Official: Ford stops the Mondeo!

Official Ford stops the Mondeo

End of career for the Ford Mondeo. Launched in 1993 in Europe and since sold nearly 5 million units, the sedan will cease production in March 2022.

The sentence fell. On borrowed time for several years, the Mondeo is about to bow out . Ford has indeed decided to put an end to the production of its sedan. The American manufacturer will lower the curtain in a year, at the end of March 2022 .

Priority to SUVs …

In difficulty in recent years in Europe and launched in a large and heavy reorganization, the Dearborn firm will abandon the sedan segment , which is currently not very buoyant on the Old Continent, to turn to other more profitable sectors, and in particular that of SUV .

“In 2020, 39% of Ford’s passenger car sales were SUVs and crossovers, eight points more than in 2019,” said the manufacturer to explain its decision.

… and electrification

The focus will also be on electrification with an investment of at least $ 22 billion (around € 18.6 billion) globally. Thus, by mid-2026, 100% of the range of passenger vehicles will be available in a 100% electric or plug-in hybrid version, then 100% will be electric by 2030 .

Five million Mondeo sold since 1993

Launched in 1993 in Europe, where it replaced the Sierra, which won the European car of the year trophy in 1994, the Mondeo has survived the ages over four generations. Available as a SW station wagon, sporty ST versions and even a hybrid, the sedan has sold around five million units to date.

The Galaxy and S-Max continue their hybrid route

The large Galaxy and S-Max minivans , which were also in the hot seat , “will continue to be produced, with full hybrid versions recently unveiled ,” Ford concludes.


Mini will become 100% electric by 2030

Mini will become 100% electric by 2030

Mini joins the list of manufacturers giving up thermal engines: by 2030, the brand will stop selling gasoline and diesel cars to focus on 100% electric models.

After Alpine, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo and many others, it is around Mini to join the list of manufacturers who plan to ban thermal engines from their ranges. Mini would thus become the first brand in the BMW group to take the all-electric step .

Mini: a gradual abandonment of thermal models

According to the German site Der Spiegel , Mini will gradually abandon thermal engines, with a timetable spanning the next ten years: its last thermal model will be launched in 2025, and electric models should represent half of its sales by now 2027. Finally, Mini will only market 100% electric cars by 2030 .

With a fairly small range and volumes, as well as the contribution of technological developments from the BMW group, Mini’s turn to electric should be done without difficulty: in fact, Mini already offers a 100% electric model, the Mini. Cooper SE, while an electric version of the Countryman should see the light of day in 2023. But Mini is not at its first attempt, since in 2009 it launched the Mini E, a 100% electric city car project .

This decision is part of the strategy of the BMW group , which aims to accelerate its transition to electric : an approach initiated in 2013 already, with the launch of the i3, while a dozen 100% electric BMW models should be launched by 2025. These should represent no less than 2 million sales. Recently presented, the latest BMW i4 will soon be followed by a 100% electric 5 Series and X1.


Ford: a 100% electric range in Europe in 2030

Ford a 100% electric range in Europe in 2030

Ford is investing heavily in the electrification of its models, and wants to accelerate the production of its electric vehicles, so that by 2030, its entire range is 100% electric in Europe.

The American manufacturer has announced that it has taken a major step in its European transformation, with a return to profitability in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2020, and is investing heavily to electrify its entire range of vehicles, both private and commercial.

Indeed, Ford wants by mid-2026, 100% of its range of passenger cars in Europe to be electrified (hybrid or 100% electric versions), and is already announcing that its entire range will be 100% electric. by 2030 . A full line of electrified utility models will also be offered by 2024, and these are expected to account for two-thirds of Ford utility vehicle sales.

Ford Cologne plant soon to be dedicated to electric vehicles

Globally, Ford has announced that it will invest no less than 22 billion dollars (approximately 18.2 billion euros ) in the electrification of its models until 2025. In Europe, the Ford site in Cologne (Germany ) is the headquarters of Ford of Europe, and also one of its largest production centers in Europe.

This plant will soon be modernized, and will benefit from an investment of one billion dollars (approximately 830 million euros ) in order to transform it into an electrification center dedicated to the manufacture of electric vehicles , a first for Ford. in Europe.

