Lamborghini Urus (2021): new ice speed record for the SUV!

Lamborghini Urus (2021) new ice speed record for the SUV

Lamborghini has just won an ice speed record with its Urus. Over one kilometer, standing start, the imposing 650 hp SUV reached an average speed of 114 km / h.

New tour de force from the Lamborghini Urus . The wicked Italian SUV set a new speed record during its first participation in the ” Days of Speed ” event, dedicated to sporty driving on ice and whose 2021 edition was held from March 10 to 13.

On Lake Baikal, Russia , the 650bhp juggernaut (4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine) demonstrated its power and maneuverability by breaking the record for the average speed over one kilometer, standing start .

Launched at 298 km / h on the ice

Led by the Russian pilot Andrey Leontyev, the Urus posted an average of 114 km / h, with a maximum speed recorded during the sprint at 298 km / h !

“This extreme challenge proves once again that the Urus delivers all the performance one would expect from a Lamborghini in terms of acceleration, top speed and handling,” commented Konstantin Sychev, Lamborghini Brand Manager for Eastern Europe and the CIS countries.

“The official data recorded by the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) and the RAF (Russian Automobile Federation) will be released in April,” Lamborghini added in a statement.


Ferrari Purosangue (2022): like that the future SUV with the prancing horse?

Ferrari Purosangue (2022) like that the future SUV with the prancing horse

While we are still awaiting the official revelation of the Ferrari Purosangue, the future SUV of the Italian manufacturer has been imagined by a designer.

If it has already been surprised during road tests, still camouflaged, the future Ferrari SUV , called Purosangue (for “thoroughbred” ) should soon be unveiled. The prancing horse brand has long denied wanting to give in to the SUV fashion, but it will finally join the pack, in a market where we already find the Aston Martin DBX and other Lamborghini Urus , whose success is at the rendezvous.

Ferrari Purosangu, a mix of Roma and SF90 Stradale?

Georgian designer Giorgi Tedoradze has released two illustrations of the model, with a particularly aggressive styling that is notably inspired by the Roma and the SF90 Stradale .

The front borrows the codes of Ferrari , with sharp headlights as well as an LED light signature that can be found in the lower part of the large angular air intakes.

The stern is a bit more sophisticated, with small LED tail lights connected by a red LED light strip, and highlighted by two exhaust cannulas integrated into the middle of the rear bumper.

With the engine of the GTC4Lusso?

If the mystery still remains on this new model, according to the latest rumors, the Ferrari Purosangue should borrow the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 of the GTC4Lusso , with a power of around 650 hp … Unless a V12 not on the program?

No presentation date has yet been announced, but the Maranello firm is expected to unveil its first SUV by the end of 2021 .


Ferrari Purosangue: what we already know about the Italian SUV

Ferrari Purosangue what we already know about the Italian SUV

It is now a certainty, Ferrari will go through the SUV box. Expected for 2021, the very discreet “Purosangue” model was filmed in its camouflage near the Fiorano circuit.

SUVs have been on the rise for several years now. But some manufacturers, especially luxury brands , have taken much longer than general manufacturers to get up to date. Until a few years ago, no one imagined seeing Aston Martin SUVs (like the recent DBX for example), or Lamborghini SUVs (the Urus in 2018).

A Levante-style Ferrari SUV

The Italian SUV, seen at the start of the year under a thick camouflage made up of several bodywork elements taken from its cousin the Maserati Levante, is still a confidential project. The prancing horse brand, which has been fueling rumors for several years, only confirmed in 2018 the official name of the model: Purosangue . By way of comparison, the Levante released in phase 2 in 2020, offers several engine levels, in V6 or V8, with a power varying between 345 and 590 horsepower and 4-wheel drive.

For now, the model is most likely expected by the end of 2021 , and no further announcements have been made on the subject. Only a few videos circulate on the net with camouflaged versions.

Several engines: V12 and V8

In terms of engines, rumors are linked. Some evoke a rechargeable hydride engine, as it was done on the SF90 Stradale for example, which combines a V8 engine of 780 hp and an electric motor of 220 hp, for an incredible result at 1000 hp all round. Here, it is surely not envisaged to reach such levels of power: the rumors evoke the use of the V8 twin-turbocharged 3.9 l of the GTC4 Lusso to animate it, which develops all the same 650 hp.

One thing is certain, to overcome certain penalties , the Purosangue will probably opt for a hybrid engine. Not sure, however, that he will ignore the penalty in terms of the weight of the vehicle …

ABT RS Q8-R: a special version of the 740 hp SUV!

ABT RS Q8-R a special version of the 740 hp SUV

German tuner celebrates anniversary with special and modified Audi RS Q8 edition.

