Volkswagen electric avoids CO2 in europe

Herbert Diess, the boss of Volkswagen, has indicated that his group will fail to meet the European standards for CO2 emissions set by the European Union for 2020.

Bad news for Volkswagen . The German manufacturer should not succeed in reaching the European standards of CO2 emissions set for 2020 and is not guaranteed to achieve it in 2021. This is what Herbert Diess, the chairman of the group, said. in person.

“We are working hard to be as close as possible to the objectives,” he told the German weekly Wirtschaftswoche.

With the democratization of electric cars, “next year will be easier and we will have no problems reaching the goals from 2022,” added the leader.

Billions of euros in fines for Volkswagen?

Despite everything, Volkswagen is likely to face heavy financial penalties. If the rules for reducing CO2 emissions are not respected in 2020 and 2021, the European Commission can indeed impose fines reaching, for the largest groups, billions of euros.

On the side of the two other main German manufacturers, Daimler (Mercedes) believes to be “very close” to achieving the objectives and BMW assures that it “will respect” them.

As a reminder, from this year on, manufacturers must display average CO2 emissions of less than 95 grams per kilometer on their fleet of new cars in Europe, a target that is currently impossible to achieve without a significant increase in sales of electric or hybrid cars. .

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