Ford will present in the coming months more details on the transformation of its Cologne plant: its first 100% electric vehicle designed in Europe will be produced there from 2023, with the possibility of a second model under study. With the electric SUV Mustang Mach-E , Ford had already announced its ambitions for the matter, but other projects are also in preparation, such as an electric Ford F-150 pickup , as well as an electric Ford Transit utility which should arrive in 2022.


Ford F-150 Raptor (2021): ever more extreme

ford f-150 raptor (2021) ever more extreme

The new generation of the star pickup in North America returns with an even more aggressive version: the Ford F-150 Raptor 2021, powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine.

Unknown on our roads, the Ford F-150 pickup is quite simply the best-selling vehicle in the United States. Launched in 1948 with the first model of the “F-Series”, it has been regularly renewed since. Its latest generation was presented last summer.

Today, the manufacturer with the blue oval unveils its supercharged version the Ford F-150 Raptor , passed into the hands of the Ford Performance division. If the precise characteristics have not been fully revealed by Ford , there are some technical improvements such as specific suspensions, reinforced shock absorbers, a 5-link rear axle, widened tracks and wider tires, 35 inches as standard and 37-inch tire option with BF Goodrich All-Terrain T / A KO2 tires.

Ford F-150 Raptor (2021): an expected “R” version

Its look is resolutely imposing and robust there are indeed raw plastic fender flares, as well as a gaping grille, marked by the Ford logo in the middle, and surrounded by a unique LED light signature. The rear is just as imposing, with the arrival of a large black band on the flap of its bucket, here also embedding the Ford logo, and contrasting with the bright orange hue of this model.

If Ford is developing a new hybrid version of the F-150 , under the hood of this Raptor version we find a 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 , the exact power of which has not yet been revealed (the current version develops 450 horsepower), associated with a 10-speed automatic transmission. And if that was not enough, know that the rumors already announce the subsequent arrival of an F-150 Raptor R , powered by a 6.2-liter V8 exceeding 700 horsepower!

Not marketed in Europe

Pricing for the new Ford F-150 Raptor has yet to be announced. It will be manufactured in the United States at the Ford plant in Dearborn, Michigan, and will only be marketed in North America. If you want to get this monster in Europe, all you have to do is call on a specialized importer …


Ford Mondeo (2022): an electrified crossover for the next generation

Ford Mondeo (2022) an electrified crossover for the next generation

For its next generation, the Ford Mondeo should abandon its classic sedan silhouette, to transform into an electrified crossover.

Originally launched in 1993, the Ford Mondeo is one of the models that contributed to Ford’s success. Nearly thirty years and four generations later, it is now time for the Mondeo to modernize itself, and to offer a more contemporary silhouette to customers eager for SUVs and raised crossovers, in a context where sales of traditional sedans and minivans are at their lowest.

Ford Mondeo (2022): a more muscular crossover silhouette

According to the British magazine, the future Ford Mondeo should adopt the name “Mondeo Evos”, in reference to the Ford Evos concept car of 2011, a coupe with sharp lines. It should be based on Ford’s C2 platform , which also equips the Focus and Kuga, and should offer thermal and plug-in hybrid engines.

These images already offer us a nice overview of the lines of this future Mondeo, with a higher trim, a more imposing grille, as well as a two-stage LED light signature. The stern is marked by the presence of an imposing tailgate, making it possible to offer a more slender silhouette while preserving a generous trunk volume . And even if its interior is not known, unsurprisingly, technology and modernity should be at the rendezvous.


Parisienne 2021: the Matra MS 670 and the sportswomen of Group B break the bank!

Parisienne 2021 the Matra MS 670 and the sportswomen of Group B break the bank

Organized on February 5 in Paris by Artcurial Motorcars, the 2021 Parisian auction was a resounding success with more than 18 million euros raised.

The 2021 Parisian auction , organized on February 5 at the Hotel Dassault in Paris by the house Artcurial Motorcars , has kept all its promises.

It must be said that the field proposed that day brought together some legends of motorsport , including the Matra MS 670 , chassis 001, which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1972 with the Henri Pescarolo / Graham Hill crew on board.

