The Peugeot 208 and 2008 champions of sales in Europe!

The Peugeot 208 and 2008 champions of sales in Europe

Peugeot is off to a good start to the year, with overall sales down compared to 2020.

Peugeot is starting the year on a roll! After the launch of the new Peugeot 308 , the Lion is benefiting from very good sales results in Europe. The Peugeot 208 was the best-selling car in Europe in February 2021, with 18,375 units sold. And it is even the double for Peugeot , since the 2008 finishes second in the standings, with 17,120 sales! Behind, the Volkswagen Golf (3rd, 16.185 ex.) And the Toyota Yaris (4th, 15.467 ex.) Slide. The Renault Clio is sixth in the standings , with 15,349 sales.

Diesel in distress, electrics continue to climb

But overall, February 2021 was not a good month for the auto industry. The sales fell 20% compared to 2021, with 850,000 cars sold in total. Normal, the Covid-19 pandemic had not yet affected the sector at this period in 2020. Diesel continues to decline, and now only represents 27% of new registrations.

Electric and plug-in hybrid side, sales increased by 67% to reach 115,000 copies, or 13.6% of sales. And, unsurprisingly, the market remains dominated by SUVs, which account for 43.6% of sales.

The Top 10 best-selling cars in Europe in February 2021

  1. Peugeot 208 (18.375 ex.)
  2. Peugeot 2008 (17.120 ex.)
  3. Volkswagen Golf (16,185 ex.)
  4. Toyota Yaris (15,467 ex.)
  5. Fiat Panda (15,400 ex.)
  6. Renault Clio (15,349 ex.)
  7. Citroën C3 (15,281 ex.)
  8. Opel / Vauxhall Corsa (14.615 ex.)
  9. Skoda Octavia (14,554 ex.)
  10. Volkswagen T-Roc (13,829 ex.)

Skoda: an electric compact and entry-level variants to come

Skoda an electric compact and entry-level variants to come

Skoda boss Thomas Schäfer has revealed some details about the Czech brand’s future developments: entry-level variants as well as an electric compact are coming.

In an interview with the German magazine Automobilwoche, the new CEO of Skoda , Thomas Schäfer, announced the brand’s desire to develop in emerging countries. He also gave some details on future models to come.

Skoda: a future electric Octavia on the program

As Mladá Boleslav’s firm launches its new Kushaq SUV in India, and is already present in no less than 100 countries, Schäfer clarified that other markets present interesting opportunities for Skoda, such as North Africa. for example, where the supply of electrified models is still to be developed.

The new Skoda boss has also indicated that electric models should represent 60% of its sales by 2030. To do this, new zero-emission Skoda will soon emerge , with at least one model located under the Enyaq iV SUV , as well as a new electric compact the size of the Octavia .

New entry-level models at increasingly attractive prices

The Czech manufacturer is also eyeing the success of Korean and French brands in Europe: to compete with them, Thomas Schäfer is considering the creation of entry-level versions of the brand’s models, at an even more attractive price. Skoda is in fact the brand of the Volkswagen group most able to occupy this segment, still underexploited by the German company.


Skoda Kodiaq: 600,000 units produced

Skoda Kodiaq 600,000 units produced

The Czech firm’s first SUV, the Skoda Kodiaq has just passed the 600,000 mark produced since 2016.

Presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2016, the Skoda Kodiaq is the Czech brand’s first SUV . He thus inaugurated the nomenclature of all the models of this range of adventurers, whose name begins with K and ends with Q: we will subsequently find the Skoda Karoq , Kamiq or more recently the Kushaq .

Skoda Kodiaq: sold in more than 60 markets around the world

Production of the Skoda Kodiaq was initially handled by the factory in Kvasiny, Czech Republic , which was later supplemented by production sites in Russia, China and India .

In just under five years, 600,000 copies of the Skoda Kodiaq were produced worldwide, allowing the model to be sold in more than 60 international markets . The Kodiaq is particularly popular in China , where there is an exclusive SUV coupe version of the model: the Kodiaq GT .

With the arrival of the Skoda Karoq, Kamiq, Kushaq and other Enyaq IV (the latter breaking the nomenclature with its initial E, classifying it among the electric models), SUVs now represent nearly 40% of Skoda’s worldwide sales. in 2020, and the brand has also surpassed the 2 million SUV produced milestone .

A record on the Nürburgring

During its career, the Kodiaq was notably the first 7-seater SUV to have set a record on the Nürburgring : in 2018, Skoda indeed entrusted Sabine Schmitz with the mission of taking a Kodiaq RS there, which carried out a time of 9: 29.84 minutes on the 20.832 kilometers of the famous Nordschleife.


