Audi will no longer develop new thermal engines

Audi will continue to adapt its existing engines, but new blocks will not emerge.

The beginning of the end for gasoline and combustion engines at Audi . The manufacturer told German media Automobilwoche that it would no longer develop new heat engines . The existing engines will be adapted , as far as possible, to future emissions standards, then gradually replaced by electric ones.

Farewell, therefore, to the famous engines of the brand with the rings: 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinders , they were able to mark their time, even in the face of stiff competition in Germany. Not to mention the 3 and 4 cylinders which now equip most of the brand’s creations.

European standards deemed untenable

Audi CEO Markus Duesmann cited too severe restrictions on future Euro 7 standards . Most manufacturers have already had difficulties in homologating their engines in Euro 6-Full, the next directive could therefore spell the end of new thermal engines.

Difficulties on which Europe is counting, which has planned to make Euro standards more and more untenable , until manufacturers are forced towards 100% electric: “In 2035, the CO2 standard will be so strict that , in the current state of technologies and anticipations on gasoline and diesel thermal technologies, the engines will not be able to comply with the new standard “, announced Pascal Canfin, president of the environment committee of the European Parliament.

The gradual arrival of electric

However, do not panic: Audi will not become 100% electric overnight . Existing gasoline and diesel engines, as well as hybrids, will continue to be used and developed for future models , as long as standards allow. Audi’s announcement concerns the next generation of its engines , which will therefore eventually become electric across all of its ranges.

At the same time, Audi continues to expand its electric range. Recently, the brand unveiled its electric sports sedan, the e-tron GT .


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