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Audi has just announced its withdrawal from Formula E at the end of the 2021 season. On the other hand, the brand intends to participate for the first time in its history in the Dakar in 2022 and return to the 24H of Le Mans.

Change of course for Audi . The German manufacturer has announced its intention to withdraw from Formula E after the 2021 season, a competition in which it has been involved since 2014 (for 43 podiums including 12 victories), in order to be able to devote itself to other projects.

An unprecedented electrified vehicle for the Dakar 2022

The brand aims to return to its first love, rallying, by participating for the first time in its history in the Dakar in 2022. And it intends to do so with a new electrified vehicle, a first photo of which has just been unveiled.

Still carefully hidden under a veil, the machine gives a glimpse of original lines, imposing dimensions and a real adventurer look. Above all, it will release an alternative motorization which will combine “for the first time an electric transmission with a high voltage battery and a very efficient energy converter”, announces Audi .

This prototype can be loaded “as needed while driving via an energy converter in the form of a very efficient TFSI engine”, specifies the brand with the four rings, which says it wants to adapt these innovations to mainstream production models.

“We want to continue to demonstrate the brand slogan ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ (advancement through technology) in high-level international motorsport in the future and develop innovative technologies for our road cars”, thus indicated Markus Duesmann, chairman of the board of directors of the brand. “The toughest rally in the world is the perfect stop for this,” he added.

Audi soon back in endurance racing

At the same time, Audi also expressed the wish to return to the … 24 Hours of Le Mans. With the company’s future strategy clearly focused on electrification and carbon neutral mobility, “we are intensely preparing to enter the new category of LMDh sports prototypes with its flagship races, the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 24 Hours. du Mans. “, said Julius Seebach, CEO of Audi Sport.

See you in the coming months to learn more about these different projects …

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