Porsche Taycan (2022): more range and more colors

Porsche Taycan (2022) more range and more colors

Porsche slightly updates its electric sedan, the Taycan!

For the model year 2022, Porsche is slightly revising its Taycan electric sedan. No question of playing the 7 differences: the body was not changed. But beneath it lie some technology updates, which should improve the autonomy of this rival of the Tesla Model S.

In Normal and Range modes, the front motor of full-size versions is almost always decoupled from the wheels and then goes into freewheel mode. According to Porsche, this operation would allow a nice gain of autonomy without that not being felt on the responsiveness of the sports sedan. The front-engine starts up again in “a few milliseconds” as soon as the driver firmly presses the accelerator or switches to Sport mode. On the other hand, Porsche did not wish to re-type the Taycan, so the official WLTP autonomy remains the same.

Your tailor-made painting!

Porsche is also taking the opportunity to review the management of fast charging. Android Auto is also now available, in addition to Apple Car Play. The infotainment system is also updated. Finally, a Tesla Summon-style autonomous parking function is currently working. So you can watch your Taycan niche from the outside!

On the outside, you can now order your Porsche Taycan in a custom color, according to the Paint to Sample (PTS) system. The Taycan can therefore proudly display paintings that have become cult at Porsche, such as the purple of these images, taken from the range of the 964 in the 1990s. And with PTS +, you can paint your Taycan in any color by taking a sample analyzed by Porsche.


Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25: ultra-limited edition of 700 hp!

Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25 ultra-limited edition of 700 hp

For track day enthusiasts, this might just be the perfect Porsche: a 911 GT2 RS Clubsport reviewed by Manthey Racing!

If the name of Manthey Racing rings a bell, congratulations! You master the history of Porsche in competition! The German preparer is indeed a specialist in the 911, and for example won the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring this year. It is also thanks to Manthey that Porsche holds the Nürburgring record for a homologated car, with a 911 GT2 RS prepared by the German workshop.

To celebrate the 25 years of Manthey Racing, Porsche has decided to put the small dishes in the big ones. Here is the Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25 . It’s all in the name: it’s a Porsche GT2 RS that has been modified for the track (hence the Clubsport). In practice, this model has already existed for a few years, and has been produced in 200 copies. The Clubsport is intended for thrill seekers on the track, but does not participate in any competition.

30 copies, an astronomical price

From there, Porsche developed the new Porsche 935 in 2018 , evoking the monsters of the 1980s who notably won the 24 Hours of Le Mans . And finally this year, the Clubsport 25 largely uses the technique of the last two, with 700 hp , a PDK double-clutch gearbox and a racing chassis.

The aero has been reworked by Manthey and Porsche, including redesigned front and rear bumpers for more downforce and more efficient cooling. The set is studded with neon yellow accents, the color used by Manthey Racing at the Nürburgring.

This special 25th anniversary edition will only be available in… 30 copies ! An ultra-efficient collector that is obviously not cheap: € 525,000 excluding tax .


Porsche: the 5 most legendary models in its history!

Porsche the 5 most legendary models in its history

Not easy to remember only 5 models from a brand as legendary as Porsche!

Not easy to remember only 5 models in more than 70 years of Porsche history ! The brand quickly established itself as the benchmark for sportswomen , thanks in particular to very good results in motorsport. But today we are focusing on the most significant road models in the history of the manufacturer from Stuttgart . And even if the 911 has become over the generations the major icon of Porsche , it is not its only legendary model!

Porsche 356: 1948-1965

While engineer Ferdinand Porsche and the company he founded in 1931 worked on many projects before WWII (notably the Volkswagen Beetle), the Porsche 356 was the first road car to be produced under its own name. . It is a small sports car derived from the Porsche 64 , a racing car prototype based on the pre-war versions of the Beetle. Like the latter, the 356 houses a small four-cylinder flat in rear overhang . Small, light, aerodynamic, the Porsche 356 has made a habit of competing with much more powerful sports cars. Her class victory at Le Mans in 1951 made her become a legend.

