New Renault Kangoo Van (2021): info, engines, prices … all about the new utility

New Renault Kangoo Van (2021) info, engines, prices ... all about the new utility

Renault unveils its new Kangoo Van, the third version of its utility originally released in … 1997! For this new version, the changes made are numerous.

At Renault , it had been 14 years since the Kangoo had the right to changes worthy of the name. Indeed, the second generation initiated in 2007 was still offered in the catalog of the diamond brand . It seems obvious that everything had to be reviewed: design, engine, equipment, on-board technology …

Called Kangoo Van in its utility version, the model is therefore getting a new look and operates an upscale logic, in particular to catch up with a delay accumulated for several years in its category. Because since then, the offer offered by the competition has grown significantly: between the Peugeot Rifter , Citroën Berlingo , Mercedes Citan for example, it was necessary for Renault to stand out again.

A profoundly changed design

Gone are the round shapes and the jovial mug of the Kangoo that we have known for so long. Now it’s time for more seriousness with stricter shapes , more assertive features but also more pronounced shoulders which break the typical cubic effect of these machines with often very rectangular shapes.

On the front, we find at the level of the grille the hypertrophied logo of Renault and the lights adopting a light signature in the shape of “C” (the LEDs are standard). At the rear, the lights are more compact.

On board, the changes made are significant, with the appearance in particular of an 8-inch touch screen that stands out from the dashboard in the manner of a tablet. On the other hand, no 100% digital interface, as on the last Volkswagen Caddy for example.

The cupboards are also many with 60 liters in all: we find a nasturtium ceiling in the passenger making the nearly 20 and a glove box with the 7 that opens like a kitchen drawer.

Several thermal engines

Regarding engines, the Renault Kangoo will be offered in both petrol and diesel :. On the menu: a 1.3 TCe in 100 and 130 hp and for versions running on diesel a 1.5 BluedCi available in 75, 95 and 115 hp.

Apart from the less powerful entry-level versions, which will only be available with a manual gearbox, all Kangoo can be appreciated in automatic with the EDC seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox .

A Van E-Tech version, 100% electric

Renault launched in 2011 an electrified version of its flagship utility, called Kangoo ZE . The latter was also the first of the 100% electric range to come out.

Logically, the Losange does that for the new generation of the Kangoo. The electric version, now renamed Kangoo Van E-Tech , adopts a 75 kW engine , or 102 hp , under the hood . The maximum torque is 245 Nm, available from the start, which promises beautiful almost immediate acceleration. As a reminder, the initial version released in 2011 offered an engine of 44 kW or 60 hp, for a torque of 226 Nm. A good progression for 10 years!

At the battery level, the capacity also increases, from 33 to 44 kWh. This new battery allows the electric Renault Kangoo to see its range increase to 265 km in the WLTP combined cycle. This is 35 km more than the current Kangoo ZE, and 105 km more than the version released in 2011 all the same.

In terms of charging, the new Kangoo Van E-tech is also improving: it takes around 7 hours with a 7.4 kW Wall Box and 4:30 with an 11 kW terminal. Allow 2 hours of recharging to reach 80% with a public terminal and a 22 kW charger. Finally, with a 75 kW fast charger, 80% of the battery is recharged in just 42 minutes .

Two lengths and many new features

The new Kangoo will be offered in two lengths, with a standard format (4.49 meters) and a long version (4.91 meters). According to Renault, this new Kangoo would thus be able to carry, at a minimum, 3.3 m3 of goods, and up to 4.9 m3 for the long version! With such a capacity, no problem to take everything with you.

In terms of payload, the Kangoo in standard dimensions will be able to handle a minimum of 600 kg and up to 800 as an option, while the long version will accept up to nearly one ton.

Note also that one of the greatest innovations of this third version of the Kangoo is the function called ” Open sesame “. By eliminating the central pillar, this system offers the widest right side access on the market at 1,446 mm. Very practical, for example, when you are parked in town and there is little space. This function greatly facilitates access to the material stored in the van. Finally, the Easy Inside Rack (or innovative gallery) allows long objects to be transported high up thanks to a retractable interior gallery.

With this new version, new welcome driving aids are finally arriving: adaptive cruise control with stop / restart function, hands-free parking assistance, lane keeping assistance, active vehicle monitoring system. blind spot, emergency braking with detection of pedestrians and cyclists, recognition of signs …

In terms of technology, the on-board computer integrated into the 8-inch touch screen offers synchronization with Android Auto or Apple Car Play . There is also a smartphone holder that can be placed on both sides of the meter.

