Aston Martin abandons manual transmission

This is news that will make the purists scream: the Vantage is set to be the very last Aston Martin with a manual gearbox.

Not so long ago, the Gaydon firm, through its former manager Andy Palmer, ensured that there would always be at least one manual transmission Aston Martin in its lineup, as that represented a differentiating advantage for the brand. Unfortunately, the new boss of the British manufacturer has just announced that manual transmissions will soon be a thing of the past at Aston Martin …

The Vantage will be the last Aston Martin with manual transmission

Fresh from Mercedes-AMG, Tobias Moers told Australian magazine Motoring that the manual transmission would no longer be offered in the Vantage range in 2022:

“You have to realize that sports have changed a lot. We have done some studies on the manual gearbox: we won’t need it anymore. To be honest, it was not a good strategy. This required keeping it in step with new regulations, which change every year with emissions, because it is a tailor-made powertrain. It does not mean anything.”

The demand for manual gearboxes is now marginal, Aston Martin will soon join the ranks of its competitors, such as Ferrari or Lamborghini, who have already drawn a line on this transmission very popular with purists.


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