Toyota GR Supra (2021): a body kit from Wald

Toyota GR Supra (2021) a body kit from Wald

Japanese tuner Wald International has taken on the new Toyota GR Supra with an aggressive Formula 1-inspired body kit.

To distinguish it from the wiser BMW Z4 from which it borrows many elements, the new fifth-generation Toyota GR Supra has a specific design, with muscular and assertive lines.

But if the style of the new Toyota coupe was not aggressive enough for your tastes.

The Japanese tuner Wald International has come up with something to say loud and clear that your Supra is not just a “vulgar rebadged Z4”.

Toyota GR Supra (2021): a kit inspired by Formula 1

According to the Wald website, this “Sports Line Wide Version” body kit gives the Supra a “Formula 1 appearance.” The most striking feature is the front bumper.

The standard GR Supra’s nose inspired the design to make it more prominent and aggressive. A wide mouth and large air intakes complete the set, along with a black blade at its bottom.

At the rear, we find fender extensions, a new black diffuser with a distinctive quadruple tailpipe, as well as an imposing double spoiler, bringing an actual race car look to the Supra.

New matching sill extensions for sidewalls and several more aggressive rim models are also available.

Wald offers a “Sports Line” option for Supra enthusiasts who don’t want to go all “Fast and Furious” with this kit. It includes front, rear, and side spoilers, as well as a more discrete spoiler.

Legend Turbo3: a crazy restomod of the Renault R5 Turbo!

Legend Turbo3 a crazy restomod of the Renault R5 Turbo

What if the R5 Turbo came out today? This is what this American workshop imagines, which will produce a modern version: the Turbo3.

The restomod , these projects of complete modernization of an iconic model, are very fashionable in recent years. From the famous Porsche 911 by Singer to a revamped Lancia 037 , there is something for everyone. There remains the one who is one of the greatest French icons: the Renault 5 Turbo . With its bodybuilt build , its turbo engine at the rear, and its rally track record, the R5 Turbo has secured a cult following since the 1980s . Logical, therefore, that someone decides to modernize it in their own way!

The workshop in question is Légende Automobiles . A brand new brand, founded by a group of French enthusiasts based in Los Angeles. Their project is simple: to build an R5 Turbo without the compromises of the Régie at the time, and with modern materials and techniques . But rather than modifying one of the rare real Renault 5 Turbo, the team of Frenchies prefers to recover a normal Renault 5 of the first generation. Then, a carbon body is grafted to the whole, with a completely redesigned interior, but inspired by the original Turbo.

Faithful silhouette, redesigned details

The look is overall faithful to the original, with its huge fenders , rear spoiler, and more aggressive front end . But when you get closer, you notice (many) new details. The headlights are now LED, aerodynamic details have sprung up everywhere, the mirrors are very elaborate… No doubt: this is not a “normal” R5 Turbo!

Légende Automobiles does not specify who will be hiding behind the front seats. But there is no question of retrofitting with an electric motor , and the manual gearbox is retained. We can imagine a four cylinder Renault , to stay in the theme. And why not the block that equips the current Mégane RS, strong of 300 hp ? With revised management and possibly a larger turbo, it could approach 400 hp… Enough to provide performance in line with the unique look of this modern R5 Turbo3.

The Turbo3 will go into production well, and in a series that should not be limited. The price, on the other hand, could be quite salty!

And if you prefer even more modern sensations, good news: in a few years, Alpine should release an edgy version of the future electric Renault 5 .


Koenigsegg Jesko: production of the Swedish hypercar begins

Koenigsegg Jesko production of the Swedish hypercar begins

Koenigsegg begins production of the Jesko, and unveils the first images of the pre-production version of his new hypercar, which is adorned with an orange tint.

After a presentation at the Geneva Motor Show 2019, production of the Koenigsegg Jesko has just started. In total, 125 units of the Swedish hypercar will be produced, at a rate of 40 to 50 units per year, while the first deliveries are expected in spring 2022 .

On this occasion, Koenigsegg presented in images a pre-production version, with a “Tang Orange Pearl” colorway that did not go unnoticed: a tribute to the 2004 Koenigsegg CCR, a roadster also presented at the time at the Paris Motor Show. Geneva in a similar shade.

Koenigsegg Jesko: up to 1600 hp

With the Jesko, Koenigsegg continues his quest for extreme performance, with a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 under its hood , developing a power of 1,280 horsepower and 1,000 Nm of torque if you feed it unleaded, and up to 1,600 horsepower and 1,500 Nm of torque thanks to the use of E85 biofuel.