Porsche 911 (Type 901): 1964 – 1989

When one thinks of Porsche, only one car comes to mind: the 911 . With its round headlights and rear engine , the 911 has established itself as the benchmark for sports cars, on the road and on tracks around the world. The very first generation, which was to be called 901 before a dispute with Peugeot, was presented to the public in 1963. It is clearly an evolution of the 356 : the engine is still at the rear, the general look takes on the features of the Contemporary 356. But the 911 is more opulent, more liveable. First, it’s a 2 + 2, with two booster seats in the back. Then, the 911 has a flat 6 cylinder of 2 liters, which develops 110 hp at launch. More comfortable , moreefficient , it is quickly adopted by a wider audience.

The 911 will then take to the competition : on the circuit at Le Mans and elsewhere, or even in rallies and at the Paris-Dakar , it stands out everywhere as a model of robustness and precision. Over the years, performance increases, and behavior is made more accessible. Even if the first generation evolved a lot, it was not officially replaced until 1989 with the 911 Type 964.

Porsche 911 Turbo (Type 930): 1975 – 1989

At a time when the 911 was especially appreciated for its contained weight and its agility , Porsche decided to throw a block in the pond by adding a turbo in 1974 to its legendary flat-six. The performances were astounding for the time, with 260 hp for just over 1,200 kg. In the 1970s, turbos were still very rare, especially on the road. Porsche is adapting here its technology developed for its racing 911s, in particular the devilish 935s which prevail in the general classification of the 24 Hours of Le Mans .

The 911 Turbo has earned over the years a sulphurous reputation, due to the sharp nature of its engine , and sometimes treacherous reactions that the burst of power can cause. But by rubbing shoulders with supercars like the Ferrari Testarossa, it secures a place in the pantheon of the most respected sports in history.

Porsche 959: 1986 – 1993

Like many legends of the 1980s, the Porsche 959 was initially a car designed for Group B homologation . And while the Porsche 959 retains the overall look of the 911, it’s actually a whole different model . With its twin-turbo engine with water cooling of the cylinder heads, its four-wheel drive, its adjustable ground clearance and its worked aero, the 959 is a real technological jewel. In short, the complete opposite of its rival at the time, the Ferrari F40.

When it came out, the Porsche 959 was the fastest car in the world: 317 km / h was reached thanks to the 450 hp of the flat-six derived from competition. 100 km / h is reached in just 3.7 seconds, a figure that is still impressive today. And if Group B was canceled before the 959 could participate, it was still able to shine in competition, especially at the Paris-Dakar and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Porsche Carrera GT: 2003 – 2007

Presented as a concept car at the 2000 Paris Motor Show , the Porsche Carrera GT created a sensation. This is a real supercar, as evidenced by the V10 in the center-rear position and the carbon hull. The V10 in question is derived straight from an engine designed for Le Mans , and dominates the character of the Carrera GT. The 612 hp is handled through a manual gearbox, unlike the Ferrari Enzo which faced it at that time. If her look is less spectacular than the latter, she was at the time celebrated as being more successful from a behavioral point of view.

Since then, it has quickly become cult, especially as many consider it the last purely analog supercar in the lineage of the McLaren F1. The Porsche 918 Spyder, which will take over in 2013, is an automatic transmission hybrid.


Ford GT40: Everrati makes a 100% electric version

Ford GT40 Everrati makes a 100% electric version

The English preparer Everrati has imagined a 100% electric Ford GT40, produced in collaboration with Superformance, specialist in American cars.

In the past, Everrati has distinguished itself by its achievements on the basis of Porsche 911 Type 964 , equipped with 100% electric engines. This time, the British preparer is tackling the legendary Ford GT40 , and has joined forces with Superformance, a specialist in American sports cars.

Everrati Superformance GT40: a unique achievement

First of all, this achievement is not based on a real Ford GT40, which would have been stripped of its V8 to replace it with an electric motor. Superformance has produced an entirely new chassis for the occasion, in order to allow Everrati to reproduce a Ford GT40 as faithful as possible to the model of the 1960s, while bringing it contemporary technologies.

Such an authentic replica that it has been recognized by Ford and Shelby, and registered as such with an official chassis number. The performances are at the rendezvous, with no less than 812 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque , allowing to swallow the 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds .

