Ferrari F40 (1989): a rare blue livery for auction

Ferrari F40 (1989) a rare blue livery for auction

This unique blue-colored Ferrari F40 is currently up for auction, and although it’s not red, collectors are raving about it!

The Ferrari have always been available in many colors and yet, the red is the most popular color because it is the traditional color of the horse racing models prancing, but today is also a rational choice to ensure its resale.

The British owner of this 1989 Ferrari F40 , YouTuber Sam Moores, did not want to follow this trend, and put this blue copy of the F40 up for auction through the house of Bonhams. Its registration, “F40 BLU”, testifies to the uniqueness of the car.

Ferrari F40 (1989): only 26,155 km on the odometer

If the history of the model is to be believed, the 1,311 copies of Ferrari F40s which left the factory at the time, between 1987 and 1992, were all painted in “Rosso Corsa” red. The other colors that you may encounter are therefore the work of their respective owners. This particular F40 has a long history: in 2004 it was exported to Japan, then painted white and modified by Liberty Walk in 2010.

It was then bought back in 2014 by Joe Macari Performance Cars in London and then restored to its original condition. But before being sold to its current owner, it was completely repainted in blue by the Italians from Carrozzeria Zanasi, in Maranello. The chosen color is not part of the Ferrari catalog: it is Aqua Blue Metallic, which was borrowed from the Porsche color chart. The interior combines black with the bright red of the leather of the seats.

The model is in excellent condition and only displays 26,155 km on the odometer . Its 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine produces 478 horsepower , and has been recently serviced. If it was marketed at the time around 200,000 euros, today, its scarcity and the speculation that followed have raised its rating beyond one million euros. At the time of writing, the auction for this blue F40 has already reached 765,000 pounds, the equivalent of around 885,800 euros .


Mister V’s Fiat Panda sold on eBay for an insane amount

Mister V's Fiat Panda sold on eBay for an insane amount

YouTuber Mister V recently put his Fiat Panda into play, and the winner wasted no time in reselling it on eBay, where the auction reached an unexpected sum!

Vehicles sold at auction are sometimes the object of all the covetousness: rare models, prestigious, or having belonged to a celebrity, it is not surprising to see the bidding rise when it is a question of a single model.

But this Fiat Panda Young from 2001, recently put up for sale on eBay, saw its auctions soar beyond 75,000 euros! However, it displays nearly 105,000 km on the odometer, and its last technical inspection shows many major failures , simply not allowing it to be able to take the road …

A fully customized Fiat Panda

This rather peculiar Fiat Panda belonged to the French Youtuber, humorist and rapper Mister V , whose real name is Yvick Letexier, who completely customized it for the needs of a humorous video called “Modifie my vehicle”, a parody of the famous American show “Pimp my ride” which has been viewed over 6.5 million times on YouTube .

On this occasion, it received a black paint, new rims, a lowering, as well as a personalized interior combining leather and Alcantara, completed by a sound system, a touch pad or even a digital instrument cluster. A Panda “MVP edition” that Mister V put into play during the sale of his second album “MVP” this winter, in a collector’s box including the disc, goodies, as well as a golden ticket for win the 40 horsepower racing car .

When handing over the keys to the lucky winner, Mister V had fun telling him not to “sell it on Leboncoin in 4 days” … And yet, it is more on eBay than the famous Matteo du 91 chose to put the car up for sale, for a starting price of 1,000 euros. At the time of writing, no less than 24 bidders have placed 98 bids, raising the price of the Panda to 75,350 euros … Or the equivalent of a Mercedes-AMG C 43!


What is this abandoned Batmobile doing in Dubai?

What is this abandoned Batmobile doing in Dubai

This bodybuilder is a wizard, and the treasures of his workshop will surprise you …

Here is a video, posted on YouTube, to say the least astonishing. We see a young man taking us to a “very special” place in Dubai . Carelessly abandoned by the roadside, in a sort of industrial zone, we then discover a Batmobile. This is not a replica, but one of the four Batmobiles used for cinema. Estimated price: around $ 900,000!

Purchased in Hollywood

Not far from it, we also discover a Dodge Challenger, a Porsche 928, a Ford Mustang and a Chevrolet El Camino. All these wonders will join other treasures in a body shop not quite like the others where the boss is grafting … a roof on a Cobra Replica. As for the Batmobile, we learn that it was bought in Hollywood to start a new life …

Check out the video .