Toyota GR Supra (2021): a body kit from Wald

Toyota GR Supra (2021) a body kit from Wald

Japanese tuner Wald International has taken on the new Toyota GR Supra with an aggressive Formula 1-inspired body kit.

To distinguish it from the wiser BMW Z4 from which it borrows many elements, the new fifth-generation Toyota GR Supra has a specific design, with muscular and assertive lines.

But if the style of the new Toyota coupe was not aggressive enough for your tastes.

The Japanese tuner Wald International has come up with something to say loud and clear that your Supra is not just a “vulgar rebadged Z4”.

Toyota GR Supra (2021): a kit inspired by Formula 1

According to the Wald website, this “Sports Line Wide Version” body kit gives the Supra a “Formula 1 appearance.” The most striking feature is the front bumper.

The standard GR Supra’s nose inspired the design to make it more prominent and aggressive. A wide mouth and large air intakes complete the set, along with a black blade at its bottom.

At the rear, we find fender extensions, a new black diffuser with a distinctive quadruple tailpipe, as well as an imposing double spoiler, bringing an actual race car look to the Supra.

New matching sill extensions for sidewalls and several more aggressive rim models are also available.

Wald offers a “Sports Line” option for Supra enthusiasts who don’t want to go all “Fast and Furious” with this kit. It includes front, rear, and side spoilers, as well as a more discrete spoiler.

BMW M3 competition: Manhart offers him 635 horsepower!

BMW M3 competition Manhart offers him 635 horsepower

The trainer Manhart is now tackling the Competition version of the M3 and increasing its power to 635 hp!

This time, Manhart tackles the BMW M3 Competition and brings out the heavy artillery. Thus modified, this BMW adopts the designation MH3 600 and develops, as one might guess, more than 600 horsepower!

A half-black, half-gold, half-carbon look

For this modding, the BMW M3 has undergone some aesthetic changes . And they are not to displease us … quite the contrary.

The body sports a shiny black paint, with several touches of gold color as well as a lot of carbon fiber elements! We find in this material a new blade at the front for example, a rear spoiler or special reworked side skirts.

On the roads, it stands out thanks to 21-inch wheels with large tires: 255/30 at the front and 295/25 at the rear. With all these modifications, we are almost beginning to tolerate the imposing double bean grille that has caused so much talk!

The M3 pushed to the limit

Manhart takes the BMW M3 Competition from 510 horsepower and 650 Nm of standard torque to nearly 635 horsepower for 780 Nm. Great progress!

With this gain in power, the Manhart MH3 600 reaches 200 km / h in less than 10.5 seconds, and the bar of 250 km / h in less than 17 seconds. The latter is four seconds faster than the production car. The intermediate sprint of 100 to 200 km / h is achieved in just 6.42 seconds.

As a reminder, the car is powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo in-line 6 cylinder . For preparation, Manhart improved its performance by installing new engine power management software. And the power gain is impressive!


Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker’s BMW M1 for $ 500,000

Fast & Furious actor Paul Walkers BMW M1 for $ 500,000

A BMW M1 that belonged to American actor Paul Walker (Fast & Furious), who tragically disappeared in a road accident in 2013, was sold at auction for $ 500,000.

The BMW M1 is a legendary sports car . Despite its commercial failure, this GT, powered by a 277 hp inline six-cylinder engine, remains forever engraved in the hearts of enthusiasts thanks to its unique style and its numerous participations in competition (24 Hours of Le Mans, 24 Hours of Daytona. ..).

A capital sympathy which makes it today a particularly popular collector’s car. Only here, with a production limited to less than 500 copies between 1978 and 1981, the M1 do not run the streets. And as a result, prices are skyrocketing . They flare up all the more when an M1 placed on the market has a glorious past.

Almost like new

Thus an M1 has just been auctioned by the specialized site Bring The Trailer for the modest sum of … $ 500,000, or more than € 415,000 according to the current exchange rate.

The reason for such a price? The car in question belonged to actor Paul Walker , known in particular for his role as Brian O’Connor in the Fast & Furious saga, and tragically disappeared in a traffic accident in 2013. Acquired in 2014 by another owner , it had driven very little since and had only 6,800 km driven on the day it was sold.

A modified M1

The icing on the cake, this M1 is part of a very small series of 10 units which have been modified by the German garage BMW AHG. It thus received an M1 Procar body kit in BMW Motorsport colors while its 3.5-liter 6-cylinder engine was pushed to 350 hp. All with ZF 5-speed gearbox, limited slip differential and specific exhaust system, but also special BBS rims, electric windows and leather interior. Enough to actually raise the stakes …