Renault Taliant (2021): the new small saloon with a diamond trunk

Renault Taliant (2021) the new small saloon with a diamond trunk

Renault has unveiled the Taliant, a new small notchback sedan … which will never be offered in France since it is intended for so-called “emerging” markets.

Box sedans are not dead! If in France this type of bodywork is no longer really popular, elsewhere it still manages to attract customers. This is particularly the case in so-called “emerging” markets.

Renault therefore logically exploits the vein and unveils the Taliant in Turkey. The latter replaces the Symbol , a sort of Dacia Logan notchback decked out with the diamond that was until now sold in some international markets.

A real personality

And little surprise, unlike the Symbol, this new Taliant is not content to be a simple rebadged Logan . She has her own personality.

Based on the CMF-B platform already used for the new Logan (and the Clio V in particular), the Taliant sports specific taillights and displays the look of the latest Renault models, notably with a “C” shaped light signature.

What about the interior and the engines?

The interior has not yet been revealed to him but should however be modeled on that of the Sandero and Logan 3. We also do not know what will be the engines that will animate the beast but it is still a safe bet that the diamond mark will rely, among other things, on its 3-cylinder 1.0 TCe petrol.

The Taliant will never see France

The Renault Taliant is due to be marketed in Turkey in mid-2021 . It will then be launched on other markets, notably in Asia and Latin America, but will never arrive in France .


Dacia Spring (2021): pre-orders open this weekend!

Dacia Spring (2021) pre-orders open this weekend

Dacia will launch its communication campaign around the electric Spring and open pre-orders on the occasion of the arrival of spring.

“Spring is coming”: spring is coming, in French, this is the theme of the communication that Dacia is doing around its first 100% electric car , the Spring. The low-cost manufacturer of the Renault group will open the order books for the cheapest electric vehicle on the market on Saturday, March 20, on the occasion of the transition from winter to spring.

On this date, you can therefore book your Spring on the manufacturer’s online site. And judging by the success of the latest Sandero , which caused lengthy delivery times , pre-ordering the Spring might be the way to get it as quickly as possible .

The Dacia Spring on the test!

Invoiced less than € 12,500 bonus deducted, the Spring promises electric power at the price of gasoline.


New Dacia Sandero (2021): what are the delivery times?

New Dacia Sandero (2021) what are the delivery times

Launched a few weeks ago, the new Dacia Sandero has been a real success in dealerships. The other side of the coin: delivery times are getting longer …

Arrived in December in dealership , the new and third generation of Dacia Sandero has already marked the spirits . The versatile city car from the Renault group has indeed risen directly to second place among the best-selling new passenger cars in France in January 2021.

With 7,249 registrations registered , it comes just behind the Peugeot 208 II and its 7,915 units sold but is ahead of the Renault Clio V which has attracted 6,323 new buyers.

The Romanian can even claim the title of the best-selling car in France at the beginning of the year if we count the 1,636 registrations of the previous generation Sandero, still offered for sale.

What price for the new Dacia Sandero?

A success that the car owes to its assertive and modernized design (sharp lines, unique light signature …), to its enhanced interior (dashboard strip covered with fabric), to its enhanced equipment (automatic lighting of the lights and speed limiter as standard …)

But also and above all at its price, still contained and fixed at 8,690 € with the SCe 65 engine (BVM5) and the entry-level finish “Access” (or 12,590 € for the Sandero Stepway in ECO-G 100 BVM6 Essential version). It’s only € 400 more than the old Sandero.

How long does it take to get my new Sandero?

Suffice to say that at the moment, Dacia salespeople are busy filling their order books, especially for the Stepway adventurer version, which is particularly popular with customers.

A real box that exceeds the most optimistic forecasts of the manufacturer. So much so that the models are starting to “run out”. Faced with such demand, stocks are gradually melting and delivery times are lengthening .

