Mercedes EQS (2021): first photos aboard the future 100% electric S-Class!

Mercedes EQS (2021) first photos aboard the future 100% electric S-Class

Mercedes unveils the interior of the EQS, a large and luxurious 100% electric sedan which will notably inaugurate a digital dashboard … 141 cm wide!

The veil continues to rise on the Mercedes EQS . A few days after having released “camouflaged” photos of its large and luxurious 100% electric sedan, the German manufacturer today unveils its interior.

A 141 cm wide XXL screen

And as expected, the model, a sort of electric S-Class, dazzles its eyes by notably inaugurating, as an option, a new XXL-sized digital instrument panel called Hyperscreen MBUX , or literally “hyper-screen”. This giant concave screen with haptic feedback measures 141 cm and covers the entire width of the dashboard , from the driver to the front passenger.

EQS heals the senses

Among the other novelties, Mercedes also announces two sound universes , “Silver Waves” and “Vivid Flux”, which can be selected on the central screen but also deactivated. The driver and passengers can thus be greeted acoustically as soon as they approach the vehicle and board it. A corresponding surround sound also accompanies EQS exiting and locking.

Still on the auditory side, the brand also offers new “Energizing Comfort” programs which offer soothing sounds called “forest glade”, “whisper of the ocean” and “summer rain”.

The olfactory perception has not been forgotten either with the presence of a large HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter which is able to remove not only fine dust and pollen from the outside air, but also dioxide sulfur and nitrogen oxides.

Confused, Mercedes also promises that the EQS will be equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and a large head-up display corresponding to a 77-inch screen . Finally, the firm claims for its sedan an aerodynamic efficiency coefficient (Cx) of 0.20 .

480 hp and 700 km of range for the EQS?

The technical sheet, it still remains a mystery. The EQS should, however, develop a power of around 480 hp and 760 Nm of torque , which could allow it to swallow the 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds. It should also have a 100 kWh battery that will guarantee it a range of 700 kilometers .

Presentation in April, launch in August

The first model to be based on the modular Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA) for luxury electric vehicles, the Mercedes EQS will be produced at the “Factory 56” site of the Sindelfingen plant in Germany. It will be presented in April and launched in Europe in August .


Official: Ford stops the Mondeo!

Official Ford stops the Mondeo

End of career for the Ford Mondeo. Launched in 1993 in Europe and since sold nearly 5 million units, the sedan will cease production in March 2022.

The sentence fell. On borrowed time for several years, the Mondeo is about to bow out . Ford has indeed decided to put an end to the production of its sedan. The American manufacturer will lower the curtain in a year, at the end of March 2022 .

Priority to SUVs …

In difficulty in recent years in Europe and launched in a large and heavy reorganization, the Dearborn firm will abandon the sedan segment , which is currently not very buoyant on the Old Continent, to turn to other more profitable sectors, and in particular that of SUV .

“In 2020, 39% of Ford’s passenger car sales were SUVs and crossovers, eight points more than in 2019,” said the manufacturer to explain its decision.

… and electrification

The focus will also be on electrification with an investment of at least $ 22 billion (around € 18.6 billion) globally. Thus, by mid-2026, 100% of the range of passenger vehicles will be available in a 100% electric or plug-in hybrid version, then 100% will be electric by 2030 .

Five million Mondeo sold since 1993

Launched in 1993 in Europe, where it replaced the Sierra, which won the European car of the year trophy in 1994, the Mondeo has survived the ages over four generations. Available as a SW station wagon, sporty ST versions and even a hybrid, the sedan has sold around five million units to date.

The Galaxy and S-Max continue their hybrid route

The large Galaxy and S-Max minivans , which were also in the hot seat , “will continue to be produced, with full hybrid versions recently unveiled ,” Ford concludes.


Porsche Taycan: a designer imagines a Cross Pickup version

Porsche Taycan a designer imagines a Cross Pickup version

Even if such a variation of the 100% electric sedan from Porsche is not the order of the day, a car designer has imagined a Porsche Taycan Cross Pickup.

The German automaker is famous for its sports cars like the Porsche 911 , and nobody expected it in other segments until 2002, when Porsche introduced its first SUV with the Cayenne.

Since then, many models have emerged in its range, and today, Porsche does not want to miss the all-electric turn with the launch of the Porsche Taycan , already available with an adventurer version called Cross Turismo.

Porsche Taycan: several new silhouettes to come?

