Mercedes teases project one

Mercedes-AMG continues to communicate around its future supercar, and presents the arrival of an “E-Performance” label.

The wait continues. After unveiling the AMG Project One supercar at the Motor Show in 2016, Mercedes made us wait for many years … But the car, whose technology is directly derived from Formula 1, is back on the scene. with the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton .

The video shows him getting out of his car, after a Grand Prix. After touring the media and saluting his mechanics, Lewis Hamilton climbs into the Project One, decorated for the occasion, and leaves the pits in 100% electric mode. Then he activates the Race + mode, the opportunity for us to discover all of the supercar’s active aero.

But more than yet another teaser for Project One, this video announces two things. First, the supercar is entering its final phase of development, with help from Hamilton. It is expected to be unveiled in 2021.

“E-Performance”, the electrification of AMG

Second, Mercedes-AMG announces the arrival of a new label, “E-Performance”. This label marks the arrival of electrification (whether in hybrid or even, perhaps, in 100% electric) at the Mercedes house preparer. AMG will then take the opportunity to bring its image closer to F1, to highlight this link with the performance of hybrid technologies.

The red of the Project One livery will then become part of the visual identity of the AMG E-Performance cars. And if the brand and its F1 team are going to get closer, can we then wait for Mercedes’ livery in F1 to become redder in turn? Answer at the beginning of March for the winter testing of F1, in Barcelona.


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