In detail, we find in particular Bilstein shock absorbers and H&R springs, ventilated brake discs, air conditioning, as well as several possible options such as a special paint, a Gulf livery, custom interior trim, an alarm, parking aid, a reversing camera, or even a roll bar. The 46 kWh battery provides a range of around 200 km .

Everrati and Superformance are still working on this new modern-day GT40, and are not announcing, for the moment, any release date or price.


Legend Turbo3: a crazy restomod of the Renault R5 Turbo!

Legend Turbo3 a crazy restomod of the Renault R5 Turbo

What if the R5 Turbo came out today? This is what this American workshop imagines, which will produce a modern version: the Turbo3.

The restomod , these projects of complete modernization of an iconic model, are very fashionable in recent years. From the famous Porsche 911 by Singer to a revamped Lancia 037 , there is something for everyone. There remains the one who is one of the greatest French icons: the Renault 5 Turbo . With its bodybuilt build , its turbo engine at the rear, and its rally track record, the R5 Turbo has secured a cult following since the 1980s . Logical, therefore, that someone decides to modernize it in their own way!

The workshop in question is Légende Automobiles . A brand new brand, founded by a group of French enthusiasts based in Los Angeles. Their project is simple: to build an R5 Turbo without the compromises of the Régie at the time, and with modern materials and techniques . But rather than modifying one of the rare real Renault 5 Turbo, the team of Frenchies prefers to recover a normal Renault 5 of the first generation. Then, a carbon body is grafted to the whole, with a completely redesigned interior, but inspired by the original Turbo.

Faithful silhouette, redesigned details

The look is overall faithful to the original, with its huge fenders , rear spoiler, and more aggressive front end . But when you get closer, you notice (many) new details. The headlights are now LED, aerodynamic details have sprung up everywhere, the mirrors are very elaborate… No doubt: this is not a “normal” R5 Turbo!

Légende Automobiles does not specify who will be hiding behind the front seats. But there is no question of retrofitting with an electric motor , and the manual gearbox is retained. We can imagine a four cylinder Renault , to stay in the theme. And why not the block that equips the current Mégane RS, strong of 300 hp ? With revised management and possibly a larger turbo, it could approach 400 hp… Enough to provide performance in line with the unique look of this modern R5 Turbo3.

The Turbo3 will go into production well, and in a series that should not be limited. The price, on the other hand, could be quite salty!

And if you prefer even more modern sensations, good news: in a few years, Alpine should release an edgy version of the future electric Renault 5 .


Porsche Macan (2021): a restyling and more horses while waiting for the electric

Porsche Macan 2021 a restyling and more horses while waiting for the electric

While waiting for the new 100% electric model, Porsche has restyled its Macan! The visual differences are subtle, but larger under the hood.

Launched in 2014, the Porsche Macan is expected to be nearing retirement . But in 7 years, the automotive landscape has changed a lot, and manufacturers are reluctant to develop new thermal models . Porsche cannot abandon its small SUV, however, because it represents a large part of the brand’s sales: 600,000 units sold since 2014 ! Suddenly, Stuttgart is betting on a double strategy. On the one hand, there will be an all-new all-electric Macan , which should be unveiled later this year, and in parallel the current model slightly revisited.

Smooth evolution

It is therefore a question here of prolonging the life of a bestseller: no question of revolution . A philosophy evident on the outside, as the changes are minimal . The shields have been retouched, with side air intakes that meet at the front, and a revised rocker panel at the rear. New rims appear, as well as new colors . In short, we play a bit of the game of seven errors …

It’s a bit the same inside, although a new center console rejuvenates this 2021 vintage Porsche Macan. Hitherto covered with buttons (like the 991 generation of the 911), it now accommodates tactile shortcuts . We like it or not, but the whole allows the SUV to no longer be so dated in the face of sharp competition. We also discover a new multifunction steering wheel , taken from the new 911, new upholstery options, and a clock now standard.

More horses for the Macan

On the other hand, under the hood, the differences are more noticeable. Indeed, all the engines are gaining in power, from the entry-level 4-cylinder 265 hp (+20 hp) to the GTS twin-turbo 2.9L V6, with 440 hp (+60 hp), via the V6 from 380 hp from the Macan S (+26 hp). The latter is in fact now a deflated version of the GTS engine, instead of the 3.0L V6 of the previous model.