Stefan Weckbach, product manager at Porsche, recently hinted that the Stuttgart firm was not closed to the idea of ​​marketing other versions of its Porsche Taycan , such as a coupe or a convertible. In fact, the Taycan’s J1 EV platform is capable of accommodating different types of bodywork.

The designer Superrenderscars has therefore imagined a crossover pick-up version of the Porsche Taycan, with an illustration mainly based on the Taycan Cross Turismo: the front is indeed identical, while we guess at the rear the presence of a loading dumpster .

Even if it is unlikely that such a variation will see the light of day in the range of the German manufacturer, a Taycan Turbo S pickup of 761 horsepower could offer an interesting alternative to the future Tesla Cybertruck !


Tesla: what is the Autopilot worth in town? (video)

Tesla what is the Autopilot worth in town (video)

How will the autonomous driving system handle the complex intersections of a crowded downtown?

Autopilot is the nickname of the autonomous driving system developed by Tesla . In France, the option (at 7,500 €) is called ” fully autonomous driving capacity “. A name a little less catchy, but which still evokes the possibility of leaving the hand to the electric car for most journeys.

Today, we are still quite far from it. The Autopilot is limited to the motorway and major roads , and focuses on the management of the Lane Keeping, exceeded, and automatic motorway exit. It can also recognize a number of objects, including red lights and stop signs, but also pedestrians, cyclists, etc.

The complete Autopilot, Elon Musk’s promise

But of course, that’s not enough for Elon Musk . The whimsical boss, who recently proclaimed himself ” Technoking ” in the United States, has been announcing for several years the arrival of fully autonomous Tesla , from point of departure to point of arrival. The next step in this journey is autonomous driving in the city . An impressive project, with so many variables and unpredictable elements to take into account.

But Tesla promises it, Autopilot in town is coming soon. It is also possible for Americans who wish to test this functionality in “Beta” mode , on the open road. This is what AI Addict, a small Youtube channel that runs in a Tesla Model 3, did .

Autopiltot: trapped by the city

In the channel’s latest video , the Tesla is launched in Autopilot mode right in downtown Oakland, California. Tricky intersections, double-lane cars, cyclists, there is something for everyone. And we have to admit that the Autopilot is in trouble: rare are the times when it can enter an intersection without giving back the driver’s hand, or worse, without committing an offense or putting its occupants in danger . The Tesla Model 3, for example, is deported to the opposite lane, passes too close to certain cars, or does not recognize that a road is closed by a fence.

Enough to make driving much more stressful than it would have been without the system … Elon Musk and his engineers therefore have their work cut out for them . It is also curious that this test program is open to the public, as the system seems far from ready for commercialization. For now, Autopilot’s Beta feature is only available in the United States , although Musk wants to roll it out in Canada and Norway soon.


New all-electric BMW i4: what we already know

New all-electric BMW i4 what we already know

The German firm BMW should present its future sedan to us very soon. Focus on what we already know about this promising i4 from the propeller brand.

A little over a year ago, BMW presented the i4 concept, a 4-door Gran Coupé with a 100% electric drive . According to the latest information, the reveal date of the vehicle should take place this Wednesday, March 17 . Here is what we already know about this future German sedan!

A design that reminds us of the 4 Series

In the photos, the resemblances to the Series 4 I (2015-2020) are obvious. Whether in terms of the front lights , the radiator grille and even the tapered tail lights , the two cars of the Bavarian manufacturer have a lot of stylistic and visual commonalities. The only obvious point of differentiation is the absence of rear exhaust pipes, which give way to a double divided diffuser.

A 100% electric sedan combining comfort and dynamism

According to the manufacturer, the idea behind this i4 is to offer a very versatile sedan , with ” precise handling, dynamic handling in curves, balanced comfort and excellent finish .”

“The model-specific damping technology reduces the movement of the chassis at the start, while the wheel slip limitation (ARB), developed by BMW, with its extremely fast and precise regulation, guarantees optimum traction at all times. and perfect straight-line stability – even on slippery roads, “says BMW in particular.

“The BMW i4 gives the feeling of being light and agile, but also stable on its downforce and sure of itself”. “With its great precision and cornering stability, it literally seems glued to the road.”

Several engine levels considered

BMW should offer several levels of engines and batteries. A high-performance variant with an output of 530 hp and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in about 4 seconds. The company also confirmed that the model will have a battery of around 80 kWh allowing the car to travel around 600 km with the WLTP cycle. With fast charging capability of up to 150kW, homeowners will be able to achieve an 80% charge in about 35 minutes . Even a six-minute charge should be enough to get you up to a range of around 100 km.

