Honda NSX Type S edgy (ultimate) version of the high-tech supercar

The Honda NSX supercar will soon be available in an even sharper S-type version! But beware, there won’t be something for everyone …

Launched in 2015, the Honda NSX is slowly approaching the end of its career. The hybrid supercar has remained rather discreet, in a segment that is more competitive than ever. But despite everything, its technique of a hybrid system and a V6 seems to have been ahead of its time when it was launched. This architecture can also be found on the two recent supercars from Ferrari and McLaren , the 296 GTB and the Artura .

In an attempt to rekindle the flame, Acura , Honda’s premium American branch, has just introduced a teaser of a new version: the NSX Type S . In the purest tradition of the Japanese manufacturer, this S Type should be lighter and more powerful , with more aggressive chassis settings. While the power of the classic Honda NSX peaks at 580 hp, it could well exceed 600 hp . We especially expect a slimming cure, because with more than 1.7 tons, the NSX is not exactly a featherweight.

50 copies for the rest of the world!

If the project makes you salivate, you will have to be reactive. Of the 350 planned copies, only 50 will be sold outside the United States . It makes sense: Acura is trying to relaunch its Type S sporty range on these other models, and will rely on this angry NSX to sell the rest of the range. On the other hand, expect a high price: currently sold over € 200,000, the NSX should be much more expensive in the Type S version.


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