Toyota: a hydrogen racing engine in a Corolla!

Toyota a hydrogen racing engine in a Corolla

Toyota fitted a racing Corolla with a GR Yaris engine modified to run on hydrogen.

After helping to democratize the hybrid in the early 2000s, Toyota has been working for a few years to do the same with hydrogen . One thinks in particular of the large Mirai sedan , of which the second generation was recently launched. This car uses hydrogen in a fuel cell : hydrogen is converted into electricity, which powers an electric motor. In short, an alternative to the battery car .

But this technology is not the only way to use hydrogen in the automobile. Highly flammable, this gas can also be used as a replacement for gasoline or diesel in a conventional internal combustion engine. Certainly, some adjustments are necessary, and the energy efficiency is lower than that of conventional oil, but the game can be worth the candle: the whole thing only releases water vapor, and no CO2 , while maintaining the characteristics. a thermal engine that enthusiasts will appreciate.

The GR Yaris engine in a racing Corolla

Toyota therefore decided to explore this technology, in the always demanding context of motorsport. To do this, a small 3-cylinder turbo Toyota GR Yaris engine was converted to hydrogen, and installed under the hood of a racing Corolla . This car will be entered in an endurance race in Japan at the end of May. A real test for technology, with hydrogen refueling scheduled during the event.

Toyota is not, however, the first manufacturer to attempt the hydrogen adventure in racing: in 2013, a hydrogen-powered Aston Martin Rapide took part in the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring.


Toyota GR Corolla (2021): a sporty version on the way

Toyota GR Corolla (2021) a sporty version on the way

According to rumors, the range of the compact Toyota Corolla will soon be supplemented by a sports version GR supercharged.

Toyota has in its range a family of sporty models bearing the “GR” badge (the initials of Gazoo Racing ): we find the GR Supra coupe and the sporty city car GR Yaris, which will soon be joined by the new Toyota GR 86. , replacing the GT86. According to rumors relayed by the Japanese site Carsensor , the compact Toyota Corolla could also benefit from a sportier version, called GR Corolla .

Toyota GR Corolla (2021): 300 horsepower under the hood

If the Japanese manufacturer has already done strong with its GR Yaris and its turbocharged three-cylinder developing 261 horsepower, the future Toyota GR Corolla would go even further and would push this mechanism up to the power of 300 horsepower , transmitted to the four-wheel drive by the ‘intermediary of a six-speed manual transmission.

Although this GR badged Corolla is more powerful than its little sister, its performance will be less, the model being less light and less extreme than the GR Yaris . Exit the elements in aluminum and CFRP (plastic reinforced with carbon fibers) therefore, but this would allow the GR Corolla to be more accessible from a budgetary point of view. Indeed, Carsensor estimates that it should be sold between 3.5 and 4 million yen, the equivalent of 26,700 to 30,500 euros .

If a five-door sedan silhouette should be preferred, the Japanese website also specifies that a wagon version should also be present . In addition to its three-cylinder petrol, a powerful hybrid engine should appear later under the hood of the GR Corolla.

Toyota has not officially confirmed all this information, which therefore remains to be taken with a grain of salt …