peugeot the 508 and 3008 plug-in hybrids to recall

A few thousand cars are affected by technical problems that Peugeot prefers to rectify.

Small glitches that Peugeot prefers to take in hand immediately. A recall campaign has been launched for plug-in hybrid versions of the 508 sedan and 3008 SUV , launched a few months ago.

The concerns in question are mostly easy to correct: a problem concerning the attachment of the wiring harness affects 2,690 of these cars, while a deflector could affect a fuel line in 6,695 examples. In both cases, a visit to the garage will make it possible to verify that everything is in order, and to replace the faulty part if necessary.

Some 42 other vehicles also need to be checked for a pivot problem on the rear axle , a problem which this time also affects 508 thermals.

91 electric motors to be replaced

Finally, a problem probably more costly for Peugeot, affects 91 examples of 3008 Hybrid4 : the electric motor is “non-compliant”, and must therefore be replaced.

If you own one of the cars concerned, Peugeot will contact you to make the free workshop visit. This campaign comes when these cars have only been running for a few months, and overall remains of a small scale.


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