This new Kangoo Van E-tech will be launched at the end of 2021 .

Sales forecast for the month of June

The order book will be open from April 1, for an arrival in concession scheduled for June 2021 .

Regarding prices, they range between € 20,700 (entry level with the TCe 100) and € 23,100 (Blue dCi 95) depending on the options and versions.


Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​(2021): the luxury sports car unveiled!

Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​(2021) the luxury sports car unveiled

Bentley promises “the most dynamic car in its history”.

Bentley has unveiled the GT Speed ​​version of the Continental , its luxury coupe. And the performances are there! Bentley announces a top speed of 335 km / h and a 0 to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds , all in a comfort worthy of the standing of the brand.

To propel the heavy coupe with these stratospheric looks, Bentley relies on the brand’s usual 6-liter W12 . Revisited for the occasion, it develops 659 hp here (24 more than on the classic Continental GT W12), and above all a gargantuan torque of 900 Nm .

To make the Continental GT Speed ​​more dynamic, Bentley fitted it with an electronic locking differential (for the first time on a Bentley), as well as four-wheel steering. This last system is for the occasion recalibrated to be more aggressive , and to reduce understeer when entering a curve. The management of the 8-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox has also been revised.

Discreet evolution for the Continental GT Speed

Bentley, on the other hand, is not talking about weight loss . Too bad because the Continental GT reaches 2.2 tonnes! And in the end, even if the British firm promises “the most dynamic car in its history”, this new version of the Continental GT Speed ​​does not seem much sportier than the classic Continental GT W12.

Inside and out, the changes are also subtle . The grille becomes black, the sills are reworked, and specific rims are offered. On board, it’s the same story: the choice of materials is simply widened, with Alcantara or black aluminum for the central console.

With the exception of a few badges, it is not easy to distinguish the GT Speed ​​from the “base” GT . No extravagant shield or fin … And it’s probably better like that, for a very British refinement .


Skoda Kodiaq: 600,000 units produced

Skoda Kodiaq 600,000 units produced

The Czech firm’s first SUV, the Skoda Kodiaq has just passed the 600,000 mark produced since 2016.

Presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2016, the Skoda Kodiaq is the Czech brand’s first SUV . He thus inaugurated the nomenclature of all the models of this range of adventurers, whose name begins with K and ends with Q: we will subsequently find the Skoda Karoq , Kamiq or more recently the Kushaq .

Skoda Kodiaq: sold in more than 60 markets around the world

Production of the Skoda Kodiaq was initially handled by the factory in Kvasiny, Czech Republic , which was later supplemented by production sites in Russia, China and India .

In just under five years, 600,000 copies of the Skoda Kodiaq were produced worldwide, allowing the model to be sold in more than 60 international markets . The Kodiaq is particularly popular in China , where there is an exclusive SUV coupe version of the model: the Kodiaq GT .

With the arrival of the Skoda Karoq, Kamiq, Kushaq and other Enyaq IV (the latter breaking the nomenclature with its initial E, classifying it among the electric models), SUVs now represent nearly 40% of Skoda’s worldwide sales. in 2020, and the brand has also surpassed the 2 million SUV produced milestone .

A record on the Nürburgring

During its career, the Kodiaq was notably the first 7-seater SUV to have set a record on the Nürburgring : in 2018, Skoda indeed entrusted Sabine Schmitz with the mission of taking a Kodiaq RS there, which carried out a time of 9: 29.84 minutes on the 20.832 kilometers of the famous Nordschleife.


Pagani Huayra R (2021): an extreme supercar reserved for the track!

Pagani Huayra R (2021) an extreme supercar reserved for the track

This crazy version of the Pagani Huayra promises 850 hp for 1,050 kg, and an atmospheric V12!

When Pagani presented the Zonda R in 2009, it was a shock: bare carbon body, impressive aero, and above all a 750 hp racing V12! Pagani has decided to do it again in 2021, with the Huayra R , based on the brand’s second model .

The Pagani Huayra R promises to be a real monster. To satisfy those who had been disappointed with the switch to turbo with the replacement for the Zonda, the Huayra R is equipped with an all new naturally aspirated V12 , developed by HWA, the racing arm of AMG . This 6-liter block develops a whopping 850 hp , with a red zone set at 9,000 rpm and a racing exhaust! Your neighbors will hate you … Except that the Huayra R, like the Zonda R before it, is exclusively reserved for the track .

