Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI BBS Concept vintage tuning

Amateurs of tuning and “German Look,” this preparation based on Golf 8 GTI should make you drool… Its golden BBS rims and yellow headlamps strongly recall the 1990s. The concept is also inspired by a Golf 2 prepared by an individual and celebrates the arrival of the people’s car on American soil.

A thoughtful concept

Bring in extra style without overdoing it. Here is the key to this project supported directly by Volkswagen from the United States. Because Golf is popular in Europe, it is not the case everywhere. Especially for entry-level versions that are not part of VW’s overseas launch program.

Jamie Orr created this Golf 8 GTI BBS Concept near Philadelphia. It is a modern copy of an older second-generation model, modified by a certain Brock Bickford to state of the art. Subtle modifications assert the personality of a GTI, often criticized for its aesthetic and aural wisdom. And with it, you won’t go unnoticed.

Complete exhaust and coil overs

First, these famous BBS Super RS rims cut large: 19 inches at the front and the rear! The latter can be visible by the screws and the chrome surround, which is typical of what the equipment manufacturer has been offering for a long time. That’s not all since the body has been lowered via H&R coil-overs with now a more significant camber.

The photos of the rear also highlight the new Borla exhaust line. According to the owner’s words, the noise would be amplified and ennobled without overdoing it. They did the job with the decoration kit, which includes stickers and the red border running the length of the compact.

Moreover, this Golf 8 GTI is original. The Interior and engine are not changed. The 2.0 turbo still develops 241 hp (4 hp less than in Europe) at the front wheels. In comparison, they were waiting for the arrival of the R version, scheduled for the summer in the USA.


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