Skoda 1203 Camper Van: a 100% electric neo-retro concept

Skoda 1203 Camper Van a 100% electric neo-retro concept

If the Volkswagen Transporter is essential, Skoda has also produced a van: the Skoda 1203 from 1968. Daniel Hájek reinterpreted it to imagine a resolutely futuristic neo-retro concept.

With the ” Icons Get a Makeover ” series, the Skoda styling teams present modern reinterpretations with a contemporary and futuristic style of their legendary models of the past. The Czech manufacturer lifts the veil on a concept-van inspired by the Skoda 1203 of 1968 , the only van of the firm of Mladá Boleslav, which had a confidential career in Czechoslovakia in the shadow of the famous Volkswagen Combi : indeed, it only sold around 70,000 copies in thirty years.

One of the brand’s designers, Daniel Hájek, wanted to pay homage to the family Skoda 1203 of his childhood, and offers his vision of the Skoda van of tomorrow: “ I designed a modern vehicle that pays homage to the legend. I wanted it to be timeless ”. A model with taut, modern and futuristic lines, with cubic volumes, which embodies the current values ​​of Skoda: practical aspects, space on board as well as ” Simply Clever ” solutions.

Skoda 1203 Camper Van: and why not a Czech version of the Transporter?

Despite this leap into the future, the spirit of the Skoda 1203 of yesteryear is present, notably with a round light signature that combines with the more contemporary large LED strips, which help to visually expand the whole. Like the Volkswagen Transporter California, the roof can be retracted to provide additional sleeping space for long journeys.

On board, the style is in line with the brand’s latest productions, with a simple and refined dashboard , as well as a two-spoke steering wheel. The presentation is deliberately stripped down, since the concept allows you to directly integrate your smartphone or tablet in order to use its entertainment and navigation features.

Although it is unlikely that such a model will arrive in the Skoda lineup in the future, the Czech manufacturer could easily borrow the basis of the future Transporter of the Volkswagen ID family, foreshadowed by the ID.Buzz concept , to offer an in-house version, powered by a 100% electric motor.


Skoda Kushaq (2021): first photos of the future SUV

Skoda Kushaq (2021) first photos of the future SUV

The Czech manufacturer unveils the first photos of the Skoda Kushaq, its future SUV intended for the Indian market, still hidden with graphic camouflage.

After the Kodiaq , Karoq and Kamiq , Skoda will expand its family of models “starting with K and ending with Q” in 2021 with the arrival of the Kushaq, a mid-size SUV intended for the Indian market. This is part of the important “India 2.0” project, which represents a total investment of one billion euros for the entire Volkswagen group , with the key to thirty models developed to meet the expectations of the Indian market.

After a first teaser unveiled last month , Skoda now presents the first photos of its future Kushaq, still covered with an orange graphic camouflage, which nevertheless hints at its shapes. With its rugged appearance, large wheels and a wheelbase of 2.65 meters, the Skoda Kushaq will have enough space for five passengers as well as a large trunk.

Two petrol engines and many equipment

Based on the Volkswagen group’s MQB-A0-IN platform, the Kushaq has been specifically developed for the needs of the Indian market, where the Skoda Kodiaq and Karoq are already sold. It will be powered by two 1.0 and 1.5-liter TSI petrol engines (whose power levels have not yet been announced), associated with six-speed manual, six-speed automatic, or DSG dual-clutch transmissions. seven gears, all in front-wheel drive.

The standard or optional equipment is rich, with among others: LED lights, a touch screen, automatic air conditioning, six airbags, ESC, hill start assistance, rain and light sensors, cruise control, or the tire pressure control system.

The future Skoda Kushaq will have its world premiere in India in March 2021.


Historic drop in the auto market in 2020, to its lowest level since 1975!

Historic drop in the auto market in 2020, to its lowest level since 1975

With only 1.65 million registrations, the French automobile market for new passenger cars recorded a historic decline in 2020 and reached its lowest level since 1975!

The sentence fell. Strongly impacted by the Covid-19 crisis and its containment measures , the French automobile market for new passenger cars recorded a historic decline in 2020.

After a final decline of 11.8% in December, registrations indeed collapsed by 25.5% last year to reach their lowest level since 1975 at 1,650,118 units sold according to figures published by the Committee. French automobile manufacturers (CCFA). By comparison, some 2.2 million new cars were put on the road in 2019.

Even “during the crises of the 1990s or 2000s, we never fell below 1.7 million”, CCFA communications director François Roudier told AFP.

With the closure of points of sale and factories during the first confinement, registrations had notably collapsed in the spring: -72.2% in March and -88.8% in April .

Obviously, all manufacturers have been impacted by this historic drop. The French groups PSA and Renault , however, held up slightly better than the market (-25%). Their deliveries were nevertheless cut by 25.1% and 24.9% respectively compared to 2019. PSA registered 530,606 vehicles in 2020 and Renault 412,544.

