Lightyear One: 710 km of autonomy for the solar and electric sedan!

Lightyear One 710 km of autonomy for the solar and electric sedan

This Dutch start-up called Lightyear has developed an electric and solar sedan capable of 710 km of autonomy!

What if you never charge your electric car? This is what promises the Lightyear One , an electric and solar sedan developed by the start-up of the same name in the Netherlands. The idea is simple: a 60 kWh battery (barely bigger than that of a Renault Zoé ), a very efficient design, and solar panels on the roof. After four years of development, Lightyear conducted the first tests of its sedan on the track, with good news on arrival: 710 km of range in one charge!

Efficiency at the heart of the concept

The figure is impressive when we know that the Renault Zoe , with its 52 kWh battery, is officially capable of 395 km of range according to the WLTP cycle . This is more than 300 km less than for the Lightyear One, which is also a large sedan ! So obviously, under this large number are hidden a few small lines. The most important is that these 710 km were covered at a steady pace of 85 km / h , which is ideal for the efficiency of electric motors. We are therefore far from WLTP certification.

Nevertheless, the electricity consumption figure is impressive: 8.5 kWh / 100 km , against around 15 kWh / 100 km for a Zoe .

72 km per day thanks to solar panels

In contrast, Lightyear is getting closer to its original promise to hardly ever have to charge your electric car . Thanks to the photovoltaic panels placed on the body, the Lightyear One can recharge approximately 72 km of range in one day if the weather is good.

In practice, the majority of home-work journeys could therefore be made without going through a terminal, or without having to have a private car park with a charging point . Convenient for those who live in the city, therefore. It remains to be seen how this figure of 72 km gained in one day evolves when the sky is overcast, in winter, and the car is parked in the shade.

Only 946 units of the Lightyear One will be sold in 2022. And if the start-up does not announce a price, it has previously forecast a price of around 149,000 € when the car is presented in 2019. But the company aims then to reach a larger public from 2023 .


New Renault Mégane (2021): the electric compact is unveiled!

New Renault Mégane (2021) the electric compact is unveiled

Renault publishes new images of its future 100% electric Mégane and unveils its first technical characteristics.

Surprise at Renault! A month almost to the day after a first series of pictures , the French manufacturer has just published new images of its future Mégane .

The new 100% electric Mégane E-Tech is unveiled today in camouflage , which echoes the brand’s new logo, and in a pre-production version . The opportunity to see that the sedan will be aesthetically close to the eVision show car which was presented in October 2020.

Close to the eVision show-car

We find the same robust and compact silhouette but also the same front light signature with optical units linked together by a thin strip and completed by an angular “S”. At the back, same topo. The lights are thin, horizontal and connected by a light strip. For the rest, the surfaces are smooth, the sides hollowed out and the hips marked. At the front as at the rear, we also notice the presence of the new striped and illuminated Renault logo .

However, no new photo of the interior has been published. Photos released last month, however, revealed a completely redesigned interior including a floating center console and a new dashboard. A large digital panel was also on the program. It was made up of two screens positioned in an L- shape , one for the instrument cluster and the other for the new generation multimedia system.

217 hp and up to 450 km of autonomy

The diamond also takes advantage of these few images to reveal the first technical characteristics of the car. The new Mégane E-Tech Electric, also called MéganE (pronounced “Mégane i”), will therefore be equipped with a 160 kW (217 hp) electric motor and a 60 kWh battery which will allow it to travel up to 450 km according to the WLTP standard.

The compact will also be based on the Renault-Nissan Alliance’s CMF-EV (Common Module Family-Electric Vehicles) platform , designed exclusively for 100% electric vehicles and inaugurated by the Nissan Ariya SUV .

30 Mégane E-Tech Electric tested on the road this summer

This new appearance of the MéganE marks the start of its testing on open roads. Led by Renault engineers, 30 vehicles will be driving the roads this summer. The presentation of the car should take place in the coming weeks . Produced at the end of the year at the Douai plant (North), it will be marketed at the beginning of 2022.


Peugeot 208 (2023): first info on the restyling of the city car

Peugeot 208 (2023) first info on the restyling of the city car

Despite the current success of the 208, Peugeot is already working on renewing its city car. A restyled version is expected for 2023. Here is what we already know about it …

Launched at the end of 2019, the new and second generation of the 208 is a real hit. The city of Peugeot was simply the new passenger car most sold in France in 2020 with 92,796 units sold, ahead of Renault Clio V (84 031 copies) and the 2008 Peugeot II (66,698). A trend which is confirmed in the first half of 2021. Better still, the little lioness is currently emerging as one of the most popular models in Europe .

