Dodge Viper (1997)

The unique Dodge Viper prepared by Carroll Shelby is going to be auctioned.

As its design and name suggest, the original Dodge Viper was inspired by the Shelby Cobra. Carroll Shelby even publicly dubbed him for Chrysler . The famous trainer went even further in 1997 by designing a more muscular Viper intended to be produced in limited series. 50 copies were to be produced, divided equally between coupes and roadsters. But the American had to abandon the project due to declining health and only a prototype was built. It will be offered for sale.

The Dodge Viper GTS CS is therefore unique. Prepared by Shelby with Dan Fitzgerald, it sports a red livery with gold stripes as its rims. The interior has red upholstery. Some design elements like its grille pay homage to the Cobra. Intake, exhaust, ECU and transmission have been reworked to draw from the V10 8L a power of 486hp, or 30hp more than the original.

What price for the Viper Shelby?

Carroll Shelby’s imprint is everywhere, from his portrait on badges adorning the front fenders to his signature on the sidewalls, rear bumper and dashboard. The vehicle identification plate as well as the commemorative inscription in the cockpit confirm that this prototype was to be the first in a series of 25.

The car will be auctioned in January 2021 by Mecum Auctions . No price estimate has been communicated.

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