New e-Skyactiv X engine for the Mazda 3 and CX-30 (2021)

New e-Skyactiv X engine for the Mazda 3 and CX-30 (2021)

Mazda is improving its Skyactiv X petrol engine. More powerful, more efficient and renamed e-Skyactiv X, the latter is now installed under the hood of the Mazda 3 and CX-30.

There is something new under the hood of the Mazda 3 and CX-30 . The Japanese manufacturer is making some improvements to its Skyactiv X petrol engine , which accounts for around 40% of sales of these two models.

Micro-hybridization on the menu

” Mazda engine manufacturers have lowered the compression ratio of the e-Skyactiv X from 16.3 / 1 to 15.0 / 1.”, Announces the brand. “Among the changes made to this engine, let us quote in particular the optimization of its combustion control logic, the modification of its pistons and the update of the Mazda M Hybrid software”, adds the firm.

More power …

Result, the 2.0L SKYACTIV X changes its name to the e-SKYACTIV X . Above all, this new version now offers superior performance . The engine gains 6 hp and 16 Nm of torque. It thus sees its power climb to 186 hp (at 6,000 rpm) and its torque peak at 240 Nm (at 4,000 rpm).

… less fuel consumption and emissions

A more energy efficient is to go with a consumption and CO2 emissions reduced eg 0.4 l / 100 km and 8 g / km (WLTP cycle) on the Mazda3 Sedan (gearbox Skyactiv- MT and 16 inch rims).

The e-Skyactiv X can be paired with either the Skyactiv-MT 6-speed manual transmission or the Skyactiv-Drive 6-speed automatic transmission.

The Mazda3 thus equipped asks for at least 31,600 € (2.0L e-Skyactiv X Mazda M Hybrid 186 hp BVM6 Sportline) while the CX-30 starts at 34,000 € (2.0L e-Skyactiv X Mazda M Hybrid 186 hp BVM6 Sportline).


Toyota GR Supra Jarama Racetrack Edition (2021): limited to only 90 units!

Toyota GR Supra Jarama Racetrack Edition (2021) limited to only 90 units

Toyota is launching in Europe a series limited to only 90 copies of its GR Supra. Here is the “Jarama Racetrack Edition”!

A new model is entering the GR Supra range . Toyota is launching its limited-edition sports car “Jarama Racetrack Edition”, named after the famous Spanish circuit where the coupe was first tested by the international press.

An exclusive look

This new version is distinguished by an exclusive finish with “Horizon Blue” paint , 19-inch matte black rims and red brake calipers.

On board, she is dressed in a black Alcantara and blue stitching . There are also heated seats and a carbon fiber insert on the dashboard, passenger side. This one is numbered, to emphasize the exclusivity of the model, and features the layout of the Jarama circuit.

Complete equipment

The standard equipment includes an 8.8-inch touchscreen with 3D navigation, Android Auto smartphone connectivity and Apple CarPlay, a 10-speaker audio system as well as the Safety + pack including a pre-collision device with crash detection. pedestrians and cyclists, lane departure alert with steering assistance, adaptive cruise control, adaptive and directional high beams, and traffic sign reader.

The 6-cylinder 340 hp

Under the hood, the 3.0-liter turbo in-line 6-cylinder engine developing 340 hp and 500 Nm of torque is installed. It is associated with an eight-speed automatic transmission for a 0 to 100 km / h swallowed in 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 250 km / h. Adaptive variable suspension (with “Normal” and “Sport settings), active differential, sport steering and Brembo brakes are also part of the game.

90 copies for the whole of Europe!

The GR Supra “Jarama Racetrack Edition” will arrive in the course of March 2021. A nod to the code name of the coupé, A90, only 90 units will be offered in Europe . The price is still unknown.


Renault 5 electric: a designer imagines a convertible version

Renault 5 electric a designer imagines a convertible version

Announced by the eponymous concept car, the electric Renault 5 will not be available in a convertible version. That didn’t stop a designer from imagining it.