850 hp for 1,050 kg!

But doing without the standards that surround the homologation of a road car has allowed Horacio Pagani’s teams to surpass themselves, both in terms of aero and weight gain . The Huayra is announced at 1,050 kg dry. Very little when you have 850 hp behind your back!

Aero is therefore not to be outdone. Pagani says he has reached his target of 1,000 kg of downforce at 320 km / h easily, enough to reserve even to modify certain elements to improve the look of the machine.

2.6 million euros excluding taxes

A tempting proposition therefore, even if the price set at 2.6 million euros (excluding taxes!) Is something to cool off. It is more likely that the 30 copies planned will be quickly reserved. However, the Pagani Huayra R enters a now very competitive market , and will have to face, among others, the impressive GMA T.50S , the Brabham BT62, or the track version of the Aston Martin Valkyrie . Beautiful people! Very lucky the one who can afford the luxury of comparing them on the track …


Fiat 500: 2.5 million units produced

Fiat 500 2.5 million units produced

Fiat celebrates an important milestone in the production of the Fiat 500: 2.5 million units have been manufactured at the Stellantis plant in Tychy, Poland.

If since the launch of the first generation in 1957, more than 6.7 million Fiat 500s have been sold worldwide, the contemporary Fiat 500 has been manufactured in Poland since 2007 , at the Stellantis (ex FCA) factory in Tychy. The 2.5 millionth unit has just rolled off the production lines of the group’s Polish plant: a red Pasodoble Fiat 500 Dolcevita Hybrid, whose Mild Hybrid engine was launched last year on the 500 and Panda ranges.

Fiat 500: an international success

To date, 2.5 million copies of the Fiat 500 have therefore been produced at Tychy: the 500 is now the model that has been produced the most in this factory, ahead of the second generation Panda (2, 17 million units) and the Fiat 126P of the 1970s (2.17 million units).

Since its launch in 2007, the contemporary Fiat 500 has been a real success across the world: it is indeed sold in more than 100 international markets , of which nearly 80% outside Italy, and has obtained around sixty awards including the one for Car of the Year 2008 . And in 2020, the Fiat 500 continues to lead its segment in Europe, with a 17.7% market share, breaking historic records.

However, a new generation has just appeared: the last 100% electric Fiat 500 is now manufactured in Italy, at the Fiat Mirafiori plant in Turin. The previous generation will still be on sale for now, as long as there is still demand for thermal engines.


New DS 4 (2021): a first price set at € 47,100!

New DS 4 (2021) a first price set at € 47,100

DS opens reservations for its new DS 4. Prices start at € 47,100 for the special launch series called “La Première”.

Let’s go for the new DS 4 ! Unveiled at the beginning of February, the new compact sedan from DS is now available . DS has indeed just opened its reservations.

The model is initially offered in a limited launch edition called “La Première” . As is often the case in such a case, it is a high-end version, with an exclusive finish and enhanced equipment .

An exclusive finish, a refined interior

The DS 4 “La Première” is therefore distinguished by being adorned with a choice of a unique “Lacquer Gray” or “Cristal Pearl” color , and a contrasting black roof.

It also receives a black grille with chrome diamond tips and Gloss Black DS Wings. This black signature is also found between the taillights, on the sills, the side window frame and the 19-inch diamond rims. And to further assert the exclusivity of the car, DS installs a “1” badge at the end of the hood .

On board, refinement is always the order of the day with the interior “Opera” atmosphere . We find Nappa Brown leather, ash wood decorations and bracelet seats which are ventilated, massaging and heated at the front.

Full of technologies

As standard, the DS 4 “La Première” also has matrix and directional projectors (“DS Matrix Led Vision”), the extended head-up display (“DS Extended Head-up Display), the new information system. – entertainment (“DS Iris System”) with gesture control (“DS Smart Touch”), controlled damping (“DS Active Scan Suspension”) and level 2 autonomous driving (“DS Drive Assist”) with alert rear traffic and long-distance blind spot monitoring, not to mention a 360 ° vision system with four cameras and a motorized tailgate.

Gasoline or plug-in hybrid

Finally, under the hood, the car is offered with PureTech petrol engines of 180 and 225 hp (BVA8 in both cases) or in an E-Tense plug-in hybrid version of 225 hp.

All at the top of the range

Prices start at € 47,100 in gasoline and € 51,500 in hybrid. The classic range of the new DS 4, which will be presented in the coming weeks, will start under 30,000 € promises DS.

