Audi Sphere 3 concept cars on the way

With Audi Sphere, the brand announces the upcoming presentation of three concept cars: a Sky Sphere sports coupe, a Grand Sphere sedan and an Urban Sphere SUV.

Audi will soon present three concept cars that will begin the transition to the future of the brand with the rings.

Marc Lichte, the chief designer at the head of design perspectives has announced, with the boss of the brand Henrik Wenders, three models that foreshadow the future of the manufacturer. An advertisement under the code name “Audi Sphere”. The three models are very different in terms of design and approach.

Even if for the moment the information remains very poor, we can nevertheless expect electrification on all of the brand’s future concepts . One can imagine that the studies on the three concepts came from the Artemis project, which aims to take the Volkswagen group’s electromobility to a higher level in all brands.

The Audi Grand Sphere, like A7

The silhouette of the Audi Grand Sphere recalls that of the Audi A7 in the first sketch. On the (potential) menu, a dynamic hatchback with an elegant tail end.

Audi promises a high-class vehicle for the grand entrance. No doubt the information will soon arrive for this model.

The electric GT of the future: Audi Sky Sphere

Quite unusual for an electric car, the Audi Sky Sphere adopts a long “hood” in front of it. The vehicle would therefore be pleasant to drive, while being more and more autonomous. On the other hand, the reason for which it was baptized “Sky Sphere” is not however obvious at the moment.

Audi Urban Sphere: SUV cut for the city

With the Audi Urban Sphere, the brand with the rings wants to conquer the city. The silhouette of the body immediately makes us think of a large SUV or a crossover, like the fifth generation Renault Espace for example.

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