During the presentation of its new strategic plan called “Renaulution”, a mixture of Renault and revolution, the diamond brand created a surprise by presenting a concept car announcing a new generation of Renault 5 , which will be 100% electric and which will have to eventually replace the Renault Zoe .

Electric Renault 5: a 3-door convertible version imagined

This future neo-retro Renault 5 is already inspiring many fans of the brand around the world, who already imagine it available in a Turbo version or even with an Alpine badge. If there is little chance that a discoverable variation will not see the light of day, the Hungarian car designer X-Tomi, familiar with the exercise, has all the same imagined a Renault 5 Cabriolet.

For the occasion, it loses its rear doors, and therefore sports a more sporty three-door silhouette. The roof leaves its place to a more inclined windshield as well as roll bars at the rear. The red border, which originates at the base of the mirrors and emphasizes the windshield pillars, is retained.

Unlike the Clio manufactured in Turkey and Slovenia, the future 100% electric Renault 5 will be manufactured in France, in the Renault factory in Douai in the North (59). No release date has yet been officially announced, but it should arrive on our roads before 2025.


Ferrari Purosangue: what we already know about the Italian SUV

Ferrari Purosangue what we already know about the Italian SUV

It is now a certainty, Ferrari will go through the SUV box. Expected for 2021, the very discreet “Purosangue” model was filmed in its camouflage near the Fiorano circuit.

SUVs have been on the rise for several years now. But some manufacturers, especially luxury brands , have taken much longer than general manufacturers to get up to date. Until a few years ago, no one imagined seeing Aston Martin SUVs (like the recent DBX for example), or Lamborghini SUVs (the Urus in 2018).

A Levante-style Ferrari SUV

The Italian SUV, seen at the start of the year under a thick camouflage made up of several bodywork elements taken from its cousin the Maserati Levante, is still a confidential project. The prancing horse brand, which has been fueling rumors for several years, only confirmed in 2018 the official name of the model: Purosangue . By way of comparison, the Levante released in phase 2 in 2020, offers several engine levels, in V6 or V8, with a power varying between 345 and 590 horsepower and 4-wheel drive.

For now, the model is most likely expected by the end of 2021 , and no further announcements have been made on the subject. Only a few videos circulate on the net with camouflaged versions.

Several engines: V12 and V8

In terms of engines, rumors are linked. Some evoke a rechargeable hydride engine, as it was done on the SF90 Stradale for example, which combines a V8 engine of 780 hp and an electric motor of 220 hp, for an incredible result at 1000 hp all round. Here, it is surely not envisaged to reach such levels of power: the rumors evoke the use of the V8 twin-turbocharged 3.9 l of the GTC4 Lusso to animate it, which develops all the same 650 hp.

One thing is certain, to overcome certain penalties , the Purosangue will probably opt for a hybrid engine. Not sure, however, that he will ignore the penalty in terms of the weight of the vehicle …

Toyota X prologue (2021): first photo of a future electric SUV?

Toyota X prologue (2021) first photo of a future electric SUV

Toyota unveils a first photo of a new concept called the X prologue. It could be a compact SUV with a 100% electric motor …

New on the way at Toyota ! The Japanese manufacturer has just announced the arrival of a new concept . Its name: the X prologue.

For the moment, the brand does not say more about it. Just publishes a first photo of the machine .

Electric SUV in sight?

In this image, we can see part of the front of the vehicle. This is marked by a unique LED light signature in the shape of a “C” which extends at least to the Toyota logo installed in the center of the grille. We also notice that this grille is full, which suggests that the X prologue will be a 100% electric vehicle .

It could also be an SUV. Perhaps the electric SUV that Toyota announced last December through a first sketch and which will be based on a completely new modular architecture : the e-TNGA, intended to produce a full range of “zero emission” vehicles.

World premiere of the X prologue scheduled for March 17

This model would be of a compact size , like the RAV4 , and would notably compete with the new Volkswagen ID . 4 . Confirmation expected on March 17 at 10 a.m., the day of its official presentation!


Hyundai Kona N (2021): the sporty SUV is no longer hiding!