It is moreover the latter which was the star of the sale. It was in fact sold for € 6,907,200 including fees, thus becoming the most expensive Matra ever sold at auction.

The legends of Group B panicked the counters

Another old sports car particularly awaited during this sale, the legendary Group B rally cars also panicked the counters. The 1988 Audi Sport Quattro S1, for example, sold for € 2,016,600, more than twice its estimate and thus won the record for the most expensive rally car in history.

At the same time, the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Evolution 2 has found a new buyer for € 977,440. Here again, a record for a Peugeot 205. Same story for the 1985 Renault 5 Maxi Turbo which sold for € 667,520.

The 1986 Lancia Delta , a rare authentic factory Group B dressed in the legendary Martini livery, for its part greatly exceeded its estimate since it changed hands for € 810,560, while the other Lancia offered for sale , the 037 from 1985, was sold for € 548,320.

For its part, the Ford RS200 Factory from 1986 was sold for € 381,440.

A collection of Aston Martin

But this 2021 edition of La Parisienne also featured several English sports cars , mostly Aston Martins , including a rare 1959 DB4 GT which sold for € 1,358,000. At its side, the extremely rare Short Chassis Volante from 1965, presented in original left-hand drive and in its unique “Autumn gold” color was sold for € 1,158,600.

From the same collection, a DB5 Vantage was sold for € 810,560, while a Bristol 405 Drophead Coupé was sold for € 172,840.

In the end, the 2021 Parisian auction sold for a total of € 18,300,564.

Find in video some of the most beautiful auto parts sold during the Parisienne 2021 by Artcurial Motorcars.

Ford and Google unite for the connected car

ford and google unite for the connected car

Ford and Google announce the signing of a new six-year strategic partnership around the connected car.

Ford has just joined forces with Google to accelerate its “transformation (…) and reinvent the connected vehicle experience “. This new strategic partnership, concluded for a period of six years, will allow the American manufacturer to integrate the Android operating system and Google applications and services on board vehicles of the Ford and Lincoln brands from 2023.

Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play on board Ford and Lincoln vehicles

The vehicles “will be equipped with Google’s voice assistant, Google Maps browser, as well as Google Play, so Ford customers can access their favorite applications in their cars,” said Google Cloud chairman Thomas Kurian .

Despite this association, Ford vehicles will however remain compatible with other systems , including Apple CarPlay or Amazon Alexa.

At the same time, Ford also announced that it has chosen Google Cloud “to take advantage of Google’s global expertise in data management, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.”

In this context, Ford and Google are setting up a new collaboration group, Team Upshift.

“Leveraging the talent and strengths of both companies, Team Upshift will push the boundaries of Ford’s transformation, enable users to have personalized experiences and open up new data-driven perspectives,” the automaker promises in a statement.


Cupra Tavascan: production of the electric coupe SUV confirmed

cupra tavascan production of the electric coupe suv confirmed

The Cupra Tavascan concept presented at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show will be well marketed, according to Wayne Griffiths, the boss of the Cupra brand.

After the Leon , the Ateca and the Formentor , Cupra , Seat’s sports brand , is preparing to welcome a new model to its range: the Tavascan . Presented as a concept car at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Tavascan is a 100% electric coupe SUV , based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform .

According to an interview with Wayne Griffiths, CEO of the Cupra company, in the British magazine TopGear, the Tavascan will be faithful to the concept car presented in 2019: “We are continuing the development of the Tavascan. We have not yet announced exactly where , when and how, but it is our biggest dream that we are trying to achieve: the development of the style continues, and it is absolutely in line with the concept car “.

A 77 kWh battery and 306 electric horsepower

The Cupra Tavascan is powered by two 100% electric motors , placed on the front and rear axles, which transmit a maximum power of 306 horsepower to all four wheels, all powered by a 77 kWh battery located under the floor. The set makes it possible to reach 100 km / h in less than 6.5 seconds. A power level comparable to the Formentor or Ateca signed Cupra , these being however equipped with thermal and plug-in hybrid engines.

If Wayne Griffiths is to be believed, the athletic styling of the Tavascan concept car, which was talked about a lot during its presentation, should be kept on the production model. No release date has yet been officially announced, but Cupra’s first 100% electric vehicle is promising, and should offer a great alternative to the Ford Mustang Mach-E and other Tesla Model Y … To be continued!