Audi RS Q8 owners are unlikely to find their SUV a little soft: with its 600 hp twin-turbo V8, their vehicle is indeed capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds. But if ever this is your case, good news: the German tuner ABT offers you its RS Q8-R, increased for the occasion to 740 hp …

The German, Audi equivalent of a Brabus (Mercedes specialist) , revised the engine ECU and adapted a more efficient air exchanger, to release 140 additional hp from the 4-liter V8. The RS Q8-R is therefore now capable of 0 to 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds , and a top speed of 315 km / h (with the option that jumps the limit to 250 km / h) .

A special 125th anniversary series

What to give cold sweats to many owners of Lamborghini Urus , who until then could count on their 650 hp to gaze fans of the Audi SUV , yet very similar technically.

And to celebrate its 125 years of existence, ABT has decided to produce a limited series of 125 copies of its super-SUV, which has also been stuffed with options. On the menu: a new steering wheel, carbon everywhere including the interior, and a revised central console. Specific 23-inch rims are also part of the game, as well as a released exhaust. Plates and logos celebrate the anniversary all over the interior.

ABT does not disclose a price for its latest creation, but we imagine that the bar of 200,000 euros will be quickly crossed , a “basic” Audi RS Q8 selling for 159,900 € in France, before options and especially before penalties.


Lamborghini SC20 (2020): a unique speedster of 770 hp!

Lamborghini SC 20 (2020) a unique speedster of 770 hp

Lamborghini presents the SC20, a unique speedster powered by an atmospheric 6.5L V12 of 770 horsepower.

Lamborghini ends the year 2020 in style! Only a few days after seeing unveiled the Essenza SCV12 , a hypercar of more than 830 hp dedicated to the track and limited to 40 copies, the brand with the bull is today presenting its latest creation: the SC2O, a sort of transformed Aventador. in tray without windshield.

One and only copy

Designed by Squadra Corse, the competition department of the Italian manufacturer, and designed by the Lamborghini Centro Stile of Sant’Agata Bolognese, the SC20 is in fact what is called a “One-off”, that is to say a unique model created at the request of a wealthy client.

According to Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini’s design director, she draws her inspiration from the “Diablo VT Roadster, Aventador J, Veneno Roadster and Concept S”.

However, it is distinguished by many exclusive elements, starting with its exterior color specially designed at the request of its future owner. This color is also used in the interior and associated with the “Nero Cosmus” and “Bianco Leda”. The interior is also dressed in visible carbon at the level of the central tunnel and the steering wheel, while the seats are covered with Alcantara and leather.

Optimized aerodynamics

Another particularity of the SC20, which was designed for the track but is homologated for the road: its aerodynamics have been particularly worked. Its carbon fiber bodywork has been sanded and polished by hand in order to direct the air flows optimally. The car also gains a very pronounced front splitter, air intakes under the hood inspired by the Huracan GT3 EVO and a large carbon rear spoiler adjustable in three positions (low, medium and high load).

770 hp atmospheric 6.5L V12

On the other hand, no great novelty on the mechanical side since we find the “traditional” atmospheric V12 6.5L from Lamborghini . This sends a power of 770 hp and 720 Nm of torque to all four wheels (with electronic center differential) via a 7-speed ISR gearbox.

Last detail, Pirelli PZero Corsa tires are mounted on 20 inch aluminum rims at the front and 21 inches at the rear.

Obviously, neither the price nor the identity of the customer of this Lamborghini SC20 has been revealed …


Volkswagen: Ducati and Lamborghini remain in the group

Volkswagen Ducati and Lamborghini remain in the group

Volkswagen announces keeping Ducati and Lamborghini, whose future was uncertain, in its portfolio.

Rumors have come and gone for several years about a possible resale of Ducati by Volkswagen . They had been amplified in recent months by statements from Herbert Diess, big boss of the German group, indicating that the latter was reflecting on the future of its prestigious brands such as the Italian motorcycle manufacturer but also the automobile manufacturers Lamborghini and Bugatti . Sale, separation via the creation of a new structure or independent IPOs would have been considered. It will not be, for now at least.

Volkswagen has just announced at the end of a meeting of its supervisory board: “The board has agreed that Lamborghini and Ducati will continue to be part of the Volkswagen group.” That is clear.

Bentley gets closer to Audi

In addition, it was decided that Bentley , another subsidiary of the group, which has just announced that it will transform into a 100% electric brand by 2030 after several years of struggling to reach its sales targets, would be controlled specifically by Audi from of March 1, 2021. Although this concerns the internal operational detail of the group seen from the outside, this should allow Bentley to take advantage of synergies with the brand with the rings to achieve its transition more effectively.

An unknown remains however concerning Bugatti, whose name is not mentioned in the group’s press release while it was among that of the brands with an uncertain future according to the rumors of the corridor this fall. Volkswagen’s intention to keep Lamborghini, and therefore not to abandon the supercar segment, may suggest that the same is true for the Alsatian firm.