Porsche Taycan (2022) more range and more colors

Porsche slightly updates its electric sedan, the Taycan!

For the model year 2022, Porsche is slightly revising its Taycan electric sedan. No question of playing the 7 differences: the body was not changed. But beneath it lie some technology updates, which should improve the autonomy of this rival of the Tesla Model S.

In Normal and Range modes, the front motor of full-size versions is almost always decoupled from the wheels and then goes into freewheel mode. According to Porsche, this operation would allow a nice gain of autonomy without that not being felt on the responsiveness of the sports sedan. The front-engine starts up again in “a few milliseconds” as soon as the driver firmly presses the accelerator or switches to Sport mode. On the other hand, Porsche did not wish to re-type the Taycan, so the official WLTP autonomy remains the same.

Your tailor-made painting!

Porsche is also taking the opportunity to review the management of fast charging. Android Auto is also now available, in addition to Apple Car Play. The infotainment system is also updated. Finally, a Tesla Summon-style autonomous parking function is currently working. So you can watch your Taycan niche from the outside!

On the outside, you can now order your Porsche Taycan in a custom color, according to the Paint to Sample (PTS) system. The Taycan can therefore proudly display paintings that have become cult at Porsche, such as the purple of these images, taken from the range of the 964 in the 1990s. And with PTS +, you can paint your Taycan in any color by taking a sample analyzed by Porsche.


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