Porsche Macan: what prices?

On the other hand, bad news for fans of high-performance SUVs: no Turbo version for the moment. But previous Macan developed 440 hp , the power of the current GTS, so all is not lost. Porsche does not say whether an even more capable new Macan Turbo is in development.

Finally, the chassis settings have been revised , and Porsche promises a Macan more dynamic and responsive than ever.

The 2021 Porsche Macan is already available to order, from € 64,633 for the basic version, then € 73,597 for the Macan S, and € 90,350 for the Macan GTS.


Ferrari F40 (1989): a rare blue livery for auction

Ferrari F40 (1989) a rare blue livery for auction

This unique blue-colored Ferrari F40 is currently up for auction, and although it’s not red, collectors are raving about it!

The Ferrari have always been available in many colors and yet, the red is the most popular color because it is the traditional color of the horse racing models prancing, but today is also a rational choice to ensure its resale.

The British owner of this 1989 Ferrari F40 , YouTuber Sam Moores, did not want to follow this trend, and put this blue copy of the F40 up for auction through the house of Bonhams. Its registration, “F40 BLU”, testifies to the uniqueness of the car.

Ferrari F40 (1989): only 26,155 km on the odometer

If the history of the model is to be believed, the 1,311 copies of Ferrari F40s which left the factory at the time, between 1987 and 1992, were all painted in “Rosso Corsa” red. The other colors that you may encounter are therefore the work of their respective owners. This particular F40 has a long history: in 2004 it was exported to Japan, then painted white and modified by Liberty Walk in 2010.

It was then bought back in 2014 by Joe Macari Performance Cars in London and then restored to its original condition. But before being sold to its current owner, it was completely repainted in blue by the Italians from Carrozzeria Zanasi, in Maranello. The chosen color is not part of the Ferrari catalog: it is Aqua Blue Metallic, which was borrowed from the Porsche color chart. The interior combines black with the bright red of the leather of the seats.

The model is in excellent condition and only displays 26,155 km on the odometer . Its 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine produces 478 horsepower , and has been recently serviced. If it was marketed at the time around 200,000 euros, today, its scarcity and the speculation that followed have raised its rating beyond one million euros. At the time of writing, the auction for this blue F40 has already reached 765,000 pounds, the equivalent of around 885,800 euros .


Alpine SUV (2022): what we already know

Alpine SUV (2022) what we already know

Alpine, which will switch to 100% electric, intends to expand its range in the coming months. A vitamin SUV is particularly hoped for. While waiting for its release in 2022, here is what we already know about it …

It’s done! Alpine will expand its range . In a few months, the A110 berlinetta will no longer be the only model offered in the Dieppe brand’s catalog. In particular, it will be joined in 2023 by the Alpine City (provisional name), a 100% electric city car 4m long based on the CMF-B platform of the new Renault Clio . On the menu for the latter: around 200 hp and 400 km of autonomy!

A cross-sedan?

But before that, the A arrow will give way to SUV fashion . A high legged Alpine is indeed expected for the first quarter of 2022 . Potentially baptized A410 , it will be more exactly a crossover, or even a “cross-sedan” , this mixture of genres which combines the elements of the sedan, the SUV and the coupe.

The model, which will be the perfect rival of the next Porsche Macan currently in preparation , will take the underside of the future Mégane (CMF-EV). It should thus measure nearly 4.70 m long and offer four places.

Design question, it will have its own style, both elegant and sporty . Despite everything, it should take up certain “gimmicks” dear to Alpine, such as the singular light signature with four optics.

Around 400 hp and 500 km of autonomy

On the mechanical side, the A410 will obviously be zero emissions since Alpine is destined to become a 100% electric brand . More precisely, it will have two blocks (one on each axle for all-wheel drive) for a cumulative power of 400 hp minimum , or even 500 hp for a possible “S” version. Autonomy is expected around 500 km . The icing on the cake, rear steering wheels will also be on the program to guarantee a certain dynamism and good sportiness to the A410.

Not for all budgets

The prices of the Alpine SUV should start around 80,000 € .


This 300 SL will become a reality!

