Volkswagen Golf R (2021) a 333 hp version in preparation

Volkswagen is rumored to be preparing a more powerful variant of the Golf R, with a 2.0 TSI pumped up to 333 horsepower, compared to 320 today.

The most powerful version of the popular compact, the Volkswagen Golf R boasts 320 horsepower from its 2.0-liter TSI engine. A block that allows it to go from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.7 seconds and reach the maximum speed of 270 km / h (with the R Performance pack). But that’s apparently not enough for the Wolfsburg brand.

Volkswagen Golf R (2021): leak announces 333 horsepower version

Indeed, on a video published by the youtuber Volkswizard, a document displays the engines of the Golf R: we see the 221 kW version (300 hp, DNFC) and the 235 kW (320 hp, DNFG), but a last line reveals a version of 245 kW, or 333 horsepower , whose code name is “DNFF”. A symbolic increase in power, since the maximum torque of 420 Nm would be identical to the current version.

Volkswagen has yet to officially announce a release date for this future and overpowered Golf R, but it should be unveiled later this year.

This new version would complete the Golf range, made up of the GTD (200 hp), GTI (245 hp), GTE (245 hp) and R (320 hp). The latter is now displayed at a price starting from € 50,260 , it is a safe bet that a new more powerful version will further increase the prices of the German compact to new heights.


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