Ford Mustang: all-wheel drive on the next generation?

Ford mustang all wheel drive

Like its rival Dodge Challenger, the Ford Mustang musle-car could give way to all-wheel drive.

Will the legendary Ford Mustang switch to all-wheel drive? This is what new information from Ford Authority suggests. Specializing in models at the Blue Oval, the American media interviewed Ford Mustang product manager Jim Owens.

The latter half-confirmed the arrival of a Mustang 4×4 … “As you know, the Challenger is equipped with all-wheel drive. We are always looking for different types of performance, but we have nothing to announce. for the time being”…

Of course, that statement alone doesn’t mean much, but there’s no doubt that Ford is aware of the surge in sales of the Dodge Challenger with the introduction of this four-wheel drive variant. As the best-selling sports car in the world , the Mustang must maintain its leadership, especially in muscle cars. A possible all-wheel drive version of the Ford Mustang would allow the American manufacturer to settle more widely in markets where it would provide increased safety, especially in cold countries with snow-covered or icy roads.

The next Mustang with SUV DNA?

Technically, there are rumors that the next generation Mustang may share some of its DNA with that of the Ford group’s SUV, which will certainly facilitate the all-wheel drive transplant.