Renault all models soon limited to 180 km h

Renault will limit the speed of all its new vehicles to 180 km / h to avoid accidents, announced the group’s general manager, Luca de Meo.

Small revolution at Renault . The French manufacturer has announced its intention to limit the speed of its new vehicles to 180 km / h for reasons of road safety .

To “act” on the speed, which “represents more than a third of the causes of fatal accidents “, it “will be capped depending on the vehicle and will not exceed 180km / h, regardless of the Renault or Dacia model. », Said Luca de Meo , CEO of the Renault group.

The leader, who presented his social and environmental “roadmap” to the group’s shareholders a few days ago, did not specify whether the 180 km / h rule would also be applied to the group’s sports brand, Alpine.

An intelligent regulator called “Safety coach”

The new electric Renault Megane, whose launch is planned for 2022, it will offer a “cruise control set to default: its speed will be capped at 160 km / h” , said Luca de Meo.

More broadly, “our vehicles will be equipped with an automatic regulator set by default which will adjust to the authorized speed, according to the signs and geolocation data”, underlined the director of Renault. The regulator, called ” Safety coach ” , will also take into account dangerous bends and roundabouts.

The “Safety coach” will also be able to “take over” from the driver based on vehicle data, cross-referenced with the weather forecast or the measurement of the driver’s attention. “If the sensors detect that the hands are not on the steering wheel, the vehicle will automatically safe” , for example, explained De Meo. The “Safety coach” will be gradually deployed on all of the group’s vehicles.

Renault in Volvo’s footsteps

With this measure, Renault is following the example of Volvo , which has been restraining its models since 2020 . With the goal of “zero deaths and zero injuries” in one of its new vehicles, the Scandinavian manufacturer now limits the maximum speed of all its cars to 180 km / h . A measure that could still be emulated among other car manufacturers …


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