A shower of new models, 40 billion invested, 8 new factories… Mercedes is working hard to get electric!

As many manufacturers have already done this year, Mercedes has just presented its electrification strategy for the next decade. And like many, the goal is clear: to be 100% electric by 2030 .

To achieve this, Mercedes will accelerate its current strategy. The EQ range will therefore be extended to all models . Today, the German automaker has five such all-electric models: the EQA , a compact SUV, the EQB and EQC , two larger SUVs, the EQV van , and the EQS luxury sedan .

From 2022, we expect an EQE sedan , an SUV equivalent to the GLE which should also be called EQE, and an electric counterpart to the luxury SUV GLS which will logically be called EQS . At the same time, the sedan of the same name is expected to receive, like the S-Class on which it is based, AMG and Maybach versions.

There will therefore still be a few normal models for which electric versions are missing: Class A and Class C for example. Mercedes does not specify whether derivatives of the latter (CLA and CLS among others) will also receive electric versions, but that would make sense. One way to extend an electric range at a lower cost, once the platform is developed.

Four new platforms, 8 factories, and 40 billion euros

On the subject of platforms therefore, Mercedes announced the development of 4 new 100% electric technical bases . The MMA EV which should equip small electrics will arrive in 2024. We then await the MB.EA , for medium-sized electrics (Class C and E equivalent), AMG.EA which will tackle the sports segment, and Van. EA for utilities.

In return, Mercedes will no longer develop a new platform that will not be dedicated to 100% electric. The future – and rare – future thermal models will therefore be based on already existing platforms.

To follow this ambitious electric growth, Mercedes will invest more than 40 billion euros , and create 8 “gigafactories” of battery manufacturing, including 4 in Europe. Announcements on the location and technical partners of these future factories should follow shortly.


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