Anne Hidalgo validates a vast project to transform the Champs-Élysées into an extraordinary garden

Automobile traffic will be greatly reduced, replaced by gardens and esplanades.

“Re-enchanting the Champs-Élysées”: this is the name of an ambitious project carried by the Champs-Élysées Committee since 2019. And if the project is commendable, it will also go through an old Parisian habit : sharply reduce car traffic.

The architectural firm PCA Stream estimates that it runs about 64,000 vehicles per day, and that it is necessary to fight against “the nuisances of the car”. Hence an ambition to create “an extraordinary garden” in the heart of the capital.

Traffic halved

The first sketches show a number of lanes divided by two, from 8 to 4. The space freed up will be used to create pedestrian areas , gardens and terraces, on the sunny side. On the other side, a cycle path will be created between two rows of trees.

The project had been presented to all candidates for mayor in the last elections, all having approved it in principle. According to the Guardian , the initial budget would amount to 250 million euros, and will not be completed before the arrival of the Olympic Games in 2024.


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