For their part, foreign manufacturers have seen their registrations fall by an average of 26.1% over one year. First foreign group in volume, Volkswagen (with Audi, Seat, Skoda …) posted a drop of 28.4% (204,731 registrations) while Toyota and Hyundai , driven by the craze for electrified engines, limited the damage at -12.2% and -13.4% over the year (95,640 vehicles for the Japanese and 73,637 for the Korean). BMW (-21.6%, 67,369 units), Nissan (-22.5%, 32,964), Daimler (-32.8%, 54,262), Ford (-30%, 55,219) or Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (- 41.5%, 51,248) fell more heavily.

Sales of electrified cars jump

Despite this general decline in the market, it should be noted that 2020 has particularly benefited electric vehicles which, after having remained for a long time below the 1% market share bar, now represent 6.7% of passenger car registrations. new. This share even rises to 21.5% if we include hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

In 2020, nearly 111,000 new “zero-emission” cars were registered, against around 43,000 in 2019. Hybrid registrations for their part reached 243,600 units, against 125,400 in 2019.

This increase in sales of electrified cars came at the expense of diesel, whose registrations continued to erode to 30.6% (against 34.1% in 2019), but also gasoline, which does not represent more than 46.9% of total registrations, compared to 57.9% in 2019.


Most Beautiful Car of the Year 2021: the Opel Mokka-e eliminated at the gates of the final

Most Beautiful Car of the Year 2021 the Opel Mokka-e eliminated at the gates of the final

After the Honda e and the Skoda Enyaq iV, it is the Opel Mokka-e which has just been eliminated in the race for the title of “The Most Beautiful Car of the Year 2021”. Now it’s time for the final!

And three! After the Honda e and the Skoda Enyaq iV , a third model has just been ejected from the race for the title of “Most Beautiful Car of the Year 2021″. This is the Opel Mokka-e .

Largely reinvented and displaying the new face of Opel , the second generation Mokka , here in its 100% electric version, did not gather enough votes to pass the semifinals.

A Mercedes GLA / Mazda MX-30 final

Now, it’s time for the final! Only two candidates remain in contention: the Mercedes GLA and the Mazda MX-30 .

The counters are reset to zero and Internet users are once again invited to vote for their favorite model on the official election website until midnight January 17. The car with the most votes will be voted ‘Most Beautiful Car of the Year’ 2021 ‘and will succeed the winners of the event at the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé .

A car worth 30,000 € to be won

The identity of the winning car will be revealed as part of the International Automobile Festival, the 2021 edition of which should normally be held from January 27 to 31 in Paris, at the foot of the Hôtel National des Invalides.

One of the internet users who voted for the winning model will win a car worth € 30,000.


Skoda: the next electric models become clearer

Skoda the next electric models

SUV, city car, sedan … the next electric models from Skoda are talking about them.

After a first foray into “zero emissions” with the Citigo-e iV , Skoda has just launched its first exclusively electric model with the Enyaq iV SUV . Asked by the British journalists of the Autocar site , Thomas Schäfer, new CEO of Skoda, would have revealed some details about the brand’s next battery models.

“Regarding the electric, with the Enyaq and the Enyaq variant coming up, that’s enough for the moment but we need something smaller, maybe a template tailored for the city, and we we need something in the notchback range, maybe a future Octavia , in a way. For our brand, these are the most important electric vehicles that we will see develop in this decade “, he would have Explain. The city car in question could be based on the supposed MEB-Lite platform currently being developed for Volkswagen ID.1 and ID.2. The sedan could be a cousin of the future Volkswagen derived from the ID concept. Vizzion.

The Enyaq in the center of attention to begin with

Schäfer would not consider an electric Skoda compact sedan anytime soon. “Starting vehicle concepts takes at least two to three years in general, so maybe in the middle of the decade to be careful,” he would have indicated on this subject. Skoda would not seek to offer an electric range covering all segments as quickly as possible. “First of all, you have to pay for it. I could wish for ten more cars but the total investment will not take place. We are not going to double our catalog,” said the manager.

Unlike the Volkswagen brand and its simultaneous offensive on all fronts, Skoda would therefore opt for a more progressive approach. “We still believe that the Enyaq has a lot of potential to satisfy a wide range of demands, ranging almost from the field of sleek SUVs to that of station wagons. (…) The Enyaq is clearly our showcase for the year or the two years to come, and the Enyaq variant will be launched at the end of next year. That will guide us for the next two or three years, and then we’ll see how quickly we work on another model, “reportedly detailed Schäfer. The variant of the Enyaq in question is said to be a “coupe” version derived from the 2019 Vision iV concept car .