The set is sent to the rear wheels via a nine-speed LST ( Koenigsegg Light Speed ​​Transmission ) automatic transmission, which the Swedish firm claims is the fastest gearbox ever produced. The set allows to swallow the 0 to 100 km / h in 2.6 seconds , for a maximum speed of 480 km / h. Figures that place it in front of a few rare exclusive models, such as the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, SSC Tuatara and other Hennessey Venom F5s.

Price level, the Koenigsegg Jesko is offered at a price of around 2.5 million euros excluding taxes … But unfortunately for you, all copies have already been reserved!


Toyota GR 86: it already goes through the tuning box!

Toyota GR 86 it already goes through the tuning box

The new Toyota GR 86, unveiled very recently, already receives the TOM’s Racing label with spare parts and body kits to improve its look… And certainly its performance!

Barely unveiled last April , the new Toyota GR 86 has already been modified, this time by the Japanese teams from TOM’s Racing.

It was during the Fuji 86 Style event in Japan that the Japanese preparer – specialist in the Toyota and Lexus brand – unveiled his complete car. Code name: TOM’s GR86 Concept .

Careful preparation for the GR 86

For starters, the TOM’s GR86 is painted bright orange , a color that is not available on the standard GR 86.

Then there is the body kit. This prepared GR86 is clearly a steroid version of the production model.

The car has an extended front spoiler to increase aerodynamics and side skirts which reinforce the aggressive design of the GR86. The biggest change on the GR86 prepared by TOM’s Racing is visible at the rear: the rear bumper has a black coating, fins still in a concern of aerodynamic downforce, and a modified exhaust to 4 outputs mounted in 2 × 2.

Regarding its handling on the ground, the TOM’s GR86 has new TOM’s Cross Speed ??wheels, much wider, instead of the original wheels. Behind these hides a large modified brake kit. Enough to offer increased braking power.

Without clarification at this time, we don’t know if any changes have been made under the hood. But since the car has big brakes, bigger wheels, and a new exhaust system, there are likely a few tweaks that add more power.

A four cylinder that sings!

As a reminder, under the hood the naturally aspirated 2.4 L flat four-cylinder with direct and indirect double injection of the GR 86 offers nearly 235 horsepower of maximum power for 250 Nm of torque. Compared to the previous generation, this represents a gain of 35 horsepower and 45 Nm.

The assembly is sent to the rear wheels only via a six-speed manual transmission, or an optional six-speed automatic. The Japanese coupe completes the 0 to 100 km / h in 6.3 seconds , against 7.4 seconds for the GT86 .


Bugatti Chiron (2021): make way for Super Sport!

Bugatti Chiron (2021) make way for Super Sport

Bugatti unveils a new version of its Chiron: the Super Sport, an extreme variant, with 1,600 hp and very sophisticated aerodynamics.

As announced in recent hours, there is a new hypersport in the Bugatti catalog . And as expected, this is a new… Chiron! After the Chiron, the Chiron Sport and the Chiron Pur Sport, the Alsatian manufacturer has indeed unveiled the Chiron… Super Sport . A name that sticks to the most extreme Bugattis since 1931 (Type 55 Super Sport, EB 110 Super Sport and Veyron Super Sport).

“The Chiron Super Sport is synonymous with more comfort and elegance, with even more power and speed. », Immediately announces Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti. “With this new creation, we are bringing out a very special new personality at the heart of the Chiron family. It represents the essence of what we have learned and developed over the years – an ultimate Gran Turismo.

The W16 8L pushed to 1,600 hp

This newcomer is in fact a version which incorporates the technical characteristics of the limited Super Sport 300+ series , of which the 30 examples have all found buyers.

Bugatti’s legendary 8L quad-turbo W16 engine is therefore still in the game and still pushed to 1,600 hp , against 1,500 hp for a “base” Chiron. The torque remains unchanged at 1,600 Nm but is available between 2,000 and 7,000 rpm, instead of 6,000 rpm previously.

A rear lengthened by 25 cm

At the same time, the weight of the vehicle is reduced by 23 kg, the chassis benefits from new settings (firmer steering, stiffer shocks) and the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are optimized for high speeds. Aerodynamics, for its part, is reworked . And if the front is modified and lowered, it is especially at the rear that the modifications are most obvious. The stern is in fact lengthened by 25 cm (longtail). To complete the range, the central exhaust is repositioned on the sides, the diffuser is redesigned and specific aluminum rims with five Y-shaped spokes are emerging.

