Rolls Royce steering wheel size

Rolls-Royce reveals why each of its models has a steering wheel with very specific dimensions.

Most manufacturers offer two or three types of steering wheel across their ranges, and often the differences boil down to the rim finish or integrated controls on the center and spokes. But some brands attribute specific types of steering wheel to their cars according to their philosophy. This is particularly the case of Rolls-Royce , which today explains why there are steering wheels of different sizes depending on the model.

The Goodwood firm teaches us that the rim of the steering wheel of a Phantom combines finesse and large diameter because it is designed to be handled with the fingertips, everything being done on board so that the trip takes place smoothly and smoothly. discretion.

With your fingertips or with both hands

In contrast, a sporting car like the Rolls-Royce Wraith has a steering wheel with a thicker rim with a smaller diameter so that the driver feels more engaged in driving thanks to a reinforced connection between the machine and the person who runs it.

Finally, note that Rolls-Royce is inspired by the nautical world to design its steering wheels and that these, like the rest, can be largely personalized via the manufacturer’s Bespoke department.

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