Despite this success Peugeot is already thinking about what to do next. The brand is already working on the mid-career restyling of its bestseller. A revised and corrected version of the 208 is expected in the course of 2023 . But that the fans are reassured, the car will evolve simply by small touches.

A slight restyling

There is no question of modifying such a “bankable” model. Designed by Mathias Hossann , who replaced Gilles Vidal at the head of Peugeot style in July 2020, the new version will keep what makes the success of the city car , namely dynamic lines and an aggressive face. At the front, the fang-shaped LED daytime running lights, for example, should be renewed, as should the large black crossbar at the rear.

The main aesthetic touch-ups should actually focus on the shields and the grille. The latter will notably integrate within it the new vintage Peugeot logo , which recently appeared on the new 308 .

A technological update

On board, we will unsurprisingly find the famous i-Cockpit and its counters which can be read over the small steering wheel. The instrument cluster will be fully digital and the central touchscreen could be enlarged. A technological update is also expected with a new generation of multimedia system and advanced or even new driving aids.

An e-208 PSE on the program

Finally, on the engine side, this restyled 208 will leave with the essential 1.2L PureTech petrol unit. It should also mark the beginnings of micro-hybridization, while its 100% electric version e-208 , currently running at 136 hp, should benefit from a more efficient battery , with a capacity greater than the current 50 kWh, and from ‘a new engine that will be available in several power levels. A sports variant e-208 PSE (200 hp?) Would be in the boxes …


Renault Clio (2021): again available in diesel!

Renault Clio (2021) again available in diesel

Stopped at the end of 2020, diesel is back under the hood of the Renault Clio. The city car is now available with a Blue dCi of 100 hp.

The diesel is back under the bonnet of the Renault Clio ! While it had abandoned this type of engine at the end of 2020, the city car with the diamond can again be ordered with a Blue dCi unit .

A 1.5l Blue dCi engine of 100 hp

It is the 1.5L of 100 ch which is now offered in the catalog, replacing the old 1.5L Blue dCi of 85 and 115 ch which was not upgraded to the Euro 6d-Full standard on January 1, 2021.

One finish and only in manual gearbox

Be careful, however, the offer is currently limited. For individuals, only one finish is offered with this diesel engine: the high “Intens” finish . The latter includes 16-inch alloy wheels as standard, Full LED headlamps, automatic air conditioning, cruise control / speed limiter, rear parking assistance or even a 7-inch touch screen with GPS navigation.

The Blue dCi 100 is also exclusively associated with a 6-speed manual gearbox. In the end, the Renault Clio Blue dCi 100 Intens is displayed from 23,500 €.


Nissan Ariya (2021): delayed launch for the electric SUV

Nissan Ariya (2021) delayed launch for the electric SUV

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the global semiconductor shortage, Nissan is forced to delay the launch of the Ariya. Expected from mid-2021 in Japan, the electric SUV will not finally arrive before the end of the year.

Bad news if you’ve been impatiently awaiting the release of the Nissan Ariya : the all-electric SUV will be launched a little late .

Several months late for Ariya

Nissan had initially planned to release the Ariya in the Japanese market from mid-2021. But ultimately, the model’s launch in Japan was postponed until “this winter,” said executive vice president Asako Hoshino. “Sales in the United States and Europe will arrive approximately two months later,” added the manager.

This delay is due to the coronavirus pandemic and the semiconductor shortage that is currently affecting the entire auto industry.

A promising SUV

As a reminder, the Ariya is a zero-emission SUV 4.60 m long (1.85 m wide, 1.66 m high and 2.78 m wheelbase) which inaugurates a new modular platform of the Renault-Nissan Alliance (CMF-EV). Spacious and high-tech (digital panel with two 12.3-inch screens, level 2 autonomous driving system, active parking aid, intelligent pedals, etc.), it will offer the choice between 5 power levels (218 and 242 hp in two drive wheels and 279, 306 or 394 hp in e-4orce four-wheel drive ) and 2 battery capacities (63 or 87 kWh). All for a range of up to 500 km.

