Audi e-tron (2020)

Audi offers a small update to the e-tron. The 2021 model year of the electric SUV gains new rims, a new steering wheel and a faster AC charging system.

A image of Mercedes just offer a small update to the EQC , Audi also refines its electric SUV, the e-tron . And like the star brand, its main improvement relates to recharging.

Faster charging … optional

In fact, e-tron 55 and e-tron Sportback 55 customers can now benefit from a second on-board charger for rapid AC charging at home and on the road. This second charger “doubles the power from 11 kW to 22 kW at the appropriate charging stations”, explains the manufacturer. This option will also be offered for the e-tron 50 and e-tron S models in mid-2021.

At the same time, Aud is also offering a new “e-tron connect” charging system with intelligent functions (taking into account the needs of other household consumers, recharging when electricity is cheaper, etc.). Designed for use on household power outlets but also for use outside the home (charging capacity of up to 22 kW), it allows the 55 models to be fully recharged in just under five hours. It consists of a control unit with a 5-inch touch screen and a wall bracket.

New 22-inch rims

Audi also takes care of the look of the e-tron. Previously offered with 20-inch or even 21-inch rims as an option, the SUV can now also benefit from 22-inch rims. Five-spoke titanium gray rims with a glossy finish.

A new high-tech steering wheel for greater driving comfort

And on board, a new steering wheel makes its appearance. According to Audi, this would make “driving even more practical”. “The driver only has to lightly touch the tactile edge once a minute with his hand to ensure that the lateral guidance of the adaptive cruise assist remains active”, announces the manufacturer.

“The driver remains fully responsible for the direction of the vehicle,” says the brand. “The premium system, which uses data from the central driver assistance controller (zFAS), can keep the Audi e-tron centered in the lane. It also manages longitudinal guidance over the entire speed range. helps the driver to accelerate, brake, maintain speed, keep distance and navigate traffic jams. ”

All of these new features are now available on the e-tron.

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