Ford: 6 new models running on E85 superethanol in 2021, including two hybrids

Ford 6 new models running on E85 superethanol in 2021, including two hybrids

Ford announces the launch in 2021 of six new models compatible with E85 Superethanol as standard.

Ford is not lacking in ambition for 2021, particularly in the field of electrification. This year, the American manufacturer will launch no less than 18 hybrid or 100% electric vehicles.

The brand will also ride on the success of E85 superethanol, the consumption of which increased by 4% last year in France despite the drop in traffic linked to the various episodes of confinement. Ford is now promising 6 new vehicles running on Superethanol (but also on Unleaded 95 E5 or E10).

City car, compact, SUV and utility use E85 Superethanol

The Fiesta EcoBoost, the Puma EcoBoost, the Focus EcoBoost mHEV, the Kuga FHEV, the Fiesta Van and the Transit Connect will in the coming months be compatible with biofuel, a mixture of ethanol and unleaded 95 gasoline, whose average price per liter is 0.66 €, two times cheaper than the SP95-E10

“When we returned to the market for vehicles originally compatible with E85 superethanol at the start of 2019, the Kuga was an immediate success in France,” said Louis-Carl Vignon, President of Ford France. “We are convinced that this fuel, cheaper and greener, is more in line with the expectations of the French. And now, 2 of our E85 compatible vehicles are also hybrids!”, He added, referring to the Focus and Kuga.

At the beginning of January 2021, some 2,300 stations, or 1 in 4 stations in France, were offering Superethanol-E85.

Historic drop in the auto market in 2020, to its lowest level since 1975!

Historic drop in the auto market in 2020, to its lowest level since 1975

With only 1.65 million registrations, the French automobile market for new passenger cars recorded a historic decline in 2020 and reached its lowest level since 1975!

The sentence fell. Strongly impacted by the Covid-19 crisis and its containment measures , the French automobile market for new passenger cars recorded a historic decline in 2020.

After a final decline of 11.8% in December, registrations indeed collapsed by 25.5% last year to reach their lowest level since 1975 at 1,650,118 units sold according to figures published by the Committee. French automobile manufacturers (CCFA). By comparison, some 2.2 million new cars were put on the road in 2019.

Even “during the crises of the 1990s or 2000s, we never fell below 1.7 million”, CCFA communications director François Roudier told AFP.

With the closure of points of sale and factories during the first confinement, registrations had notably collapsed in the spring: -72.2% in March and -88.8% in April .

Obviously, all manufacturers have been impacted by this historic drop. The French groups PSA and Renault , however, held up slightly better than the market (-25%). Their deliveries were nevertheless cut by 25.1% and 24.9% respectively compared to 2019. PSA registered 530,606 vehicles in 2020 and Renault 412,544.

For their part, foreign manufacturers have seen their registrations fall by an average of 26.1% over one year. First foreign group in volume, Volkswagen (with Audi, Seat, Skoda …) posted a drop of 28.4% (204,731 registrations) while Toyota and Hyundai , driven by the craze for electrified engines, limited the damage at -12.2% and -13.4% over the year (95,640 vehicles for the Japanese and 73,637 for the Korean). BMW (-21.6%, 67,369 units), Nissan (-22.5%, 32,964), Daimler (-32.8%, 54,262), Ford (-30%, 55,219) or Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (- 41.5%, 51,248) fell more heavily.

Sales of electrified cars jump

Despite this general decline in the market, it should be noted that 2020 has particularly benefited electric vehicles which, after having remained for a long time below the 1% market share bar, now represent 6.7% of passenger car registrations. new. This share even rises to 21.5% if we include hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

In 2020, nearly 111,000 new “zero-emission” cars were registered, against around 43,000 in 2019. Hybrid registrations for their part reached 243,600 units, against 125,400 in 2019.

This increase in sales of electrified cars came at the expense of diesel, whose registrations continued to erode to 30.6% (against 34.1% in 2019), but also gasoline, which does not represent more than 46.9% of total registrations, compared to 57.9% in 2019.