However, few changes have been made to the interior. Leather is still omnipresent there, like polished aluminum and carbon. Everything is luxurious and guarantees a high level of comfort.

Discover the Chiron Super Sport in video .

Mind-blowing performances

In the end, with the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, the Chiron Super Sport claims a top speed of 440 km / h , one to 100 km / h in 2.4 seconds, a 0 to 200 km / h in 5, 8 seconds (against 5.5 seconds for the Chiron Pur Sport and 6.1 seconds for the Chiron) and a 0 to 300 km / h in 12.1 seconds.

“From 0 to 400 km / h, the Chiron Super Sport accelerates seven percent faster than a Chiron”, adds Bugatti , Another figure: the seventh gear of the extended gearbox (by 3.6%) only engages ‘at 403 km / h …

3.2 million euros… excluding taxes

Production of the Chiron Super Sport will soon begin at the Bugatti plant in Molsheim. The price of the new Alsatian rocket is set at 3.2 million euros , excluding taxes, and the first deliveries will begin in 2022 .


New Renault Mégane (2021): the electric compact is unveiled!

New Renault Mégane (2021) the electric compact is unveiled

Renault publishes new images of its future 100% electric Mégane and unveils its first technical characteristics.

Surprise at Renault! A month almost to the day after a first series of pictures , the French manufacturer has just published new images of its future Mégane .

The new 100% electric Mégane E-Tech is unveiled today in camouflage , which echoes the brand’s new logo, and in a pre-production version . The opportunity to see that the sedan will be aesthetically close to the eVision show car which was presented in October 2020.

Close to the eVision show-car

We find the same robust and compact silhouette but also the same front light signature with optical units linked together by a thin strip and completed by an angular “S”. At the back, same topo. The lights are thin, horizontal and connected by a light strip. For the rest, the surfaces are smooth, the sides hollowed out and the hips marked. At the front as at the rear, we also notice the presence of the new striped and illuminated Renault logo .

However, no new photo of the interior has been published. Photos released last month, however, revealed a completely redesigned interior including a floating center console and a new dashboard. A large digital panel was also on the program. It was made up of two screens positioned in an L- shape , one for the instrument cluster and the other for the new generation multimedia system.

217 hp and up to 450 km of autonomy

The diamond also takes advantage of these few images to reveal the first technical characteristics of the car. The new Mégane E-Tech Electric, also called MéganE (pronounced “Mégane i”), will therefore be equipped with a 160 kW (217 hp) electric motor and a 60 kWh battery which will allow it to travel up to 450 km according to the WLTP standard.

The compact will also be based on the Renault-Nissan Alliance’s CMF-EV (Common Module Family-Electric Vehicles) platform , designed exclusively for 100% electric vehicles and inaugurated by the Nissan Ariya SUV .

30 Mégane E-Tech Electric tested on the road this summer

This new appearance of the MéganE marks the start of its testing on open roads. Led by Renault engineers, 30 vehicles will be driving the roads this summer. The presentation of the car should take place in the coming weeks . Produced at the end of the year at the Douai plant (North), it will be marketed at the beginning of 2022.


Honda Sports EV Concept: soon to be a production electric sports car?

Honda Sports EV Concept soon to be a production electric sports car

To make the development of the Honda e platform profitable, the manufacturer would prepare a production version of the Sports EV concept.

What if Honda prepared a small electric sports car? This is advanced by the Japanese media Car Sensor, according to which Honda was working on a production version of the Sports EV Concept , presented in 2017. With its retro lines that inspired the city car Honda e , the small electric coupe would take over the platform of the latter. With compact dimensions, it would be a sort of rival to the Mazda MX-5 or Toyota GR 86 , but in electric. On the Honda e, the engines range from 136 hp to 153 hp: sufficient for a small sports coupe , as long as the weight is under control.

As a replacement for the Honda S660

Also according to Car Sensor, Honda plans to end production of the S660 , a pocket sports car to which we are not entitled in Europe. The latter is a Kei Car , that is to say that it meets Japanese compactness criteria, with a 660 cm3 engine for 64 hp . The Sports EV would take the place of the S660. Compact, will accommodate only two occupants. According to our colleagues, the first prototypes are already in circulation, with production scheduled for 2022.

Why this little sportswoman? To streamline the expensive development of the Honda e. The premium city car remains for the moment the only one to use the platform specially created for the occasion. And since the latter is a rear-wheel drive , it could be perfect for a pocket sports car.