This 300 SL will become a reality

We all know the Mercedes 300 SL. But not exactly in this form. And for good reason, this car does not yet exist. This model will really be walking the roads soon!

This creation is the work of artist Jon Sibal, an American automotive designer . As for the company crazy enough to build such a machine, it is called S-Kulb . This name may not mean anything to you, but it is nevertheless at the origin of great achievements such as the replica of a Porsche 550 Spyder whose style closely resembles that of the Mercedes.

A roof that makes all the difference

But that’s not all ! They also built a similar Mercedes 300 SL , but without a roof. The big novelty comes from this part of the body – removable in passing – which covers the passenger compartment. Very handy in rainy weather, for example . It is simply not present on the Speedster already produced. The other differences are ultimately minimal: a dark green shade with the most beautiful effect that contrasts with the golden rims of the HRE brand.

No, we don’t cut anything

Do not panic, this is not a real 300 SL that we cut to achieve this result . Under this magnificent body which shaves the bitumen hides in reality a Mercedes SLK, as for the Speedster version. The engine is an original AMG V6 and it will drive the rear wheels only!

We don’t know you, but we can’t wait to finally see this gem on the road!

Check out the video of the Roadster version of this Mercedes 300 SL below:

BMW i4 (2021): the prices and autonomy of the two launch versions!

BMW i4 (2021) the prices and autonomy of the two launch versions

BMW finally lifts the veil on the details of its electric sedan, the i4! Autonomy, performance, prices .

Like the competition, BMW is continuing its efforts towards an electric transition . Cornerstone of this strategy, the BMW i4 , an electric sedan based on the 3 Series and the 4 Series. A lineage which is obvious at first glance, as the designs are so close. And while the opening of orders is scheduled for November 2021, BMW has just revealed the prices and technical characteristics of the two launch versions.

This new BMW i4 is launched in two distinct versions. At the entry level, we discover an i4 eDrive40 , which is pure propulsion. It is suddenly less powerful than the other version, with 340 hp, but promises a good range of 590 km (WLTP cycle). It is above all much cheaper, with an entrance ticket of € 59,700. Smart: this price is positioned just below the limit for access to the ecological bonus , set at € 60,000. But to benefit from it, it will not be necessary to dig into the list of options… From July 1, 2021, this bonus will increase from € 3,000 to € 2,000. The i4 eDrive40 therefore becomes a great alternative to the 3 Series plug- in hybrid., and its 330e xDrive version of 292 hp, billed at € 60,700.

544 hp for the BMW i4 M50!

If you want to treat yourself to the top of the i4 range, you will have to turn to the M50 version , which here becomes four-wheel drive thanks to a second motor on the front wheels, strong at 258 hp. With the key, 544 ch in total , a 0 to 100 km / h dispatched in 3.9 seconds, but an autonomy reduced to 510 km. Both variants use the same 83.9 kWh battery . The price of this M50 version is obviously much higher: it will be available from € 71,650, and will therefore in no way be entitled to the ecological bonus. It’s a little more expensive than the sportier 3 Series (M340i xDrive, € 66,200), but much cheaper than an M3 (€ 102,000), with similar performance.

More expensive than Tesla, less than Audi

On the price side, BMW is therefore aiming directly in the direction of Tesla. The BMW i4 eDrive40 is placed at the level of a Tesla Model 3 Performance (even if the BMW suffers a little from the comparison on paper), while the M50 version is much cheaper than the Model S (89,990 €). However, the latter remains larger, more efficient, and with a much better autonomy. Among German rivals, the Audi e-tron GT is much more expensive (€ 101,500), not to mention the Porsche Taycan, of course . But the two brands of the Volkswagen group are working together on a smaller sedan (A4 e-tron for Audi, probable Cajun for Porsche), which should be placed directly in front of the BMW i4.

BMW also took the opportunity to unveil the interior of this new i4 . We discover a layout finally quite different from that already seen on the Series 3 and Series 4. A screen banner goes from the instrument cluster (12.3 inches) to the central screen (14.9 inches), for a very high-tech effect. The rest of the dashboard is more classic. And on the outside, unsurprisingly, the M50 version is more aggressive than the eDrive40, with reworked shields, and specific rims.