Toyota Mirai (2021): 1,003 km, new hydrogen autonomy record

Toyota Mirai 2021 1003 km new hydrogen autonomy record

The Toyota Mirai has just won the world distance record for a vehicle running on hydrogen. The Japanese sedan traveled 1,003 km on a full tank.

New record for the Toyota Mirai ! The Japanese sedan has just broken the world distance record for a hydrogen vehicle.

Led by a team of 4 drivers , including Victorien Erussard , at the origin of the first zero-emission hydrogen ship sailing around the world, the Mirai, in its production version , has traveled exactly 1,003 km with a single charge of hydrogen . Not bad when you know that the average autonomy of the car in normal driving is 650 kilometers (average combined cycle WLTP).

0.55 g of hydrogen per kilometer

Equipped with three tanks that can hold 5.6 kg of hydrogen, the Mirai posted an average hydrogen consumption of 0.55 g / km during its world record .

“The hydrogen used for this record was entirely green, zero emissions from production to use,” says Toyota.

From the south of Paris to Indre-et-Loire

Departing last Wednesday May 26 from the HysetCo hydrogen station in Orly, in Val-de-Marne (94), the Mirai achieved its record on a mainly road route, from the south of Paris to the Indre-et- Loire via the Loir-et-Cher.

Discover this journey on video .