But, if this future electric coupe were to be marketed in Europe, be careful not to copy the two faults of the Honda e : the autonomy at half mast (we measured it at 152 km on average), and the high price ( almost € 39,000 in Advance finish).


Fiat: a 100% electric range in 2030

Fiat a 100% electric range in 2030

At a conference on mobility and environmental issues, Fiat announced that its range will become 100% electric by 2030.

This year marks the transition of many manufacturers to 100% electric : after Ford, Bentley, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover and Alpine, it is Fiat’s turn to draw the line on thermal engines. This information was revealed by the boss of the Turin firm, Olivier François, during a conference on mobility and environmental issues, as part of World Environment Day 2021 .

All-electric Fiat: a radical change

During this conference held jointly with the urban architect Stefano Boeri, Olivier François discussed some ideas to improve the air quality in our cities: in a few months, the automobile test track located on the roof of the Lingotto , the old Fiat factory in Turin, will be completely transformed and will become the largest hanging garden in Europe , with the presence of more than 28,000 plants.

But of course Fiat also has an important role to play when it comes to urban mobility. The boss of Fiat then announced: “It is our duty to put on the market electric cars which do not cost more than thermal engine vehicles, and this as soon as possible, depending on the fall in battery costs. . We are exploring the territory of sustainable mobility for all: this is our biggest project. Between 2025 and 2030, our product range will gradually become exclusively electric. It will be a radical change for Fiat. ”

But for the democratization of 100% electric cars to be successful, certain obstacles must be overcome: according to Olivier François, it is necessary to increase the number of charging stations, whether public or private ones, but also increase the share of fast charging stations.

The new generation of Fiat 500 is only the first part of this transition to all-electric. By 2030, the rest of the Italian manufacturer’s range will have to be renewed, with flagship models like the Fiat Panda or the Fiat Punto , which according to rumors should make a comeback by borrowing the platform of the future Citroën ë -C3.


Renault Clio (2021): again available in diesel!

Renault Clio (2021) again available in diesel

Stopped at the end of 2020, diesel is back under the hood of the Renault Clio. The city car is now available with a Blue dCi of 100 hp.

The diesel is back under the bonnet of the Renault Clio ! While it had abandoned this type of engine at the end of 2020, the city car with the diamond can again be ordered with a Blue dCi unit .

A 1.5l Blue dCi engine of 100 hp

It is the 1.5L of 100 ch which is now offered in the catalog, replacing the old 1.5L Blue dCi of 85 and 115 ch which was not upgraded to the Euro 6d-Full standard on January 1, 2021.

One finish and only in manual gearbox

Be careful, however, the offer is currently limited. For individuals, only one finish is offered with this diesel engine: the high “Intens” finish . The latter includes 16-inch alloy wheels as standard, Full LED headlamps, automatic air conditioning, cruise control / speed limiter, rear parking assistance or even a 7-inch touch screen with GPS navigation.

The Blue dCi 100 is also exclusively associated with a 6-speed manual gearbox. In the end, the Renault Clio Blue dCi 100 Intens is displayed from 23,500 €.


BMW M3 competition: Manhart offers him 635 horsepower!

BMW M3 competition Manhart offers him 635 horsepower

The trainer Manhart is now tackling the Competition version of the M3 and increasing its power to 635 hp!

This time, Manhart tackles the BMW M3 Competition and brings out the heavy artillery. Thus modified, this BMW adopts the designation MH3 600 and develops, as one might guess, more than 600 horsepower!

A half-black, half-gold, half-carbon look

For this modding, the BMW M3 has undergone some aesthetic changes . And they are not to displease us … quite the contrary.

The body sports a shiny black paint, with several touches of gold color as well as a lot of carbon fiber elements! We find in this material a new blade at the front for example, a rear spoiler or special reworked side skirts.

On the roads, it stands out thanks to 21-inch wheels with large tires: 255/30 at the front and 295/25 at the rear. With all these modifications, we are almost beginning to tolerate the imposing double bean grille that has caused so much talk!

The M3 pushed to the limit

Manhart takes the BMW M3 Competition from 510 horsepower and 650 Nm of standard torque to nearly 635 horsepower for 780 Nm. Great progress!

With this gain in power, the Manhart MH3 600 reaches 200 km / h in less than 10.5 seconds, and the bar of 250 km / h in less than 17 seconds. The latter is four seconds faster than the production car. The intermediate sprint of 100 to 200 km / h is achieved in just 6.42 seconds.

As a reminder, the car is powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo in-line 6 cylinder . For preparation, Manhart improved its performance by installing new engine power management software. And the power gain is impressive!