Hyundai Kona N (2021) the sporty SUV is no longer hiding

Hyundai publishes new photos of its future Kona N. The muscular little SUV reveals itself quite widely and reveals a real sporting character.

The teaser campaign continues for the future N Kona . After two first rounds of snaps that didn’t show much of the model, Hyundai is today releasing new images of its next small sporty SUV , which this time around is revealing itself quite widely.

The Kona N appears out of the shadows and is no longer a mystery to its design.

The Kona is metamorphosed

We discover indeed a Kona largely metamorphosed and energized thanks to the appearance of a new front bumper with enlarged air intakes and a darkened grille with mesh patterns and on which the “N” logo stands for sportiness. There are also slits at the end of the hood like Audi Sport, a new light signature and a red border that runs in the lower part all around the vehicle.

A real sporty look

At the rear, Hyundai adds an imposing roof spoiler, a large diffuser, two large kinds of round exhaust and a third triangular brake light. The sporting side is here exacerbated and assumed .

And under the hood?

The interior should be in the same tone while under the hood the vehicle will carry a four-cylinder engine 2L turbo that could develop 275 hp, as the i30 N . This unit will be associated with an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox (N DCT8). And like other N models, the Kona, the first SUV to join the N family , will also benefit from launch control.

No presentation date has yet been announced for the Kona N but it should be unveiled in the coming weeks for marketing expected by the end of the year. It remains to be seen whether it will be offered in France …


Bugatti Divo Lady Bug (2021): a unique example

Bugatti Divo Lady Bug (2021) a unique example

Bugatti unveils the Divo “Lady Bug”, a unique model made to order for a customer, which took around two years of work.

Manufacturers of luxury cars and supercars are accustomed to personalizing and producing tailor-made models for their most demanding and wealthy customers. After being talked about with La Car Noire , Bugatti unveils its latest unique achievement: the Bugatti Divo “Lady Bug”.

Designed in collaboration with an American collector, who wanted a geometric grid of diamonds in the shape of lozenges as well as a unique color, the Bugatti Divo “Lady Bug” sports a specific “Customer Special Red” paint contrasting with a “Graphite” color , made especially for the occasion.

Bugatti Divo Lady Bug (2021): nearly 1,600 patterns on the bodywork

It took more than a year and a half to design this specific frame with particular attention to the smallest details, and adapt it to the curved shapes of the Bugatti Divo . In total, nearly 1,600 diamonds were cut from six meters of film, before being affixed by hand to the bodywork, to the nearest millimeter. Paint was then applied to these designs, acting as stencils which were then removed one by one, before the final finishing touches.

Inside, the two-tone red and black leather blends with carbon fiber and Alcantara, and we also find a diamond-shaped weft on the door trims, echoing the exterior livery of the car.

Under the hood, Bugatti’s W16 engine , with its 8-liter displacement, is original, and develops no less than 1,500 horsepower and 1,600 Nm of torque , all for a top speed of 380 km / h. Only 40 copies of the Divo will be produced, all already sold at a unit price of 5 million euros . On the other hand, the Molsheim firm did not specify what was the final price of this Divo “Lady Bug”, with its custom-designed customization, but we imagine that it went well beyond the initial amount …


Volvo XC60 (2021): small update for the Swedish SUV

Volvo XC60 (2021) small update for the Swedish SUV

Volvo offers a small update to its bestseller, the XC60. On the menu for the SUV: some aesthetic alterations and new technologies.

Small update for the XC60 . The SUV, Volvo’s new bestseller , benefits from some improvements at the start of the year. These are mainly technological .

A new infotainment system for the XC60

The 2022 model year notably wins a new Android-based infotainment system , integrating Google applications and services, such as Google Maps, Google Assistant and the Google Play Store.

“This next-generation, intuitive infotainment system offers customers unparalleled possibilities for customization and connectivity, further enhanced by the introduction of an all-new digital service package, the Digital Connect Pack,” Volvo says.