Even though its launch date has been pushed back, customers can already express their interest in the Ariya on a website dedicated to the model .


Alpine SUV (2022): what we already know

Alpine SUV (2022) what we already know

Alpine, which will switch to 100% electric, intends to expand its range in the coming months. A vitamin SUV is particularly hoped for. While waiting for its release in 2022, here is what we already know about it …

It’s done! Alpine will expand its range . In a few months, the A110 berlinetta will no longer be the only model offered in the Dieppe brand’s catalog. In particular, it will be joined in 2023 by the Alpine City (provisional name), a 100% electric city car 4m long based on the CMF-B platform of the new Renault Clio . On the menu for the latter: around 200 hp and 400 km of autonomy!

A cross-sedan?

But before that, the A arrow will give way to SUV fashion . A high legged Alpine is indeed expected for the first quarter of 2022 . Potentially baptized A410 , it will be more exactly a crossover, or even a “cross-sedan” , this mixture of genres which combines the elements of the sedan, the SUV and the coupe.

The model, which will be the perfect rival of the next Porsche Macan currently in preparation , will take the underside of the future Mégane (CMF-EV). It should thus measure nearly 4.70 m long and offer four places.

Design question, it will have its own style, both elegant and sporty . Despite everything, it should take up certain “gimmicks” dear to Alpine, such as the singular light signature with four optics.

Around 400 hp and 500 km of autonomy

On the mechanical side, the A410 will obviously be zero emissions since Alpine is destined to become a 100% electric brand . More precisely, it will have two blocks (one on each axle for all-wheel drive) for a cumulative power of 400 hp minimum , or even 500 hp for a possible “S” version. Autonomy is expected around 500 km . The icing on the cake, rear steering wheels will also be on the program to guarantee a certain dynamism and good sportiness to the A410.

Not for all budgets

The prices of the Alpine SUV should start around 80,000 € .


Renault Arkana (2021): something new under the hood!

Renault Arkana (2021) something new under the hood

Renault is expanding the Arkana range with two new engines. On the menu for the coupe SUV: the E-Tech 145 hybrid and the 1.3L TCe 160.

The Renault Arkana range is expanding. Launched last March with a 12V micro-hybridization 1.3L TCe 140 (discover his test here ), the diamond brand’s first coupe SUV is now available to order with the E-Tech 145 hybrid system .

The prices of the E-Tech 145 hybrid

Borrowed from the Clio and the Captur, this non-rechargeable hybrid powertrain combines a 1.6L petrol 4-cylinder and an electric motor, all powered by a 1.2 kWh battery. Under the hood of the Arkana, this combination claims a power of 145 hp, a consumption of 4.8 l / 100 km and CO2 emissions of 108 g / km. Not to mention a range of 3 km in all-electric mode. Opening bid : € 31,200 with the entry-level “Zen” . Count from € 33,350 with “Intens” and € 36,100 with “RS Line”.

Arrival of the 1.3L TCe 160

Another good news for Arkana fans: Renault is now offering the 1.3L TCe in 160 hp . Always associated with the 12V micro-hybridization , this gasoline unit gains 20 Nm compared to the 140 hp version, at 280 Nm.

In this configuration, the SUV with the plunging roofline displays a consumption of 5.7 l / 100 km for 130 g of CO2 / km. The prices of this engine have not yet been communicated. As a reminder, the 1.3L TCe 140 version starts at € 29,700 (“Zen” EDC).

New “Sailing Stop” function

Finally, the ultimate novelty in spring 2021 for the Arkana: the two TCe 140 and 160 hp versions inaugurate the “Sailing Stop” function . “Can be activated or deactivated by the customer via Multi-Sense (my sense or eco mode), it reduces CO2 emissions by up to 4 additional grams”, announces Renault, “thanks to the freewheeling of the vehicle during deceleration phases between 30 and 140 km / h. ”


The Peugeot 208 is the best-selling car in Europe

The Peugeot 208 is the best-selling car in Europe

In April 2021, the French city car was the best-selling model in Europe, ahead of the Peugeot 2008 and the Volkswagen Golf!

In April 2021, the European automotive market recorded 1,029,008 registrations . Even though that number is up 261% from April 2020, it follows lockdown last year. This remains down 23% compared to 2019. Almost 300,000 registrations are missing.