Thus, any customer who would fill out an order form today would have to wait several months before being handed the keys to their brand new Sandero, regardless of the model chosen. Currently, delivery times would be four months. For any new order, no delivery would therefore be scheduled before June .


Dacia Bigster: what price for the future big brother of the Duster?

Dacia Bigster what price for the future big brother of the Duster

Recently announced through the Bigster concept, how much will Dacia’s future large SUV cost, expected in the coming years?

On January 14, during the presentation of its Renaulution plan supposed to give it new impetus, the Renault group surprised its world by unveiling the Bigster , an SUV concept which announces at Dacia the future big brother of the Duster .

A vehicle all the more surprising as it seems at first glance somewhat removed from the “low-cost” spirit of the Romanian manufacturer.

Robust, spacious and … electrified?

With its 4.60 m long , its robust appearance (substantial ground clearance, large wheels, massive front face, marked bonnet, widened fenders …), its new “high tech” “Y” light signature and its spaciousness generous interior, the Bigster promises to be a more upscale model than previous Dacia creations. Especially if, thanks to the modular platform CMF-B of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, it is available in an electrified version (E-Tech hybrid of 140 hp as on the last Clio?).

The “Bigster Concept embodies the evolution of the Dacia brand to greater heights”, seems to confirm the brand in a press release.

The Bigster “at the price of a lower segment vehicle”

However, of rising prices, it will obviously not be question with this Bigster because the Renault group quickly announced that the vehicle will make “the segment C accessible”. It will indeed be offered ” at the price of a lower segment vehicle “, says the firm.

What will be the price range of the machine? Difficult to say at the moment since the production model is not expected before 2025.

Under 20,000 €

However, the entry price of the Dacia Bigster should be between € 15,000 and € 20,000, with the Duster currently being charged from € 12,490. On the other hand, the electrified versions would be much more expensive since they could flirt with the 30,000 € mark, or even exceed it, which would in any case remain much more affordable than the equivalent models of the competition …


Electric motors: the Stellantis plant in Trémery in full transition

Electric motors the Stellantis plant in Trémery in full transition

The largest diesel engine plant in the world, the Stellantis plant in Trémery, in Moselle (57), is in full transition and has been producing 100% electric engines for a year.

Inaugurated in 1979, the Stellantis plant in Trémery (PSA Powertrain before the merger of the French group with FCA) near Metz, in Moselle (57), is a production site for the engines of the Stellantis group. Since its creation, more than 50 million heat engines have been produced there: the 3-cylinder “EB” petrol units (alias 1.2 PureTech) are notably manufactured there, but also the 4-cylinder Diesel “DV5” and “DW” (1.5 and 2.0 HDi), allowing it to be the largest diesel engine plant in the world .

But since the end of 2019, something new has changed the daily life of this factory: it is now responsible for producing a new electric motor called e-GMP , a unit that equips the 100% electric models of the Group’s brands, such as the Peugeot e-208. for example, and which represented less than 10% of the site’s production in 2020.

Electric motor production: 2021, a pivotal year

But 2021 is about to become a pivotal year for this production of “made in France” electric motors: around 180,000 units should roll off the Trémery lines this year, reaching a rate of 900,000 units per year by 2025. Indeed , vehicle electrification is accelerating , leading to the gradual disappearance of diesel engines.

And even if the uncertainties about the success of these new 100% electric vehicles persist, against a backdrop of an unprecedented health crisis, the newly created Stellantis group has promised not to close any factories. Enough to protect the employment of the 3,000 employees of Trémery.

Diesel gives way to electric

And the vehicles of the Stellantis group are far from being an isolated case: indeed, this year, around twenty models will be offered without a Diesel engine, whether at Volkswagen, Renault, Dacia, Nissan or Honda, according to the institute. IHS Markit, for whom 2021 marks “an unprecedented turn”.

At Renault , we are already planning a total disappearance of Diesel by 2025 for passenger cars, and the diamond has also started a similar energy transition at its engine plant in Cléon, in Seine-Maritime.

