 Luxury Registration: 60.980 €

Plug-in hybrid:

  • Recharge T6 AWD 340 ch Geartronic 8 R-Design: 68.880 €
  • Recharge T6 AWD 340 ch Geartronic 8 Registration: 69.530 €
  • Recharge T6 AWD 340 ch Geartronic 8 Inscription Luxe: 73.930 €
  • Recharge T8 AWD 390 hp Geartronic 8 R-Design: 71.880 €
  • Recharge T8 AWD 390 hp Geartronic 8 Registration: 72.530 €
  • Recharge T8 AWD 390 hp Geartronic 8 Inscription Luxe: 76.930 €
  • Polestar Engineered T8 AWD 405 hp Geartronic 8: 81.880 €

Seat promises an electric city car at € 20-25,000 in 2025

Seat promises an electric city car at € 20-25,000 in 2025

Seat provided an update on its electrification program. The brand notably announced the arrival of an entry-level zero-emission city car in 2025.

Seat announced it last year: the Spanish group, which brings together the Seat and Cupra brands, will invest 5 billion euros by 2025 to electrify its range .

This sum, which is part of the 60 billion euros promised by the Volkswagen group in November 2019 for electrification and the connected car, will not only be devoted “to the implementation of new R&D projects, and in particular to the electrification of the range, but also to the equipment and installations of the factories in Martorell, Barcelona and Componentes, ”Seat said in a press release.

Cupra Born and Tavascan confirmed

Today, the firm details its program a little more. In terms of new models, it confirms the arrival of a first 100% electric vehicle at Cupra , the compact Born , at the end of 2021 , as well as the arrival of a second zero emission model, the Tavascan SUV. , in 2024.

“Our dream will come true: the Cupra Tavascan will become a reality. Based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, it will be designed and developed in Barcelona. It will be marketed in Europe and other markets in 2024,” said Wayne Griffiths , the president of Seat.

“Make electromobility accessible to as many people as possible”

Seat has also and above all announced the launch of a new electric city car in 2025. It will be marketed “around 20-25,000 euros to make electromobility accessible to as many people as possible”, reveals Seat.

“The electric city car is an important project in terms of potential volumes. It represents a major step on the road to sustainable development and in the fight against global warming. It is also the driving force behind the transformation of the Spanish automotive industry. “, added the builder.

The brand’s ambition is to produce 500,000 electric vehicles per year in its Spanish factory in Martorell.

Seat Ibiza and Arona restyled on approach

Closer to us, Seat will launch its restyled Ibiza and Arona this year.


Porsche Taycan: a designer imagines a Cross Pickup version

Porsche Taycan a designer imagines a Cross Pickup version

Even if such a variation of the 100% electric sedan from Porsche is not the order of the day, a car designer has imagined a Porsche Taycan Cross Pickup.

The German automaker is famous for its sports cars like the Porsche 911 , and nobody expected it in other segments until 2002, when Porsche introduced its first SUV with the Cayenne.

Since then, many models have emerged in its range, and today, Porsche does not want to miss the all-electric turn with the launch of the Porsche Taycan , already available with an adventurer version called Cross Turismo.

Porsche Taycan: several new silhouettes to come?

Stefan Weckbach, product manager at Porsche, recently hinted that the Stuttgart firm was not closed to the idea of ​​marketing other versions of its Porsche Taycan , such as a coupe or a convertible. In fact, the Taycan’s J1 EV platform is capable of accommodating different types of bodywork.

The designer Superrenderscars has therefore imagined a crossover pick-up version of the Porsche Taycan, with an illustration mainly based on the Taycan Cross Turismo: the front is indeed identical, while we guess at the rear the presence of a loading dumpster .

Even if it is unlikely that such a variation will see the light of day in the range of the German manufacturer, a Taycan Turbo S pickup of 761 horsepower could offer an interesting alternative to the future Tesla Cybertruck !


Volkswagen Tiguan restyled (2021): the price drops to € 32,210

Volkswagen Tiguan restyled (2021) the price drops to € 32,210

Volkswagen is launching two new versions of its restyled Tiguan on the French market, one of which, entry-level, lowers the price of the SUV by 2,000 €.

Good news if you intend to acquire a Tiguan soon : Volkswagen is lowering the price of its SUV . But only at the entry level. The German manufacturer is indeed launching a new basic version on the French market .

An entry ticket lowered by 2,000 €

Called “Tiguan”, this finish is available from € 32,210 , it is € 2,000 less than the previous entry-level “Life”.

As standard, the “Tiguan” level offers automatic LED headlamps, 17-inch alloy wheels, front and rear parking sensors, an 8-inch color touch screen, “Front Assist” emergency braking assistance, Lane assist, blind spot detector “Side Assist” and adaptive cruise control “ACC”.

A new finish for professionals

Another new finish, responding to the name of “Business” and reserved for professionals, is also entering the catalog. For 33,460 €, ie 2,500 € less than the “Life Business” level, it uses the equipment of the “Tiguan” version and adds GPS navigation, a reversing camera and a lightened spare wheel with modular boot floor.

Gasoline or diesel, 130 or 150 hp

On the mechanical side, these finishes are available with two petrol engines , the 1.5L TSI of 130 and 150 hp (BMV), and a diesel unit, the 2L TDI of 150 hp (BMV or DSG). Orders are already open!