Additional versions are expected and rumors suggest that there will be an input i4 range of 284 hp and finally a latest intermediate 335 hp .

The BMW i4 is due to be assembled in Munich, Germany later this year. Its presentation is scheduled for March 17.


Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo (2021): here are the first official images

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo (2021) here are the first official images

Porsche has just unveiled the first images of the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, in photos and video, currently undergoing road tests before its official presentation expected this year

Announced in 2018 by the Mission E Cross Turismo concept , the production version of the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is almost ready. The arrival of this model which will complete the range of the Porsche Taycan was no secret, since the development of this one continues on the road, and that it has already been seen several times in the Weissach region, not far from the Porsche Research & Development center.

Today, Porsche unveils some first official images of its future barely camouflaged model, which it already classifies as a “CUV” (Cross Utility Vehicle) and which should be officially presented in the coming weeks. The 100% electric sedan from Porsche is transformed into a raised hunting station wagon , a rational silhouette that will appeal to a wider clientele, with more welcoming space on board and a boot.

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo (2021): a 100% electric hunting station wagon

“With the Taycan Cross Turismo, we wanted to offer a little more space, a little more flexibility and versatility. We have developed a whole new roof line, equipped with roof rails, a more generous second row of seats and a larger trunk, enough to make a car perfect for an active lifestyle, and which is suitable for both a urban and country environment. ”

In detail, the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo will have a raised ground clearance, as well as a specific suspension allowing to offer a driving mode “CUV” dedicated to the off-road .

No additional information has yet been released, but the future Cross Turismo version should use the same catalog as the Porsche Taycan sedan, with its Taycan, 4S, Turbo and Turbo S versions, and will be produced in Zuffenhausen, near Stuttgart in Germany … To be continued!


Audi e-Tron GT (2021): Behind the Scenes of Anti-Tesla Model S Production

Audi e -Tron GT (2021) Behind the Scenes of Anti Tesla Model S Production

The announced rival of the Tesla Model S, the e-Tron GT has been assembled since December 2020 at the Audi plant in Böllinger Höfe, Germany. Take a video look behind the scenes of his production …

Only a few more days to wait. On 9 February, at 19h15 French time that Audi to unveil to the world the e-Tron GT , its new 100% electric sports sedan , rival announced the Tesla Model S .

Welcome to Audi Sport!

To make us wait until then, the German manufacturer invites us today to discover the behind the scenes of the production of this e-Tron GT. Because if the model has not yet been presented, it has already been assembled since December 2020 at the Audi Sport plant in Böllinger Höfe , Germany.

Carbon neutral production

It is here, at the Neckarsulm site, next to the R8 , that the zero-emission 4-door coupe comes to life. Its production is completely carbon neutral thanks in particular to eco-electricity and heat from regenerative sources.

The Böllinger Höfe plant was specially enlarged, modernized and retooled in 2019 to accommodate the vehicle on its assembly lines. A brief tour of the owner in video , accompanied by Luca dI Grassi , Audi driver in Formula E.

Audi e-tron GT (2021): Tesla Model S killer is coming February 9!

Audi e-tron GT (2021) Tesla Model S killer is coming February 9

Audi announces the arrival of the e-tron GT, its new 100% electric sports sedan. To discover this rival of the Tesla Model S, appointment is given on February 9.

Expected for months, the Audi e-tron GT is finally here! The German manufacturer has just announced on social networks the presentation of its new model for February 9.

590 hp and 400 km of autonomy?

The e-tron GT will be a 100% electric sports sedan. If the brand with the four rings still does not reveal any details about its engine, the car, which will take the J1 platform from the Porsche Taycan , was announced in 2018 by a 4.96 m long concept car, including the two engines provided a power of 590 hp. All-wheel drive was also on the program, as was a 90 kWh battery which guaranteed around 400 km of range.

A sporty RS version of 700 hp

One thing is certain, the e-tron GT will soon be available in a muscular RS version which will be the first “zero emission” mass-produced vehicle developed by Audi Sport. This variation could develop up to 700 hp! The Audi e-tron GT is already heralded as the great rival of the Tesla Model S .

The e-tron GT is already assembled alongside the R8 at the Audi plant in Böllinger Höfe, Germany. Orders are expected to open in the spring.