Last September in Europe, registrations of electrified cars exceeded those of Diesel for the first time, according to JATO. But they represent only 8% of total vehicle sales, their price still being prohibitive while the recharging infrastructure is not yet sufficiently developed.

New Dacia Sandero (2021): already a real hit!

New Dacia Sandero (2021) already a real hit

Recently arrived in dealerships, the new Dacia Sandero is already a real success. In January 2021, the Romanian city car is the second best-selling new passenger car in France!

At Dacia , the Sandero confirms its status as a bestseller. The brand’s best-selling model with more than 2.1 million units sold since its launch in 2008, the versatile city car, which until now was the preferred vehicle for individuals, has just risen to second place among passenger cars new products the most sold in France at the start of 2021, all channels combined, thus also counting sales to rental companies and company fleets.

The Dacia Sandero 3 debunks the Renault Clio V

In January, the new and third generation of Sandero, freshly arrived in dealerships, sold 7,249 copies, which places it just behind the Peugeot 208 II (7,915 units) but ahead of one of the queens of the market, the Renault Clio V (7,249 registrations).

If we add to this the 1,636 sales of the second Sandero of the name, the Romanian can even claim the title of the best-selling car in France!

Increased services and an unbeatable price

A success that the car owes to its assertive and modernized design, to its enhanced interior, to its enriched equipment but also and above all to its price, which is always contained.

On the French market, the Sandero III is indeed displayed from 8,690 €, it is only 400 € more than the previous model. Its Stepway backpacker version starts at € 12,590. What actually to crack more than one …

The Top 10 new car sales in France in January 2021

Discover immediately the Top 10 new passenger cars the most sold in France in January 2021. In addition to the arrival in second place in this ranking of the new Sandero, let us also note the surge of Peugeot SUVs , the 2008 and 3008 , respectively 4th and 5th in the Top 10, as well as the downfall of the Renault Zoé , which dropped from 9th place at the end of 2020 to 31st position at the end of January 2021 (1,013 registrations).

  • 1 – Peugeot 208 II: 7,915 registrations (6.3% market share)
  • 2 – Dacia Sandero III: 7,249 registrations (5.7%)
  • 3 – Renault Clio V: 6,323 registrations (5%)
  • 4 – Peugeot 2008 II: 6,003 registrations (4.8%)
  • 5 – Peugeot 3008 II: 4,879 registrations (3.9%)
  • 6 – Citroën C3 III: 4,869 registrations (3.9%)
  • 7 – Renault Captur II: 4,412 registrations (3.5%)
  • 8 – Toyota Yaris: 3,842 registrations (3%)
  • 9 – Peugeot 308 II: 2,470 registrations (2%)
  • 10 – Renault Twingo III: 2,443 registrations (1.9%)

The Renault Duster (2020) is being renewed … in Russia!

The Renault Duster (2020) is being renewed in Russia

The Duster is evolving aesthetically today … on the Russian market. Badged Renault and not Dacia, the SUV notably adopts a more assertive and adventurous look than ever.

The Duster gets a makeover! Please note, this is not the Dacia model offered in France but the Russian version with the Renault badge .

In the country of Vladimir Putin, the SUV adopts an ever more assertive look thanks to a new grille and new LED daytime running lights. Its new, more inclined windshield also gives it a more dynamic appearance, while its high beltline further reinforces its robustness.

A more adventurous version

Compared to “our” Dacia Duster, one notices especially its wide arches of wheel underlined by wideners and its large black side guards. The new Renault Duster thus appears more adventurous, more adventurous than its French cousin.

The exterior range of the new Slavic Duster is completed with a new metallic Atacama Orange color. The diamond firm, however, has revealed nothing about the interior design and the motorization offer.

Over 440,000 Duster sold in Russia since 2012

Launched eight years ago in Russia, the Renault badged Duster has since sold more than 440,000 copies. At home, the Dacia Duster was launched in 2010 and was renewed in 2017 with a new and second generation.