Interested customers can now reserve their vehicle online and follow the entire process up to delivery without ever having to travel thanks to a dedicated website . The first deliveries are expected from the end of 2021.

MG unveils two new 100% electric models for 2021: the Marvel R SUV and the MG5 station wagon

MG unveils two new 100% electric models for 2021 the Marvel R SUV and the MG5 station wagon

MG will expand its range in 2021. The British brand announces the launch of two new models: an SUV and a station wagon, both 100% electric!

MG hits twice! The British manufacturer has just announced two new models at once. After launching in 2020 the small electric SUV ZS EV (143 hp and 263 km of range) then the plug-in hybrid SUV EHS , the British brand, owned by Chinese SAIC, will market in 2021 another SUV as well as a station wagon, all two 100% electric.

An SUV called Marvel R

The SUV was renamed Marvel R . Advertised as “family, spacious and luxurious”, it displays a rather dynamic line, powerful features as well as a new X-shaped visual identity at the front bumper.

On board, the design is refined and the equipment is high tech, notably with a large 19.4-inch central touch screen and a digital instrument cluster.

On the technical sheet side, MG announces up to three electric motors (one at the front and two at the rear) and a combined power of 288 hp and 665 Nm of torque for a 0 to 100 km / h in 4 , 9s and a top speed of 200 km / h. The brand also promises more than 400 km of autonomy . In rapid charging, 30 min is sufficient to recover 80% of the battery (fast charge 11 kW three-phase). The Marvel R is slated for marketing in May.

MG5, the first 100% electric station wagon

The other novelty is more innovative since it is quite simply the first 100% electric station wagon on the market . Its name: the MG5 . On the menu: a little over 4.50 m long, 184 hp and 280 Nm of torque, a boot volume of over 1,400 liters , still a range of over 400 km, a towing capacity of 500 kg and a load roof load weighing up to 75 kg Like the Marvel R, the MG5 has a three-phase charger of 11 kW (AC). It will be available in October 2021.

Discover the future MG Marvel R and MG5 in video .

Volvo XC60 (2021): all prices for the restyled SUV

Volvo XC60 (2021) all prices for the restyled SUV

Volvo opens orders for its restyled XC60. On the French market, the SUV, which mainly benefits from technological updates, starts at 49,630 €.

A few days ago, Volvo unveiled a lightly restyled XC60 . The SUV, model year 2022, then presented slight alterations to its grille and front and rear bumpers . It also received a new body color (Aurora Silver Metallic) and new rims.

Technological innovations

Above all, it became one of the first Volvo models to benefit from the new Android-based infotainment system (optional at 1.550 € with the “Digital Connect” pack on the “Momentum” access finish), which includes Google apps and services, such as Google Maps, Google Assistant, and the Google Play Store.

Finally, this new version was full in terms of safety since it was equipped in particular with the traffic warning system in reverse with automatic braking in the event of danger and the traffic distraction alert.

Today, Volvo announces that this “new” XC60 is available to order on the French market . Its prices are therefore known!

Opening bid: 49.630 €

They start at € 49,630 with a “Momentum” finish and with the 197 hp micro-hybrid diesel B4 engine. The standard equipment is rich and includes in particular 18-inch alloy rims, LED headlamps, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, a 9-inch central touch screen, cruise control / speed limiter, rear parking radar, vehicle recognition traffic signs, active lane departure warning;

Electrified motors only

On the engine side, the Volvo XC60 is only available with electrified units : in gasoline (B4 197 hp) and diesel micro-hybrids (B4 and B4 AWD of 197 hp and B5 AWD of 235 hp) or in rechargeable hybrids Recharge T6 AWD (340 hp), Recharge T8 AWD (390 hp) and Polestar Enginereed T8 AWD (405 hp). With Geartronic 8 automatic transmission in all cases. The B5 AWD petrol engine disappears from the catalog.

All prices of the restyled XC60

Find out the prices of the Volvo XC60 model year 2022 below .

