Renault 5 electric a price around 20,000 €

Renault will revive its legendary R5 in the guise of a 100% electric model. Expected in the coming years, this vehicle should be invoiced around 20,000 €.

It was the surprise of Renaulution , the new strategic plan that Renault presented on January 14. She will be the star of the diamond range in the coming years. “She” is obviously the future 100% electric R5 .

Modern interpretation of the legendary R5 which was launched in 1972 and sold more than 5.5 million copies until 1984, the car, which was unveiled as a prototype , has already won over the public thanks to to its neo-retro look , largely inspired by the original R5 (compact and compact look, vertical rear lights, sloping tailgate, wide hips …), and its zero-emission engine .

But for the time being Renault has not yet released any information concerning the technical sheet of the machine. We therefore do not know its power (110 or 135 hp like the Zoe?), Not its performance and even less its range (up to 500 km?).

Cheaper than the Zoe

Obviously, at this point, its price is also a mystery. However Lucas de Meo , the Managing Director of the Renault group, has already announced that in terms of price this R5 ” will be below the Zoe “.

The latter starting today at € 32,500 (R110 Life), excluding bonuses, we can therefore hope to see the R5 attack under € 30,000. At the entry level, it would thus be around € 20,000, once the ecological bonus has been deducted.

Announced replacement of the Zoe

“The Zoe will still be marketed for three or four years until the R5 arrives. The latter will have to play the role that the Zoe currently plays ,” said Luca de Meo.

For the marketing of the series electric R5, which will be manufactured in France at the Renault plant in Douai in the North (59). see you by 2025 …


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