Renault Captur E-Tech (2021): the prices of the hybrid SUV!

Renault Captur E-Tech (2021) the prices of the hybrid SUV

After the prices of the plug-in hybrid, Renault presents the prices of the simple hybrid version of the Captur II.

A few weeks after the plug-in hybrid version “E-Tech Plug-In” , the Renault Captur arrives today in a simple hybrid version, called “E-Tech”!

In this configuration, the diamond SUV combines a 1.6 L petrol and two electric motors for a total power of 145 horsepower. Above all, the crossover promises an average consumption of 5 L / 100 km . A type of engine that is still very rare in the segment , since neither the Peugeot 2008 nor the Volkswagen T-Roc are available in hybrids for the moment. You have to look to the Toyota C-HR to find a hybrid on a small urban SUV.

€ 3,500 more than TCe 140 petrol

The Renault Captur E-Tech is displayed from 27,100 € in Zen finish : it is 3,500 € more than the TCe 140 gasoline in manual gearbox (23,600 €), at the same level of range. As standard, it has automatic lighting of the lights, automatic air conditioning and a customizable 7-inch dashboard.

The mid-range Intens climbs to € 29,700 . Orders are already open on the French market.

Renault announces that this E-Tech engine will be available later this year on the RS Line and Initiale Paris finishes .


Suzuki Across (2021): how much for the copy-paste of the Toyota RAV4?

Suzuki Across (2021) how much for the copy-paste of the Toyota RAV4

Suzuki is launching a new plug-in hybrid SUV on the French market: the Across, which is nothing but a copy of the Toyota RAV4. Explanations … and price.

In July 2020, Suzuki presented a new model: the Across . A plug-in hybrid SUV modeled on … the Toyota RAV4 . A vulgar copy? No, simply the fruit of a partnership between the two Japanese manufacturers who have been working together since March 2019 to produce and generalize electrified vehicles on a large scale.

4.63 m long, the Suzuki model is simply distinguished from its Japanese cousin thanks to a revised front panel . On the menu: large hexagonal honeycomb grille, tapered headlamps, redesigned bumper and larger air intakes.

For the rest, no change . The rear and the interior are identical. On board, we find in particular a central 9-inch touch screen (compatible with Apple CarPlay for iPhone, Android Auto and MirrorLink).

306 hp rechargeable hybrid engine

Same thing under the hood since the Across uses the plug-in hybrid engine of the RAV4 , namely a 2.5L four-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline of 185 hp and two electric motors (182 hp at the front and 54 hp at the rear) for a total of 306 horsepower sent to all four wheels (electronic all-wheel drive E-Four) via an automatic E-CVT.

A lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 18.1 kW, mounted under the floor, completes the range for an all-electric range of approximately 75 km (WLTP).

Cheaper than the Toyota RAV4

A few months after its presentation, the Across is now available on the French market . Its price: from € 53,990 in the 1st Edition version, or € 56,200 later, against an entry price set at € 61,500 for the Toyota RAV4 PHEV.