Ferrari F40 (1989): a rare blue livery for auction

Ferrari F40 (1989) a rare blue livery for auction

This unique blue-colored Ferrari F40 is currently up for auction, and although it’s not red, collectors are raving about it!

The Ferrari have always been available in many colors and yet, the red is the most popular color because it is the traditional color of the horse racing models prancing, but today is also a rational choice to ensure its resale.

The British owner of this 1989 Ferrari F40 , YouTuber Sam Moores, did not want to follow this trend, and put this blue copy of the F40 up for auction through the house of Bonhams. Its registration, “F40 BLU”, testifies to the uniqueness of the car.

Ferrari F40 (1989): only 26,155 km on the odometer

If the history of the model is to be believed, the 1,311 copies of Ferrari F40s which left the factory at the time, between 1987 and 1992, were all painted in “Rosso Corsa” red. The other colors that you may encounter are therefore the work of their respective owners. This particular F40 has a long history: in 2004 it was exported to Japan, then painted white and modified by Liberty Walk in 2010.

It was then bought back in 2014 by Joe Macari Performance Cars in London and then restored to its original condition. But before being sold to its current owner, it was completely repainted in blue by the Italians from Carrozzeria Zanasi, in Maranello. The chosen color is not part of the Ferrari catalog: it is Aqua Blue Metallic, which was borrowed from the Porsche color chart. The interior combines black with the bright red of the leather of the seats.

The model is in excellent condition and only displays 26,155 km on the odometer . Its 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine produces 478 horsepower , and has been recently serviced. If it was marketed at the time around 200,000 euros, today, its scarcity and the speculation that followed have raised its rating beyond one million euros. At the time of writing, the auction for this blue F40 has already reached 765,000 pounds, the equivalent of around 885,800 euros .


RML Short Wheelbase (2022): in tribute to the Ferrari 250 GT SWB

RML Short Wheelbase (2022) in tribute to the Ferrari 250 GT SWB

The British from RML Group will produce 30 copies of the Short Wheelbase, a superb coupe paying homage to the Ferrari 250 GT SWB.

The RML Short Wheelbase is a tribute to the legendary Ferrari 250 GT SWB , and is based on a Ferrari 550 Maranello chassis, whose suspensions have been modified to get the most out of its performance, with the help of Ohlins passive shock absorbers. Its body is made entirely of carbon fiber , which also allows a substantial weight reduction.

Compared to the 550 Maranello, the front overhang has been reduced, to optimize the distribution of masses towards the center of gravity, thus improving handling. To pursue this goal of perfect mass balance, the battery has been moved from the engine compartment to the boot.

RML Short Wheelbase (2022): a 485 horsepower V12

Under the hood, hides an atmospheric V12 engine with 5.5 liters of displacement, developing the power of 485 horsepower for 570 Nm of torque . The assembly is transmitted to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission. RML already announces a 0 to 96 km / h in 4.1 seconds , for a top speed of around 300 km / h.

The RML Short Wheelbase will be produced in 30 units from the end of this year, with deliveries expected in the first half of 2022 . Price wise, it will take you around 1.3 million pounds sterling, or the equivalent of 1.51 million euros , to offer you this superb replica of the Ferrari 250 GT SWB, the rare original models of which are being traded today. Sell at more than 10 million euros at auction !