Plug-in hybrids and electrics on the rise

Regarding the different types of engines, plug- in hybrids and electric vehicles are growing strongly, with respectively 507% and 338% increase in registrations. PHEVs total 81,000 units and EVs number nearly 71,500 units.

Regarding sales of plug- in hybrids, we find on the podium the Ford Kuga in 1st place, the Volvo XC40 in second position, and the Peugeot 3008 in third.

On the electric podium, Volkswagen comes first thanks to the ID.4 which takes first place and the ID.3 second. The podium is completed by the Renault Zoé which arrives in 3rd position.

The Peugeot 208 at the top of the thermals list

If we group together all the categories, the best-selling car in April 2021 in Europe is the Peugeot 208 . Another surprising fact, the second place is occupied by the 2008, the small SUV of the lion brand. It is only in 3rd place that we find the Volkswagen Golf, which is struggling to regain its status as a leader that it has nevertheless held for years.


Opel Movano (2021): a new generation and an electric version

Opel Movano (2021) a new generation and an electric version

The third generation of Opel Movano will be a clone of the Peugeot Boxer and Citroën Jumper, and will offer a 100% electric version for the first time.

Marketed since 1997, the Opel Movano , for its first two generations, was designed in collaboration with Renault and was nothing other than a rebadged clone of the Renault Master. Now part of the PSA Group, which recently became Stellantis, Opel unveils the third generation of its large utility model, which will now adopt the Peugeot Boxer and Citroën Jumper platform , and complete Opel’s family of light commercial vehicles, with the Combo and Vivaro.

Opel Movano (2021): many possibilities

According to the German firm, the new Opel Movano boasts the best figures in its class in terms of payload, cargo volume and total permissible laden weight, with a wide choice of bodies, lengths and heights . Indeed, it is offered in four lengths (L1 to L4) and three heights (H1 to H3), with a maximum loading volume ranging from 8 to 17 m 3 , and payloads of up to 2.1 tonnes.

The Opel Movano can offer multiple possibilities, whether for professional use as a delivery van, or for leisure by serving as the basis for campervans and other motorhomes. And to power this, the 2.2-liter Diesel engines offer power levels ranging from 120 to 165 horsepower , with up to 370 Nm of torque available at low revs, and a six-speed manual transmission.

Opel Movano-e (2021): 122 horsepower and 224 kilometers of range

Opel is committed to offering an electrified version of all its passenger and utility vehicle models by 2024. With its maximum speed limited to 110 km / h, the 100% electric Opel Movano-e version will be primarily intended for deliveries of the last mile in urban areas: it is equipped with an electric motor of 112 hp and 260 Nm of torque , and with its two battery levels ( 37 kWh and 70 kWh ), it offers a maximum range of respectively 117 and 224 kilometers , according to the WLTP combined cycle.

The new Opel Movano will be marketed by the end of 2021 , at prices to be announced later..


New electric Renault 4 (2025): first drawings of the future 4L!

New electric Renault 4 (2025) first drawings of the future 4L

The designs for a concept foreshadowing a future electric Renault 4 have just appeared on the Internet. Here is (maybe) the 4L of 2025!

In the grip of serious difficulties for several years, Renault intends to rely on its rich past to get out of the rut. In order to win back the public and to rejuvenate its image in the process, the brand will indeed bring out some of its most iconic vehicles in a 100% electric version .

This is particularly the case of the 5 , whose modern version was unveiled last January in the guise of a zero-emission concept with a neo-retro look . Its production has already been confirmed for 2023. Subsequently, other models will follow the same path, starting with the popular Renault 4 .

A new iteration of the city car is indeed expected by 2025 . But to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its car , launched in 1961, Renault should unveil a first prototype of its future 4L this year .

The first sketches of this concept have perhaps just leaked on the Internet . Obviously coming from the patents filed by Renault with the EPO, the European patent office, these drawings show a 4L in SUV sauce .

A crossover-style 4L

If we recognize the features of the original Renault 4 , with in particular this vertical grille and this sloping stern, we also note that the future model will display a look of a small crossover with a raised ground clearance and plastic protections at its passages. of wheels . The round headlights at the front will give way to horizontal LED strips while the rear lights will always be vertical.

On the technical side, the 4L 2.0 will share the platform of the next R5. The same goes for the engines, which however remain unknown at this stage. See you in the coming months to find out more …