Micro-hybrid gasoline:

  • B4 197 hp Geartronic 8 R-Design: 54,030 €
  • B4 197 hp Geartronic 8 Registration: 54.880 e
  • B4 197 hp Geartronic 8 Luxury Registration: 60.980 €

Micro-hybrid diesel:

  • B4 197 hp Geartronic 8 Momentum: 49.630 €
  • B4 197 hp Geartronic 8 R-Design: 56,080 €
  • B4 197 ch Geartronic 8 Registration: 56.930 €
  • B4 197 hp Geartronic 8 Luxury Registration: 63,030 €
  • B4 AWD 197 hp Geartronic 8 R-Design: 58.330 €
  • B4 AWD 197 ch Geartronic 8 Registration: 59.180 €
  • B4 AWD 197 ch Geartronic 8 Luxury Registration: 65,280 €
  • B5 AWD 235 hp Geartronic 8 R-Design: 54,030 €
  • B5 AWD 235 ch Geartronic 8 Registration: 54.880 €
  • B5 AWD 235 ch Geartronic 8 Luxury Registration: 60.980 €

Plug-in hybrid:

  • Recharge T6 AWD 340 ch Geartronic 8 R-Design: 68.880 €
  • Recharge T6 AWD 340 ch Geartronic 8 Registration: 69.530 €
  • Recharge T6 AWD 340 ch Geartronic 8 Inscription Luxe: 73.930 €
  • Recharge T8 AWD 390 hp Geartronic 8 R-Design: 71.880 €
  • Recharge T8 AWD 390 hp Geartronic 8 Registration: 72.530 €
  • Recharge T8 AWD 390 hp Geartronic 8 Inscription Luxe: 76.930 €
  • Polestar Engineered T8 AWD 405 hp Geartronic 8: 81.880 €

Seat promises an electric city car at € 20-25,000 in 2025

Seat promises an electric city car at € 20-25,000 in 2025

Seat provided an update on its electrification program. The brand notably announced the arrival of an entry-level zero-emission city car in 2025.

Seat announced it last year: the Spanish group, which brings together the Seat and Cupra brands, will invest 5 billion euros by 2025 to electrify its range .

This sum, which is part of the 60 billion euros promised by the Volkswagen group in November 2019 for electrification and the connected car, will not only be devoted “to the implementation of new R&D projects, and in particular to the electrification of the range, but also to the equipment and installations of the factories in Martorell, Barcelona and Componentes, ”Seat said in a press release.

Cupra Born and Tavascan confirmed

Today, the firm details its program a little more. In terms of new models, it confirms the arrival of a first 100% electric vehicle at Cupra , the compact Born , at the end of 2021 , as well as the arrival of a second zero emission model, the Tavascan SUV. , in 2024.

“Our dream will come true: the Cupra Tavascan will become a reality. Based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, it will be designed and developed in Barcelona. It will be marketed in Europe and other markets in 2024,” said Wayne Griffiths , the president of Seat.

“Make electromobility accessible to as many people as possible”

Seat has also and above all announced the launch of a new electric city car in 2025. It will be marketed “around 20-25,000 euros to make electromobility accessible to as many people as possible”, reveals Seat.

“The electric city car is an important project in terms of potential volumes. It represents a major step on the road to sustainable development and in the fight against global warming. It is also the driving force behind the transformation of the Spanish automotive industry. “, added the builder.

The brand’s ambition is to produce 500,000 electric vehicles per year in its Spanish factory in Martorell.

Seat Ibiza and Arona restyled on approach

Closer to us, Seat will launch its restyled Ibiza and Arona this year.


Porsche Taycan: a designer imagines a Cross Pickup version

Porsche Taycan a designer imagines a Cross Pickup version

Even if such a variation of the 100% electric sedan from Porsche is not the order of the day, a car designer has imagined a Porsche Taycan Cross Pickup.

The German automaker is famous for its sports cars like the Porsche 911 , and nobody expected it in other segments until 2002, when Porsche introduced its first SUV with the Cayenne.

Since then, many models have emerged in its range, and today, Porsche does not want to miss the all-electric turn with the launch of the Porsche Taycan , already available with an adventurer version called Cross Turismo.

Porsche Taycan: several new silhouettes to come?

Stefan Weckbach, product manager at Porsche, recently hinted that the Stuttgart firm was not closed to the idea of ​​marketing other versions of its Porsche Taycan , such as a coupe or a convertible. In fact, the Taycan’s J1 EV platform is capable of accommodating different types of bodywork.

The designer Superrenderscars has therefore imagined a crossover pick-up version of the Porsche Taycan, with an illustration mainly based on the Taycan Cross Turismo: the front is indeed identical, while we guess at the rear the presence of a loading dumpster .

Even if it is unlikely that such a variation will see the light of day in the range of the German manufacturer, a Taycan Turbo S pickup of 761 horsepower could offer an interesting alternative to the future Tesla Cybertruck !