Tesla Model S restyled (2021): interior revolution!

Tesla Model S restyled (2021) interior revolution

Tesla refreshes its Model S. If the changes are minimal on the outside, it is a real revolution that is taking place inside the 100% electric sedan.

Surprise side in Tesla : the American manufacturer has unveiled the restyled version of its Model S . If this is not necessarily obvious at the sight of the first exterior shots, on which we can just see a few minor touch-ups on the shields in particular, it is quite different once on board. It’s simple, the electric sedan is making its interior revolution.

A steering wheel … cut in half!

In the passenger compartment, what marks the start is the appearance of a brand new steering wheel. This one is surprising to say the least since it is … cut in half, which gives a sporty aspect to the whole.

We also note the arrival of a new central screen, still XXL with its 17-inch diagonal, but now in landscape format and no longer in portrait mode. With a resolution of 2.200×1.300, it can be adjusted on a left / right axis for greater comfort.

A second 12.3-inch screen, located behind the steering wheel, acts as an instrument cluster.

For the rest, Tesla has poured into minimalism with a sleek dashboard and ventilation made invisible.

Maximum comfort in the back

At the rear, the bench can accommodate three occupants and the Californian firm promises additional legroom and height, as well as a retractable armrest incorporating storage space and an induction charging system. Best of all, passengers can now enjoy an 8-inch screen located at the bottom of the two front seats.

A 22-speaker (960-watt) audio system with active noise reduction and premium connectivity (Bluetooth for multiple devices, wireless fast charging and USB-C for each passenger) complete the package.

On the practical side, there are front and rear boxes for a loading capacity of 793 liters, as well as folding flat seats.

More than 1,100 hp and 840 km of autonomy!

Under the hoods, you have the choice between two (Dual Motor) or three electric motors. In the first case, we choose the “Large Autonomy” version with the menu a power of 670 hp and a weight of 2.069 kg for a 0 to 100 km / h shipped in 3.2 seconds, a top speed of 250 km / h and a range of 663 km according to US data.

By opting for three zero emission blocks, the “Plaid” version is available to us. This promises a power of 1,020 hp and a weight of 2,162 kg for a 0 to 100 km / h in 2.1 seconds, a top speed of 322 km / h and a range of 628 km.

And if that were not enough, the new Plaid + version offers more than 1,100 horsepower, a 0 to 100 km / h under 2.1 seconds, a peak of 320 km / h and more than 840 km of autonomy!

From 89.990 to 139.990 €

On the price side, count € 89,990 for the Model S Grande Autonomie, € 119,990 for the Model S Plaid and € 139,990 for the Model S Plaid +.

At these rates, 19-inch alloy wheels, tri-zone air conditioning, ventilated front seats, tinted glass roof and electric tailgate are notably standard.

The first deliveries are scheduled for September 2021. The Plaid + version will arrive at the end of the year.

Porsche Taycan (2020): a “track record” in the USA

Porsche Taycan (2020) a track record in the USA

The Porsche Taycan Turbo S set a benchmark time on the Road Atlanta circuit in the United States.

The Road Atlanta circuit, located in Georgia in the United States, is only a stone’s throw from Porsche’s American headquarters in Atlanta. The German manufacturer has taken advantage of this proximity to achieve various lap times on the track in recent years, notably breaking the production car record with the latest 911 GT2 RS. Continuing this momentum, he took his Taycan electric sedan there on November 3.

At the wheel of a Turbo S version, driver Leh Keen completed a lap in 1’33’88, at the same time establishing a reference time for electric cars, in the absence of a record since it is the only model “zero emission” whose stopwatch on this track is public. Discover his performance in video!

A few seconds away from super-sports

The Taycan Turbo draws 625hp from its two electric motors, or even temporarily 761hp thanks to a “boost”. It has all-wheel drive and the engine installed on its rear axle benefits from a two-speed gearbox. Rear steering wheels and optional active anti-roll system were part of the equipment of the used car. In addition to its height differences, the Road Atlanta circuit is winding and therefore requires responsiveness and agility, which makes the performance of the German all the more remarkable as it weighs a little more than 2.3 tonnes empty.

According to Fastest Laps , the time of the Porsche Taycan Turbo S places it around 8s in front of a Porsche Cayman GTS (type 981) and around 4s behind a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C7). The ball is now in the court of other electric vehicle manufacturers if they are to do better than the Stuttgart sedan.