Small cosmetic touch-ups

On the design side, it’s not obvious, but the Swedish manufacturer says it has retouched its SUV. The (slight) changes are particularly at the level of the grille and the front and rear bumpers . At the same time, new body colors and new rim designs are appearing as Volvo introduces new materials on board.

New driving aids

Finally, the XC60 is full in terms of safety since it is equipped with the latest platform of ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems) sensors, an active safety system that consists of a set of radars, cameras and ultrasonic sensors. The SUV is thus equipped with the detection of other road users, automatic braking in the event of danger, collision prevention and adaptive cruise control with intelligent driving assistance.

The Volvo XC60 model year 2022 will go into production at the end of May .


Kia EV6 (2021): first images of a new electric SUV!

Kia EV6 (2021) first images of a new electric SUV

Kia has just unveiled the first images of a new 100% electric vehicle. This is an SUV that will be based on the brand new E-GPM platform from the Hyundai group. Its name: EV6.

In the month of January, Kia has announced the launch of seven new models 100% electric by 2027. 7 models will be based on all the new E-GPM platform group Hyundai , dedicated to zero-emission vehicles. And the first of them has already just pointed the end of its hood …

The South Korean manufacturer has indeed broadcast the first images of a vehicle plunged into darkness . At first glance, it should be an SUV with rather dynamic features and a sloping roofline.

More than 500 km of autonomy for the EV6?

The latter will take the name of EV6 and should be equipped with a battery that will offer more than 500 km of autonomy and can be recharged in just twenty minutes. With its world premiere scheduled for the first quarter of 2021, its presentation would now only be a matter of days .

After this model, Kia plans to launch sedans, minivans and other SUVs that will use the same technical basis and the same name with the prefix “EV”.

Kia ambitious in the electric

With this new product offensive, the South Korean brand is targeting a 6.6% market share in the electric vehicle segment in 2025 and 500,000 annual sales worldwide by 2026.


Audi Q4 e-tron (2021): welcome aboard the new electric SUV

Audi Q4 e-tron (2021) welcome aboard the new electric SUV

Audi unveils the interior of the Q4 e-tron, its future 100% electric compact SUV.

A new 100% electric SUV is about to join the Audi range . After the e-tron 4.90 m long and its variation cut e-tron Sportback , brand rings arrival announcement Q4 e-tron , a zero emission SUV more compact dimensions since measuring about 4.60 m long. 4.59 m to be exact, for 1.86 m wide and 1.61 m high. Without forgetting 2.76 m of wheelbase, enough to guarantee a very good space to the rear passengers.

Digital and technological

And surprisingly, the SUV, which is based on the modular electric platform MEB and will also be available as a coupe, is not modeled on the recent e-tron or e-tron GT . It has its own atmosphere with in particular a three-dimensional dashboard, a new generation of touch-control steering wheel and a voice-activated multimedia system where the screen measures from 10.1 to 11.6 inches . In this configuration, it is the largest screen in the Audi range . The latter will be available at the end of the year.

Obviously, the brand adds to this a fully digital 10.25-inch instrument cluster for a resolutely modern interior, especially as the options catalog also includes a unique augmented reality head-up display .

Storage and trunk

Still at the front, the dashboard can be dressed in different materials. We find in particular linden wood, several types of aluminum and plastic. The S line version can use recycled materials. As for interior colors, customers will have a choice of black, steel gray, Santos brown and pergament beige.

On the safety side, the driver’s seat is fitted with a central airbag which deploys to the right to prevent the driver and his front passenger from colliding in the event of a side impact.

Finally, Audi announces a large number of storage spaces for a total volume of 25 liters as well as a trunk volume of 520 liters, or 1,490 liters once the rear seats are folded down, all with a practically flat surface.

What about the technical sheet?

The manufacturer does not yet reveal the technical sheet of this Q4 e-tron but the 2019 concept had two electric motors, one of 102 hp at the front and the other of 204 hp at the rear, for a combined power of 306 hp , with all-wheel drive and an electronically limited top speed of 180 km / h. A battery located between the two axles promised for its part a range of 450 km.