Electric scooters 2021 models, prices, range

The city being its main playground, the scooter is destined for an inevitable electric transition . So-called zero-emission models are constantly increasing, although they are still in the minority on the market. Sales of electric two-wheelers in France jumped 63% in the first two months of this year, according to statistics published by the firm AAA Data. 506 motorcycles and electric scooters were registered in a total volume of 26,962 vehicles, resulting in a market share of around 1.9% .

Electric scooters 2021: the brands present

BMW dominates the French market for electric two-wheelers thanks to the C Evolution , available in two versions, including a “ Long Range ” for greater autonomy. Despite its relatively high price for the segment, this model takes advantage of its status as a maxi-scooter to stay ahead of a competition led by Niu . The Chinese firm relies on its NQi GT and GTS, at a price level lower than that of BMW, while Orcal closely follows the leading pack with the Ecooter E1 R. The other scooters placed at the top of the ranking in sales materials are designed by Askoll , Vespa , Silence or Super Soco. We also note the presence of Doohan, Easy-Watts, Eccity and Frison , with several models for each of them. Already placed on the market for electric motorcycles, Horwin also owns a scooter, called EK3. Less widely distributed than the BMW C Evolution, the TilGreen TilMax is also credited with the status of a maxi-scooter. Finally, the 2Twenty Romastands out from its rivals with its resolutely retro look, an Italian-sounding model, but flying the French flag. By definition, a scooter is a relatively light machine, whether it is the 50cc or 125cc equivalent models. For all the brands involved in this niche, the constraint of installing an electric motor and its battery, or its batteries, consists in not generating too much excess weight.

Electric scooters 2021: comparison with motorcycles

Scooters are at the top of the best-selling electric two-wheelers in France. Their leadership stems from their urban vocation, giving credit to the concept of zero emissions. The BMW C Evolution , available in two versions including one with greater autonomy (Long Range), is the most requested model , despite its status as a maxi-scooter and its relatively high price for the segment. By way of comparison with motorcycles, it is generally credited with double the sales volume of the Super Soco TC, the electric motorcycle currently the most sold on the French market.

Electric scooters 2021: what bonus?

Since 2017, electric scooters can benefit from a purchase premium. It applies equally to models of different displacements, namely the 50cc and 125cc equivalents, provided that they do not work with lead-acid batteries. The parameter varying the amount of this financial boost, in two distinct ways, is the power level of the machine. At less than 2 kW, the purchase premium is set at 100 euros, within the limit of 20% of the purchase price including tax . For power greater than or equal to 2 kW, the amount of aid depends on the energy capacity of the battery, up to 250 euros / kWh, with a ceiling set at 900 euros, within the limit of 27% of the price. purchase including VAT. To note that this power level of 2 kW can be taken into account at 3 kW according to the applicable European standard, specifies the official document of the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery. Like the automobile, the ecological bonus can be combined with the conversion bonus , for the scrapping of an old petrol or diesel vehicle. Electric motorcycles and scooters are placed on an equal footing in terms of the amount of aid, namely 1,100 euros for a household with a reference tax income of less than 13,500 euros (temporarily increased to 18,000 euros) or 100 euros otherwise. In addition to the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus, various aids may be granted locally for two-wheelers.



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