Hyundai and Forze Hydrogen Racing: hydrogen racing cars

Hyundai and Forze Hydrogen Racing hydrogen racing cars

Hyundai has announced a partnership with Forze Hydrogen Racing, a student team that develops hydrogen-fueled electric racing cars.

The Forze Hydrogen Racing team was created in 2007 at the Delft University of Technology ( Technische Universiteit Delft ), near Rotterdam in the Netherlands, with the aim of promoting hydrogen mobility . It is made up of students who design and manufacture hydrogen-powered electric racing cars, which are then entered into competition.

Hyundai and Forze Hydrogen Racing: the world’s fastest hydrogen racing car

Hydrogen is an energy dear to Hyundai: with decades of experience in the development of fuel cell vehicles, and after the marketing of the Hyundai Nexo and ix35 Fuel Cell , the Korean manufacturer is continuing its investments in the hydrogen, and entered into a partnership with the Forze team and its Dutch students. These will be able to work in collaboration with engineers from the Hyundai Europe technical center , located in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

Forze Hydrogen Racing is currently continuing the development of its Forze IX, which is expected to be finalized in 2022. It is expected to be the fastest hydrogen fuel cell electric racing car in the world by then. Indeed, the Forze IX claims a top speed of 300 km / h, with a 0 to 100 km / h shot in less than three seconds . With a weight of 1,500 kg, it also has all-wheel drive, and to power it, two hydrogen fuel cells with a combined power of 240 kW are available, as well as a supercharging accumulator. offering a maximum power of 600 kW.